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From: (Pamela Ingle)
Subject: [INGLE] Fw: Surname INGLE
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 23:02:21 -0500

Hi Ingle Researchers,
The query (way down) below, was sent me by Sally & Carroll
and I felt that some of you on the INGLE list might be able to help, and
certainly would be interested. Sally, as far as I know is not a subscriber
to the Ingle List at rootsweb, so, please respond directly to her, as well
as to the list (just hit reply to all).

To Sally and Carroll:
I feel that there is a very strong likelyhood that your John Ingle, b. 1804
Buncombe Co. NC was a younger brother to (Isaac?) Henry Ingle, and the
father of Robert Levi Ingle b. 1820 (my husband's line).
>From I found the following entries for John C. this yours?

Civil War Muster Roll Database
Ingle John C. E 1 North Carolina Infantry. Private Private 000230
0020 00000151
Ingler J. E 1 North Carolina Infantry. Private Private Ingle, John C.
000230 0020 00000168
American Civil War Soldier Index:
John C Ingle North Carolina 15 July 1862 Priv 33 Wake County, NC Confederacy

Tracking the NC Ingles..........
Floyd Lawson, has been deligently tracking the descendants of Paulser
INGLE, of German ancestry and a Rev. War Patriot who served a Cowpens.
Floyd has long suspected a connection between the Henry INGLE clan in
Buncombe Co. NC, and his Paulser line.
Paulser went AL, and later, this line tracked through Itawamba Co. MS.
Floyd has information that suggests that Paulser had brothers that may have
stayed in the Buncombe Co. NC area.

Another theory, is that Henry INGLE was named Isaac Henry INGLE, and that he
was the son of Charles INGLE. Charles was said to be the son of Thomas
INGLE, a Maryland Loyalist in the Rev. War.........probably from PA.
Thomas was said to have left MD after the Rev. War, and moved to NC, and
helped to found the town of Barnardsville. This information came from a
posting on the Ingle genweb forum (search for William Jacob INGLE).
Attempts to substantiate this "account" have been unsuccessful, although I
have found record of a Thomas Inglish that served as a MD Loyalist, AND a
Thomas Inglish that was in western NC after the war..................
I have found a Corporal Thomas ENGLISH/INGLES/INGLISS/INGLISH that served
under Capt. Frisbee in the 2nd Maryland Loyalists. (Source: Muster Rolls
of the Maryland Loyalists). In 1784, a Thomas INGLISH was appointed as
a commissioner to the Governor of the (Lost) State of Franklin, (Greeneville
Co. NC area) along with two others, to seek a treaty with the Cherokees.
Source: (the book) The Lost State of Franklin-- found in the Pryor Public
Library, Pryor OK. I have no way of knowing if the MD Loyalist, Thomas
Inglish, and the one mentioned in the book were the same. I have yet to
find a record of the Charles Ingle (aka "missing link").

Henry had sons named Robert Levi Ingle, John Jackson Ingle (known as
Jackson), and a son Andrew Ervin Ingle (there several others!). All of
Henry's sons served the CSA from Buncombe/Madison Co. NC, with the exception
of Oliver, the youngest, who according to census data was an "idiot".
Levi's son Robert Henry Ingle also served.

It is a bit confusing tracking our INGLE line......the 5 generations that we
know of, before my husband, have all went almost exclusively by their middle
name.....not to mention variant spellings of the surname (INGLE, ENGLE,

My husband's line is (Isaac?) Henry Ingle>(Robert) Levi
Ingle>(General) Gain(e)s Ingle>(James) Thomas "Tom" Ingle>(James) Everett
Ingle> Donald "Don" Everett Ingle (my husband)

BTW. Sally, MARTIN is a surname that I'm working on from my own (BENGE)
line. I have Sarah Martin, wife of William Terrell LEWIS.......their
daughter, Susannah married my ggggrandfather Thomas BENGE b. 1734. The
Martin line went from Albemarle Co. VA, to Surrey/Wilkes Co.
NC...........perhaps we have a connection?! Sarah's parents were David

Best wishes,
Pam (Benge) Ingle

> Hello
> I am searching for a John Ingle born 1804. I saw your old post on
> Ingle list and had to answer. The John Ingle I search for had 2 or more
> children. He marries Sarah Martin then Rebecca Martin. Their son James
> Perry Ingle is my grandfather.
> Are these the same Ingle family you are searching for.
> Carroll Roberts

And a follow up message (to my response, asking for location, and
information on the ROBERTS connection).......


My John Ingle was born in 1909 (sic.. I believe she meant 1804 or 1809)
probably in Buncombe County.
He was in the North Carolina Regiment Company A Buncombe County Volunteers
with a Andrew Ingle. I find him in the 1860 Census at 50 with a 20 year old
wife and
they had children after that. I do not know any more about him except he
married Sarah Martin and when she died he married her sister Rebecca
Martin, they were his first cousins so his mother was a Martin or his
fathers sister married a Martin. He died in Cleveland County.

The Roberts side is even more skimpy. My husbands father John Nesbit
Roberts was killed in 1942 when he was less than a year old. He did not
know any of the family. Last year I found his grandfather was Charlie
Roberts from Greenville, SC his grandmother was Ola T Brock. I found two
of their other grandchildren and they do not know any more. Where are your
Roberts from?


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