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From: Jim Bob Howard <>
Subject: Re: [HOWARD-L] HOWARD-Alexander-VA; Peter-VA-SC-KY; Portman-SC-KY-TN; Pleasant-KY-TN
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 13:12:24 -0700 (PDT)

Max and I have established that we are cousins, descended from Pleasant HOWARD.

Pleasant is one of our brick walls, although some bricks seem to have been removed. We have no
confirmation that Pleasant is the son of Portman HOWARD, and grandson of Peter HOWARD. Pleasant
named a son Alexander Portman HOWARD, giving some credibility to claim. PORTMAN was the surname of
both of Peter's wives (Ann and Sarah). There has been dispute over which of these is the mother of
which of Peter's children, because we know he married Ann first, then Sarah, after Ann's death,
but we don't know when Ann died.

The other brick wall is Alexander HOWARD. All we have for him is a will, which include the name of
his wife. Maybe someone somewhere can break through this roadblock by helping us find out more
about her. Get ready... Johanna/Johnna/Joanna TRIPPELS/TRIPPLES/TRIPOLI/GRIPPELS. Also, we have no
spouse for Portman HOWARD.

Any help? Anyone?

--- wrote:
> Alexander Howard bn abt 1700, Spotslyvania Co., VA
> Peter bn abt 1738, Spotslyvania Co., VA
> Portman bn abt 1770, possibility Greenville Co., SC
> Peter and Portman it is thought they went to Wayne Co., KY before 1810 along
> with some Swaffords that married daughters of Peter.
> Pleasant bn 1818 in KY
> Portman and Pleasant paid taxes on land in Overton Co., TN and Portman is
> listed on 1840 census of Overton Co.. Pleasant was in area until after the
> Civil War when he was killed by bushwackers.
> Part of family move to Texas in early 1870's with most of the rest coming
> later. Many settled in Montague Co., TX
> max brown

_| ~~. Jim Bob Howard
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