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From: Oregon Rain <>
Subject: [IACASS] October Bazaar!
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 08:36:48 -0700

Good Morning, Iowa genealogists!
You are invited to a October Bazaar!! That's right a 'October Bazaar'!
Filled with wonderful IAGenWeb counties just waiting for one of you to
take them
home. No purchase necessary! Just Great fun to be had by all! Each booth
at the
bazaar displays one of IAGenWeb's six wonderful orphan counties! Our
orphans are
Audubon, Buena Vista, Greene, Guthrie, Lucas, Monroe and Warren. They
come in various sizes, shapes and colors. You'll find something that
will please everyone!

Each of our six orphan counties are in need of a bit of TLC. Someone who
genealogy, enjoys giving and likes sharing with others. If you adopt a
you will benefit other researchers, join a great team of volunteers, as
well as
have an experience that's both fun and creative.

What are the requirements you ask? An Internet connection, a very basic
knowledge of HTML, and the ability (or willingness to learn) to FTP
files to a server. Most of us started with our internet connection and a
shaky knowledge (some shakier than others) of the other two requirements.

We learned on the job and kept learning, often from each other. There
are no
dumb questions and there is always someone handy to help answer a
question. Many
tips and helps are posted on the IAGenWeb Forum for all coordinators. If
interested in hosting Audubon, Buena Vista, Greene, Guthrie, Lucas,
Monroe and Warren counties email us for an application. We'd love to
welcome you into our family!

It you have an interest in adopting a county and it isn't available at
this time
you can ask to have your name placed on a waiting list and when your
county of
interest comes open we will contact you to see if you are still interested.
There's a waiting list for every county in Iowa.

This invitation is open also to any current county coordinators who
would like
to adopt a second county. Just email us and we will get an application
to you!

Conni Mac & Peggy
IAGenWeb Welcome Hostesses

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