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From: Cheryl Helm <>
Subject: Re: [ILFAYETT-L] Stuttwig Oliver Sumption Denning Manion
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 22:14:42 -0500

Hi. I just found the Denning connection a couple of weeks ago. A search of the
Illinois marriage database turned up the following information that may be your
three Denning sons and possibly a daughter; one of the sons (Job or Jobe)
appears to have married three times in a 9-year period of time:

Job Denning married Margaret Jans Lawson, 10 Oct 1880, Vol A, p. 60
Jobe Denning married Maria Ann Radcliff, 29 Sept 1885, Vol A, p 156
Job Denning married Jane Wickersham, 4 July 1889, Vol A, p. 226
Joseph Denning married Mary Ellen Fletcher, 5 Mar 1883, Vol A, p 114
Louis Denning married Hannah Townsend, 22 Jan 1888, Vol A, p 201
Tabitha Denning married James Metcalf, 25 Oct 1891, Vol A, p 272

Hopefully, my Henrietta Denning belongs to one of these three men.

I didn't find any Sweetland marriages in or near Fayette County but I did find
several Swetland marriages in Fayette and Montgomery Counties:

Fayette County
Alfred Swetland married Margaret Smith, 18 Sept 1853, Vol A, p 0047
Alva Swetland married Emma Hermann or Herrmann, 24 Dec 1897, Vol B, p 82
Henry C Swetland married Nancy Davis, 15 Apr 1869, Vol A, p 115
Henry W Swetland married Mary Haney, 2 Sept 1877, Vol b, p 0017
Delilah Swetland married Thomas Friend, 17 Sept 1887, Vol A, p 194
Harriet Swetland married Andrew Ritter, 28 Nov 1867, Vol A, p 107

Montgomery County
Charles Swetland married Louisa P Luther, 23 Nov 1865, Lic # 2988
Lillie Swetland married James A Bryan, 21 Mar 1882, Vol A, p 81, license #6994
Rosa Swetland married Pinckney Pore, 29 Jul 1886, Vol A, p 128, license #8033

Cheryl Helm, Ohio


> Hi The name Denning caught my eye. My great grandmother Rachel Jane
> Crume married a John Denning and had 3 sons. They lived in CA. and then
> went to Illinois and lived and died in Vandalia. In your research, have
> you found anything about any of these Dennings? If so, I would love to
> hear from you. My gr. grandmother later md.
> Matthew Sweetland in Ca. before going to Illinois. But, I don't know what
> happened to Mr. Denning. Thanks!

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