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Subject: [IRELAND-OLD-NEWS] !! Washington Post; Jan 10, 1905 "Countess of Clancarty"
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Washington Post
Washington, DC
Tuesday, Jan 10, 1905

After spending nine months under the treatment of Dr. Doyen of Paris, the
Countess of Clancarty, formerly known on the music hall stage, first as "Belle
Pilton," and then as Lady Dunlo, has now returned to London, completely cured of
the cancer which last spring threatened her with an early death. Sir Arthur
Vernon Macan, president of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, and the
eminent English specialist who last April, after subjecting her to several cruel
operations, pronounced her case to be hopeless, have now declared her to be
entirely free from the terrible malady by which she had been overtaken. when she
was supposed to have but three weeks to live. Lady Clancarty has never yet been
received at court, but she has nevertheless managed to make her way among the
county families of Galway, where her husband's country seat and estates are
situated, and has become as popular with her neighbors as with her tenantry. In
fact, this marriage, which commenced in a stormy fashion, and for which so much
ill will was predicted, has turned out remarkably well.
It may be remembered that Lord Clancarty, while still Lord Dunlo, tossed up
with a fellow admirer of "Belle Blilton" as to who was to marry the beautiful
footlight favorite. Lord Dunlo won the toss, and to the horror of his
inordinately proud old father, married the girl. His allowance was immediately
stopped, and had it not been for the friendship of the bric-a-brac dealer,
Wertheimer, the couple would have starved. Thereupon his family got hold of him,
induced him to go out to Australia with the idea that if he succeeded there his
wife would join him, that a liberal allowance would be accorded to him.
Before he had been there very long the most extraordinary accounts were
sent to him by his family about his wife, whom he had left entirely without
resources, and he authorized his father and the latter's lawyers, in deference
to their arguments, to institute divorce proceedings against her. The lawyers
took advantage of this authorization and filed a petition against her in behalf,
naming Wertheimer as the co-respondent, their evidence going to show that she
had been living on the latter's money after the departure of Lord Dunlo for the
Much to the dismay of the old earl and of the latter's legal
representatives, Lord Dunlo suddenly arrived from Australia while the hearing of
the case was on, appeared in court, took his place in the witness box, declared
that he had no wish to be divorced from his wife, that the suit was the result
of a misunderstanding with the family, and that Wertheimer was his friend and
benefactor to whom both he and his wife were deeply indebted. That, of course,
brought the trial to an end, and Lord Dunlo left the court with his wife and
She declined after that to be dependent any longer upon Wertheimer for
assistance , resumed her place on the music hall stage, no longer as Belle
Bilton, but as Lady Dunlo, and earned enough money to keep both her and her
husband until his father, the old earl, died. When the will was opened it was
found that he had left everything he possibly could away from his oldest son and
heir, with whom he had been at daggers drawn since the divorce suit. The
possession of the entailed estates, however, was sufficient to relieve Lady
Dunlo, who had now become Countess of Clancarty, from any further necessity of
remaining on the stage. A lawsuit was started by the new earl to upset his
father's will, and ultimately a compromise was effected, whereby he recovered
much of the nonentailed residuary property of his father.
Lord and Lady Clancarty have now four sons, the oldest of them twins, and a
girl of eleven years of age. Their eldest boy bears the name of Lord Kilconnel.
The countess, I may add, is likewise Marshioness Huesden, in the Netherlands.

Cathy Joynt Labath
Ireland Old News

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