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>Hi Ann,

>Do you have anything on a Josias DuPRE born 1640 to a Samuel DuPRE,
>possibly born in Normandy and moved to la Rochelle? They stayed a
>while at Middleburg, Holland, and arrived at South Carolina in 1686.
>He married a Martha in France (possibly Martha SIMONS/SIMON). One
>source says he was a Huguenot pastor.


I have some info about these folks. Perhaps some of it will help you. If
anyone has corrections or additions, please let me know.


Descendants of Samuel? DuPre'

Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL?1 DUPRE' was born Abt. 1630 in France, and died in S.C..

Notes for SAMUEL? DUPRE':
Fled from France to England, then arrived in Carolina in 1686.

Child of SAMUEL? DUPRE' is:
2.i.JOSIAS2 DUPRE', b. Abt. 1650, France; d. 1712,
Charleston, S. C..

Generation No. 2

2. JOSIAS2 DUPRE' (SAMUEL?1) was born Abt. 1650 in France, and died
1712 in Charleston, S. C.. He married MARTHA SIMONS Abt. 1669 in
France. She was born Abt. 1650 in France?, and died in S.C..

Notes for JOSIAS DUPRE':
Fled France, to England, then arrived in Carolina 1686.

Children of JOSIAS DUPRE' and MARTHA SIMONS are:
3.i.JOSIAS JR.3 DUPRE', b. 1670, Sts. Thomas & Denis Parish,
S. C.; d. Bet. 1747 - 1749, S.C..
4.ii.MARY ESTHER DUPRE', b. Abt. 1674, La Rochelle,
Charente-Maritime, France; d. April 11, 1737, (April 15?) Berkeley Co.,
iii.MARTHA DUPRE', b. Abt. 1675, France; d. S.C.; m. FRANCIS
BLANCHARD, Bef. July 01, 1695, Sts. Thomas & Denis Par., Berkeley, S.
C.; b. Abt. 1675, England?.
5.iv.SARAH DUPRE', b. Abt. 1677, France?.
v.JAMES DUPRE', b. 1678, France.

Notes for JAMES DUPRE':
Living in Europe in 1699. DUPRE', b. 1680, England; d. September 06, 1748,
7.vii.CORNELIUS DUPRE', b. 1680, France; d. S.C..
viii.SAMUEL DUPRE', b. Abt. 1682, France?.
ix.ESAGE (ISAIAH) DUPRE', b. Abt. 1685, England?.
x.BRIBAN DUPRE', b. Abt. 1686, England?.

Generation No. 3

3. JOSIAS JR.3 DUPRE' (JOSIAS2, SAMUEL?1) was born 1670 in Sts. Thomas
& Denis Parish, S. C., and died Bet. 1747 - 1749 in S.C.. He married
SARAH GARNIER July 17, 1702 in S.C., daughter of DANIEL GARNIER and
ELIZABETH FANTON. She was born Abt. 1677 in Isle de Re', La Rochelle,

Children of JOSIAS DUPRE' and SARAH GARNIER are:
i.JOSIAS GARNIER4 DUPRE', b. September 17, 1705, St.
Thomas & St. Denis Parish, S.C.; d. June 09, 1801, (June 19?) Prince
Fredericks Parish, Craven Co., S.C.; m. (1) ANN BLAKE, Abt. 1727; b.
Abt. 1707, Craven Co., S.C.; d. Abt. 1750, Craven Co., S.C.; m. (2)
SARAH ALSTON, March 07, 1750/51, S.C.; b. Abt. 1730.
ii.ELIZABETH DUPRE', b. October 03, 1710, S.C.; d. October
11, 1728, (bur. date) S.C..
iii.JAMES DUPRE', b. July 07, 1712, S.C.; m. (1) MARY
BURTON; b. Abt. 1730; m. (2) MARY BULLINE, January 31, 1731/32, S.C.; b.
Bef. 1717.
iv.SARAH DUPRE', b. November 01, 1713, Sts. Thomas & Denis
Parish, S. C.; d. Bef. December 1716.

Notes for SARAH DUPRE':
Died young.

v.SARAH DUPRE', b. December 13, 1716, S.C.; m. JOSEPH
BRITTON; b. Abt. 1714.
vi.SAMUEL GOFFAILLE DUPRE', b. July 07, 1718, Sts. Thomas &
Denis Parish, S. C..

