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Subject: Catholic Parish Records
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:41:43 -0500
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THAT'S GREAT NEWS! All Archdiocese of Chicago pre-1916 records are
available on microfilm at all LDS Family History Centers throughout the

Many Catholic dioceses have refused the Mormons permission to film their

One can get the correct info on one's own from LDS FHC and then ask the
parish for a copy of the certificate of Baptism and/or Marriage with the
correct names and dates. Let's face it, parishes don't have the staff to do
our searches for us. And they usually won't let us in to do it ourselves,
we tried that, too. But we can get certificates if we provide the info and
they can go right to that date ....... their records are mostly
chronological and not well-sorted alphabetically by surname, as we might

In another Archdiocese, we paid $10 per hour for an archivist to search
parish records for us. In two hours she got a lot of info. Does anyone
know if Chicago has a similar pay-for-service system at their archives for
those of us who don't (as I luckily do!) live eight blocks away from a
Mormon Family History Center?


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> Sarah, I know your dilemma for I have had the same problem in my old home
town, Chicago. At least you got a postcard reply. After a letter and an
email, I've had no reply from Old St. Pat's.
> Then, I asked Julie Satzik, Assistant Research Archivist of the
Archdiocese's Archives Center for suggestions in getting information from
the open church. Ms. Satzik, who has provided me considerable help with
records the last 12 months, could only suggest I call the church (I assume
to plead my case). In the case of Old St. Pat's she did say (and I quote),
"All pre-1916 sacramental records have been microfilmed and are available
for research at the Archives, and at the family (Mormon) history
> Might give her a try at
> Rich
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