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Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 18:23:45 EST

Marie, I don't have any personal experience because I have usually had the
latest version of FTM when I got new computers which update real well. What I
would suggest is for you to go to _
( and look thru their help stuff or ask your
question to them and maybe they will give you some input or advice. It usually
takes a day or two for them to respond. Good luck.
Plano, TX

In a message dated 2/5/2006 4:32:34 P.M. Central Standard Time,

I am thinking about getting a new computer.....I am using Windows 98 right
now and would switch to Windows XP.
Has anyone had problems transferring their FAMILYTREEMAKER program from one
to the other?
I am currently using FTM Version 06.
One person I know did not have a problem at first, but later found that the
names were transferred but not the notes written on this program.
Any advice, suggestions, tips, would be greatly appreciated in telling me
how I can safely transfer my genealogy program with almost 10,000 names to my
new computer.
Right now I am backing up on two disc.

Thank you,
Marie in Illinois

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