4. MARY ESTHER3 DUPRE' (JOSIAS2, SAMUEL?1) was born Abt. 1674 in La
Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France, and died April 11, 1737 in (April
15?) Berkeley Co., S.C.. She married BENJAMIN SIMONS 1692 in S.C.. He
was born 1672 in Ile de Re', Charente-Maritime, France, and died August
18, 1717 in Berkeley Co., S.C..

Benjamin Simons I (1672-1717) was born in 1672 in the region of La
Rochelle and the Ile de Re' on the Bay of Biscay. Orphaned early (his
parents were killed because of their religion), he was adopted by his
aunt Martha DuPre', the wife of Josias DuPre', a Huguenot minister. When
Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685, the DuPre' family was
among the Huguenots who fled from France. Benjamin went with his foster
parents to the Netherlands - to Middleburg, the capital of the Province
of Zeeland, Walcheron Island, at the mouth of the River Schelde. From
here the family proceeded to England and soon crossed the Atlantic to
Carolina; and although there is no evidence that they came in the Royal
Navy Frigate Richmond, which made several trips, it is known that by
1686 they were in Carolina, living in the Orange Quarter on the South
Bank of the East Branch of the Cooper River.
(From the Book: Thomas Grange Simons III, His Forebears and Relations,
1954 Charleston, p.73f)

When he was 20 years old, he married his first cousin, Mary Esther
DuPre', the daughter of his foster parents. (Josias DuPre', Jr., the
brother of Mary Esther, married Sarah Garnier in 1701 and had five
children. However, "the two sons of M. DuPre' unaccustomed to the
privations and labors incident to emigrant life soon became tired of it
and returned to La Belle, France.")(SC Historical & Genealogical
Magazine, Oct. 1936).

Children of MARY DUPRE' and BENJAMIN SIMONS are:
i.PETER (CAPT.)4 SIMONS, b. July 09, 1693, Charleston, S.
C.; d. 1724, Killed by the Dutartres; m. MAGDALEN CORDES, 1716; b. 1693,
S. C.; d. 1745.
ii.UNKNOWN SON SIMONS, b. April 24, 1695; d. 1695.
iii.SAMUEL DUPRE' SIMONS, b. April 14, 1696, Charleston,
S.C.; d. May 26, 1759, (1750?) Charleston, S.C.; m. ELIZABETH BONNEAU,
December 04, 1724, Charleston, S.C.; b. 1708, Charleston, S.C.; d.
Charleston, S.C..

Married Dec.4, 17__?(aft. abt . 1712.

iv.FRANCIS SIMONS, b. December 07, 1697; d. 1731; m. ANNE
CORDES, 1724; b. 1703; d. 1772.
v.ANN "HANNAH" SIMONS, b. April 21, 1699; m. (1) JOHN
ROYER, 1720; b. May 1696, Charleston, S.C.; d. 1721, Will recorded March
9, 1721/2; m. (2) STEPHEN (CAPT.) PROCTOR, Abt. 1730; b. Abt. 1697.

Notes for JOHN ROYER:
Became a mariner, although not a Sea Captain.

vi.MARY SIMONS, b. September 11, 1701; m. JAMES MAXWELL,
September 07, 1722; b. Abt. 1699.
vii.ELIZABETH SIMONS, b. April 26, 1704; m. JAMES PAUL
CORDES, January 01, 1728/29; b. 1699.
viii.MARTHA SIMONS, b. February 09, 1705/06; m. ARCHIBALD
YONGE, November 22, 1726; b. Abt. 1704.
ix.BENJAMIN SIMONS, b. August 21, 1708; d. 1709.
x.ESTHER SIMONS, b. June 01, 1710.
xi.JUDITH SIMONS, b. March 01, 1711/12, Middleburg
Plantation, Berkeley Dist., S. C.; d. September 1781; m. HUGH/ALEXANDER
SWINTON; b. December 17, 1705, Edinburgh, Scotland; d. December 26,
1759, New York City, N. Y..

Burial: St. Philips Churchyard, Charleston, S. C.

xii.BENJAMIN SIMONS, b. July 12, 1713; d. April 30, 1772,
Charleston, S. C.; m. (1) ANN KEATING, 1736, Thirteen Children; b.
February 16, 1717/18; d. April 20, 1754; m. (2) ANN DYMES DEWITT, March
13, 1755; b. Bef. 1740; d. 1776.

