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At one point Virginia claimed everything from the east coast west to
wherever they thought west was at the time, not to mention the north that
was west of the 13 colonies, like Pennsylvania, so I could understand that
-- although they hadn't been there and didn't know about the Indians I don't
think. But this said: "eastern Ohio was Illinois Co, Va about 1782" and to
the very best of my knowledge eastern Ohio has never been in Illinois. I'm
sure, somewhere, there is an iota of truth here but finding it... I would
love to know what it is though.


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Subject: Re: [IL-CENTRAL] Illinois county Va

I think Illinois was the western most edge of VA at that time. Look at a
1760 map of the eastern states.

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Subject: [IL-CENTRAL] Illinois county Va

> Found this on the internet. I thought Illinois was named after the
> Indians that lived here? I guess I was wrong?
> Subject: Maryland is 1 1/2 miles wide at Hancock,Md after Mason-Dixon 1767
> survey
> 3 states within 2 miles! Pa>Md>Va [WV]
> 1760's home of Ky pioneers Harrod,Shelby,
> Poke,Logsdon,Durbin,Mattingly,Cresap,Cox,Ashby,Hardin,Berry,
> Tn's 1st gov was a Sevier. Ky's a Shelby.
> Pa-Va [WV] line north of Morgantown WV-Spring Hill ,Pa was surveyed abt
> 1780
> Pa-WV panhandle line was surveyed 178 2.
> Va [WV] IS 6 MILES wide at Weirton,WV Ohio>Va[WV]>Pa. eastern Ohio was
> Illinois Co,Va about 1782.Same time as Kentucky Co,Va

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