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From: "Vince Doyle" <>
Subject: [IL-CEMETERIES] Inappropriate off-list comment to another lister
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 20:33:18 -0500

This Email is directed to a lister for his objectionable message sent off-list to Tara Anderson, one of our listers. It was objectionable because it is not within the bounds of propriety for listers to criticize other listers OFF-LIST. If you feel that another lister has said something inappropriate for this list or not within the goals of this list, you may comment within the list. Let everyone read your comments and let them judge for themselves, but let me be the final judge for the list and I will comment both on-list and off-list to the lister in question. In this case, I commented only off-list to the recipient, while other listers expressed their opinions on-list, which by the way, were favorable to Tara, who was gracious enough not mention your name on-list. I wrote Tara, "Although I thought your Email was inappropriate for the list, I heartily approved the sentiment and did not want to penalize you for it." That's how I felt when I first read the posting, but, !
after sending the Email, and reading some of the other responses, I revised my opinion to "inappropriate for IL-Cemeteries, but possibly within the scope of a genealogical list", and therefore acceptable. There have been worse offenses, but none ever required comment or action.

However, I consider your off-list comment at the least rude. What you meant by blocking Tara's address, I don't know, but it's your right to block addresses to you Email account as you see fit. I hope that you may apologize on-list to Tara Anderson. I will further add that I consider any similar future action by any lister will result in a possible request for a voluntary unsubscribing. (Or in the case of non-compliance, I will unsubscribe them, and send their address to rootsweb with a detailed account of the action which resulted in the unsubscribing). If you can't say it on-list, don't say it.

I originally included the your address here, but thought otherwise. It would have accomplished nothing other than possibly alienating you from other listers and destroy your effectiveness and value to the list.

This list has been working well ever since I took over, and I'm proud of our listers for keeping within the aims of the list and not getting into discussions which have plagued some other lists. I trust that this event will not be repeated, and I hereby bury it in an IL-Cemetery of your choice. No further discussion is necessary.

Regards to all,

Vince Doyle
IL-Cemeteries Administrator.

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