Ann Symes Dewitt?

xiii.THOMAS SIMONS, b. July 15, 1715; d. 1716.
xiv.CATHERINE SIMONS, b. October 17, 1717; d. 1731.

5. SARAH3 DUPRE' (JOSIAS2, SAMUEL?1) was born Abt. 1677 in France?.
She married JOHN ALSTON Abt. 1700 in Sts. Thomas & Denis Par., Berkeley,
S. C.. He was born Abt. 1676 in England, and died 1719.

i.MARY (FANNIE)4 ALSTON, b. 1715; d. 1770, (1754?) S. C.;
m. JOSEPH WARNOCK, 1749, Sts. Thomas & Denis Par., Berkeley, S. C.; b.
April 07, 1708, Berkeley, S. C.; d. 1772, St. Thomas/St. Denis Par.,
Berkeley, S. C..

Reportedly the daughter of John Alston (immigrant) and Elizabeth Turgis.
Questionable. That would require two daughters named "Mary".

6. RACHEL3 DUPRE' (JOSIAS2, SAMUEL?1) was born 1680 in England, and
died September 06, 1748 in S.C.. She married ISAAC PORCHER Abt. 1710 in
Berkeley Co., S.C., son of ISAAC PORCHER and CLAUDE' DE CHERIGNY. He
was born 1682 in England, and died 1743 in S.C..

Children of RACHEL DUPRE' and ISAAC PORCHER are:
i.RACHEL4 PORCHER, b. Abt. 1710, S.C.; d. October 25,
1763, Charleston, S.C.; m. JOHN (CAPT.) FAIRCHILD, Abt. 1732, S.C.; b.
Abt. 1710, Charleston, S. C.; d. Abt. 1789, S.C..
ii.PAUL PORCHER, b. Abt. 1713; m. ELIZABETH DUPRE'; b. Abt.
1714, S.C..
iii.ISAAC PORCHER, b. Abt. 1718; d. 1781; m. MARTHA DUPRE';
b. Abt. 1720.
iv.JOSEPH PORCHER, b. Abt. 1728.
v.SAMUEL PORCHER, b. 1730; d. 1785, of St. Peters Parish,
S.C.; m. (1) MARTHA GIGNILLIAT; b. November 03, 1735; d. January 27,
1753; m. (2) SUSANNAH SINGLETON, Abt. 1754; b. Abt. 1732; m. (3) MARY
SANDERS, Abt. 1768, (estimated date); b. 1730.

Niece of Richard Singleton (d. abt. 1763)

vi.ELIZABETH PORCHER, b. Abt. 1724; m. UNKNOWN (MR.)
MARSHALL; b. Abt. 1731.
vii.MARSHALL PORCHER, b. Abt. 1726.

7. CORNELIUS3 DUPRE' (JOSIAS2, SAMUEL?1) was born 1680 in France, and
died in S.C.. He married JEANNE BRABANT November 20, 1708 in (Nov. 30?)
born Abt. 1687, and died Aft. 1749 in (Will dated 1748) St. John
Berkeley Parish, S.C..

i.JEAN ELIZABETH4 DUPRE', b. October 12, 1709, Georgetown,
S.C.; d. Bef. 1777; m. ABRAHAM DUPONT, Abt. 1727; b. March 05, 1698/99,
Charleston?, S.C.; d. February 21, 1760.
ii.MARY MAGDELENE DUPRE', b. November 15, 1711; m. JOHN
GIGNILLIAT, Bef. 1730; b. 1700; d. May 25, 1750.

May have been born "postmortem".

iii.CORNELIUS DUPRE', b. Abt. 1712, of Georgetown, S.C.; d.
Bef. October 1747, (Will probated Oct.2,1747) S.C..
iv.ELIZABETH DUPRE', b. Abt. 1714, S.C.; m. PAUL PORCHER;
b. Abt. 1713.
v.CAROLINE DUPRE', b. Abt. 1717, S.C..
vi.JOSIAS DUPRE', b. Abt. 1718; m. REBECCA ALEXANDER; b.
Abt. 1717.
vii.MARTHA DUPRE', b. Abt. 1720; m. ISAAC PORCHER; b. Abt.
1718; d. 1781.

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