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From: Robert Warren <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-DNA] Cooper - Ydna
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 07:45:57 -0700 (PDT)

Alyson --

I had a similar experience with my WARREN line. R1B1C and H are a very common combination throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, so that alone doesn't get you very far. There's and interesting map at: that shows piecharts of haplogroups for each geographic area.

A couple of suggestions:
-- First, join the Irish Heritage group on Family Tree DNA. They have a spreadsheet you can download to see if you match up with any of the other members. They also match up surnames with counties in Ireland where the surname is common in early records (e.g. Griffith's Evaluation).
-- Second, Ethno Ancestry will (for a fee) do a profile on your already known yDNA markers to tell you which of Oppenheimer's haplogroup classifications you fall into -- this is useful because he provides maps that show you the 'density' of particular haplogroups in different areas of Great Britain and Ireland. Mine, for example, has its highest density in southern Scotland and extreme northern Ireland.
-- Third, you can do your own analysis of the 12 & 25 marker Recent Ancestral Origins databases on FTDNA. For example, I looked at exact matches in the 12-marker database and figured out the portion of participants from each country that matched me -- that gave me probabilities that people related to me came from the same places (in my case, Ireland, Scotland & Wales came out highest).

Bob Warren

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Subject: [IRISH-DNA] Cooper - Ydna

I hope I am posting this in the correct place.

Our family surname is Cooper and we've traced it back to Cambridge, New York to 1821.
We had assumed that since Cooper is typically English or Scottish name that the family came from Britain. There is now some suggestion that our Coopers may have actually emigrated from Ireland...they may have been Ulster Scots.

Many Irish Methodists came to that area of New York and settled. "Cooper" is among those names and many of our current day Coopers in New York are Methodists and "have always been Methodists" as I was told.

Before my father passed away in January we did have a test kit done via Family Tree DNA.
We had the 37 Y-marker and the Mtdna tests done. We don't appear to find matches in the Cooper Surname project we signed up with.

It seems that the Ymarkers do match up closely for the Irish lists.
My fathers Ysearch number is 3EJX5. Results are: R1b1c and the Mtdna haplogroup is H

Is that enough information for someone to review? And are those results sufficient to determine if from Ireland, what part? I see by the posts that there are some markers for regions of Ireland. Would I need to order more in-depth testing?

Thanks for any help and let me know if I've posted this in the wrong list.


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