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From: Alan Barnard <>
Subject: Mary FITZGERALD
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:58:24 -0700

I am a new subscriber to this group but a member of various other groups. I
have been searching for my great aunt, Mary Fitzgerald in the Chicago area
for many years without success to date. My information regarding Mary is
minimal unfortunately, and was mainly obtained from my aunt now deceased.
Mary, daughter of Michael FITZGERALD was born somewhere in Ireland about
1857. She and her family moved to Manchester, England, about 1860. She was
still in England at the time of the 1881 census there but at some unknown
later date is believed to have moved to the Chicago area where she first
worked as a housekeeper for a priest, and later married. My aunt believed
that she married a "candy maker" with a name that sounded like LOVELL or
The family in England lost touch with Mary after about 1906.
I have checked several Chicago directories for a possible candy maker
without success, and I have also been in touch with the Chicago Diocesan
authorities who said that they have no records of church employees.

I would be eternally grateful for any helpful suggestions that might be

Thank you.

Alan Barnard MLFHS 2361
Burnaby, British Columbia, NCFHS 1811
Canada SfkFHS 5148

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