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From: "geneology" <>
Subject: Re: [IL-CEMETERIES] Inappropriate off-list comment to another lister
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 08:41:16 -0500
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The message you responded to a message posted to the entire list ( all
subscribers), we rarely have this type of email and all I can say is if you
don't understand then it does not pertain to you :)) I hope you will stay
with us as this is a great list, with many helpful subscribers. Welcome to
the list !!


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From: "Maribel Brown" <>
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Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 4:02 AM
Subject: Re: [IL-CEMETERIES] Inappropriate off-list comment to another

> Mr.Doyle: Please excuse me but "Subscribe" in the subject line was the
> word sent in my contact email. I made no further comment elsewhere.
> you 've the wrong subscriber here. In any event remove me from your list.
> Maribel Brown
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> From: "Vince Doyle" <>
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> Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 9:33 PM
> Subject: [IL-CEMETERIES] Inappropriate off-list comment to another lister
> > This Email is directed to a lister for his objectionable message sent
> off-list to Tara Anderson, one of our listers. It was objectionable
> it is not within the bounds of propriety for listers to criticize other
> listers OFF-LIST. If you feel that another lister has said something
> inappropriate for this list or not within the goals of this list, you may
> comment within the list. Let everyone read your comments and let them
> for themselves, but let me be the final judge for the list and I will
> comment both on-list and off-list to the lister in question. In this
> I commented only off-list to the recipient, while other listers expressed
> their opinions on-list, which by the way, were favorable to Tara, who was
> gracious enough not mention your name on-list. I wrote Tara, "Although I
> thought your Email was inappropriate for the list, I heartily approved the
> sentiment and did not want to penalize you for it." That's how I felt when
> first read the posting, but, !
> > after sending the Email, and reading some of the other responses, I
> revised my opinion to "inappropriate for IL-Cemeteries, but possibly
> the scope of a genealogical list", and therefore acceptable. There have
> been worse offenses, but none ever required comment or action.
> >
> > However, I consider your off-list comment at the least rude. What you
> meant by blocking Tara's address, I don't know, but it's your right to
> addresses to you Email account as you see fit. I hope that you may
> apologize on-list to Tara Anderson. I will further add that I consider
> similar future action by any lister will result in a possible request for
> voluntary unsubscribing. (Or in the case of non-compliance, I will
> unsubscribe them, and send their address to rootsweb with a detailed
> of the action which resulted in the unsubscribing). If you can't say it
> on-list, don't say it.
> >
> > I originally included the your address here, but thought otherwise. It
> would have accomplished nothing other than possibly alienating you from
> other listers and destroy your effectiveness and value to the list.
> >
> > This list has been working well ever since I took over, and I'm proud of
> our listers for keeping within the aims of the list and not getting into
> discussions which have plagued some other lists. I trust that this event
> will not be repeated, and I hereby bury it in an IL-Cemetery of your
> No further discussion is necessary.
> >
> > Regards to all,
> >
> > Vince Doyle
> > IL-Cemeteries Administrator.
> >

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