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From: Drucilla Meany-Herbert <>
Subject: Re: [ILMAGA] Re: Rev. R. Clark in 1868, ? church
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 18:11:48 -0400
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Hmmm..wonder about that too. My odd great grandfather and grandmother
came over around 1852, their son Michael was a stonemason and did some
sculpture for the Jacksonville Catholic Church there was a
Church. What the name of it was or is, have no idea.
Drucilla Meany-Herbert

Mary Ann Kaylor wrote:

> Few Catholics in IL at that time? 1860? I find that hard to believe
> as Missionary priests were the first to "visit" in southern IL when
> Kaskaskia was founded, the first capitol of Illinois..... I am talking
> 1700s here. And I know for a fact that Catholics settled in Central
> Illinois in the mid 1850s. And priests were "circuit riders" just like
> the Methodists, etc., traveling long distances to give the sacraments
> to those Catholics. Just to clarify that one point.
> At 02:49 PM 5/29/2005, you wrote:
>> If that doesn't pan out, there are two other resources, one for the
>> Methodists and one for the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church.
>> The Methodists kept excellent records of where their ministers were
>> when. Go to, click on archives, click on Illinois. You
>> will find several "Annual Conferences." This is a geographical
>> designition in this context. I'd try Great Rivers first, for the
>> southern half of the state. You'll find, unless it's changed since I
>> used it last, an email address. Click on that. Give them what you
>> know and ask how long Clark was there. (If they don't have an email
>> address you'll have to call or write a letter.) If they don't know
>> of him, try the Illinois Conference, for the northern half, and
>> repeat the process. If neither know of him, he's probably not a
>> Methodist. You may have to pay a small fee for the info.
>> For the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), there is a book,
>> "History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois: 1819-1914" by
>> Nathaniel S. Haynes, 1915. It is arranged by county so it's easy to
>> see if he's there. I got it via InterLibrary Loan. I believe I've
>> found it online at various times but not others. The book itself does
>> not have an index but once I found it online with an index, which was
>> nice as my ancestor showed up in several counties. The next time it
>> had been reformatted without an index. You might try googling the
>> author.
>> If he was a Baptist, forget it. They don't keep records except
>> sometimes in specific local churches. Their national archives states
>> that their archival records are useless for genealogical purposes, as
>> they never asked churches or ministers to send records to the
>> national body.
>> There were few Catholics in IL at that time. And I suspect Clark
>> would be listed as Father or Fr. if he were a priest.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Doris Waggoner
>> Seattle
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>> Michele,
>> Thank you for the response to my query. After I saw your reply, I
>> checked the 1870 census for Morgan county, Illinois and found an
>> entry for a Robert Clark and his family in Franklin, Illinois, and
>> his occupation is listed as "Minister Gospel". I then checked for
>> current listings of churches in Franklin and I found four:
>> Christian, Methodist, Baptist and Sacred Heart Parish Hall (I presume
>> Catholic). I am guessing that Robert Clark was probably a preacher
>> with the Methodist Church. I will do some research with the local
>> genealogical society or contact the church directly to see if I am
>> correct. I will let you know what I find out.
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