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From: "Nancee Seifert" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 09:08:21 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)

Thanks, Bill, for sharing this.. Admittedly my heart ached for the pain
they endured. Such a tragedy.. And I think I have problems?! Wow... My Best
Always, Nancee at

From: Bill Tuttle
Date: 06/24/09 15:06:42
Subject: [IALUCAS] newspaper article

>From the Chariton Herald , 27Dec1891


Mrs. Frank Moncrief and her 10 year old daughter, Emma, living on the old
Warington Farm-two miles NW of Chariton, were burned to death last Sunday
morning 20December at about 8:30 o'clock. While the Father was out feeding
the stock, and the Mother was milking, the little girl in lighting a shaving
which she had dipped in coal oil lamp in her hand, accidentally dropped the
lighted shaving on her dress which immediately took fire, enveloping the
child in flames. She ran out into the yard and was met by her Mother coming
from milking who grabbed the child in her arms. The flames were immediately
communicated to her own clothing and in less than 15 minutes her flesh was
burned to a crisp and on the ground a corpse. The little girl lived about
an hour after the occurrence, was perfectly conscious, explained the whole
circumstance and did not realize any pain. Mrs. G. W. Talbott, living about
75 yards distant, happening to see them struggling in the flames, ran
immediately to their assistance but the poor victims were almost dead, the
clothing of each having been completely consumed and about all she could do
was to care for the charred bodies, which she did with the assistance of
Sevy Noble who arrived later. The bereaved husband and Father and six
little children, the youngest five months old have the deep sympathy of the
entire community in this terrible affliction. The remains were taken to the
Maysville cemetery in the SE part of the county near their former home for

Mary Ellen Reynolds Moncrief 1852 was my great grandmother. She and Emma
are buried together in the Brushy Cemetery in Appanoose County..

Bill Tuttle, Montgomery, MN

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