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From: "Don Kelly" <>
Subject: Re: [IGP-CC] New Members
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 09:02:14 -0700
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Thank you John, and good morning all.

There are two fields of thought here as some websites have databases only
while on the other end of the spectrum, anything that happened in Limerick

I tend to the latter by including social matters, history, geography, etc.
Keeping in mind that half our ancestors were grandmas, I like to include
things (old recipes, etc.) to women. The Meath site has one such section.

Duplication is't necessarily bad as some borders changed, townlands, etc.
spanned two districts, even up to three county lines were crossed. Avoiding
duplication completely is hard but if you find something in another county
that also impacts your county you can just link to that resource.

I find it helpful to list links to onsite data on the main page, and put
offsite links on a separate index page.

There must be a dozen good ways to format menu pages, and I haven't
discovered the best way yet.<G>

Now everyone else please check in with good resources for County Limerick.

Don Kelly

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Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 8:32 AM
Subject: RE: [IGP-CC] New Members

> Sorry, everyone, this was supposed to go to Don only. But I would
> appreciate
> input anyone has.
> Many thanks,
> John
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> Don,
> I'm still working toward renovating the Limerick site. My business got
> really busy during the late summer and early fall, so I had no time to
> spend
> on it.
> Since I'll be redoing almost everything, I have a question. I've been
> thinking "what should the site be?" What, in your opinion, are the most
> useful features for a County site? I don't want to duplicate information,
> features, or data which exists elsewhere. I want to have something
> particularly useful to those searching their Limerick roots. So my
> question
> is, "what would that be?" Maybe you can point me to sites which you feel
> accomplish this.
> Any input would be most appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John

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