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From: "Shelley Cardiel" <>
Subject: [ILCLAY] BUFFINGTON Family Photograph
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:32:29 -0700

I've "rescued" an old photograph identified as Mr. & Mrs. BUFFINGTON of
Xenia, Illinois. The photograph was taken at the Kepley Studio in Xenia,
Illinois, likely sometime in the 1880's with the couple appearing to be in
their 50's or 60's at the time it was taken. In addition to their names,
someone has written "Grandpa and Grandma" on the back of the photograph.
Based on limited research I believe that this is likely a photograph of
Titus BUFFINGTON and his third wife, Rebecca.

I was able to locate the following information regarding the couple and
their family:

Jesse BUFFINGTON (b. 9 Dec 1786 in PA) and his wife Martha TAYLOR married 7
Sept 1809 in St. Alexandrus, PA and together they had 9 children including,
Maria; Charlotte; Harriett; Taylor; Baker; Henry; Titus; Abbe Ann; and
Richard BUFFINGTON all born in PA between 1810 and 1826.

Titus BUFFINGTON b. 15 Oct 1821 in PA married Alethia ? And together they
had 6 children including, Frances J.; Martha; Jesse; Maria; Mary; and Nannie
Mystie BUFFINGTON all born between 1853 and 1870 in OH and IL. Titus later
married Hannah BRANCH (b. 1831) and had 1 child, Myrtle W. BUFFINGTON.
Titus died in IL in 1911.

Census records provide the following information:

1860 census of Jasper Township, IL:

Titus BUFFINGTON, age 38, a Farmer, born PA
Alethea A. BUFFINGTON, age 35, born OH
Frances J. BUFFINGTON, age 14, born OH
Martha E. BUFFINGTON, age 7, born IL
Jesse T. BUFFINGTON, age 3, born IL
Liberty J. DAVIS, age 20, a Farm Laborer, born OH

1870 census of Big Mound Township, IL:

Titus BUFFINGTON, age 48, a Farmer, born PA
Hannah BUFFINGTON, age 39, Keeping House, born OH
Martha BUFFINGTON, age 17, born IL
Jesse BUFFINGTON, age 14, born IL
Maria BUFFINGTON, age 11, born IL
Mary BUFFINGTON, age 6, born IL
Nannie BUFFINGTON, age 11 months, born IL
Laurie HANIAN, age 12, born IL

1880 census of Xenia, IL:

Titus BUFFINGTON, age 52, a Carpenter, born PA, parents born PA
Rebecca F. BUFFINGTON, wife, age 52, Keeping House, born IN, parents born VA
Mariah BUFFINGTON, dau, age 19, born IL, parents born PA/OH
Mary BUFFINGTON, dau, age 16, born IL, parents born PA/OH
Myrtie BUFFINGTON, dau, age 10, at Home, born IL, parents born PA/OH

1900 census of Xenia, IL:

Titus BUFFINGTON, age 79, born Oct 1820, married 22 years, born PA, parents
born PA, a Farmer
Rebecca BUFFINGTON, wife, age 72, born Oct 1827, married 22 years 1
child/none living, born IN, parents born VA

1910 census of Xenia Township, IL:

Titus BUFFINGTON, age 88, 3rd marriage 32 years, born PA, parents born PA, a
Rebecca BUFFINGTON, wife, age 82, 2nd marriage 32 years, no children, born
IN, parents born VA

I am hoping to locate someone from the family so that this wonderful old
treasure can be returned to the care of their family. If you are a member
of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.


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