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From: Vicky Drake <>
Subject: Re: [HOUSDEN-L] Lula Housdens marriage
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 18:31:32 -0700
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For once I'm ahead of you! As I read your message I automatically
began reaching for my hair! I was going to scold you and tell you
that you had an assignment and it wasn't finding new Housdens ;-)!!!

1 Marcus Ernest Housden
.+Mary Nel Amelia Spence
......2 Lula May Housden
..........+Theodore Gantz
......*2nd Husband of Lula May Housden:
..........+Orville West

Obviously I have other children for Marcus and
Mary Nel.

For those of you fairly new to the list let me
try to identify Marcus and Mary Nel.

Benjamin the felon and Nancy - Virginia
Benjamin and Elizabeth Turner - Virginia -> Tennesee
James and Elizabeth Crocker - Tennessee -> Missouri
James Riley and Mary McLaughlin - Missouri -> Washington
Marcus Ernest and Mary Nel Spence - Washington

Actually, we've had enough new members in the last month or so perhaps I
should briefly review the whole early Housden Mess:

Benjamin Housden was brought to the Virginia Colony in bondage, on the
prison ship, Justedia, as a convict, in 1769. His crime was having attempted
to steal a pair of children't silver shoe buckles. I have a copy of the
court recordings and it sure seems to me that he was had. But I wasn't
there and can only go on the records that are available. He disappears
for a while and then shows up in Culpeper County, Virginia in 1773. By
1794 he has moved over the Blue Ridge Mountains and purchased property
in what was then Shenandoah County, Virginia (the area became part of Page
County in 1832). His wife was Nancy - we've not been successful in finding
marriage records (assuming any existed). Benjamin died in 1800 and Nancy in
1805. To try to keep all the Benjamins straight we refer to this on as
Benjamin the felon.

Benjamin had 9 children that we know of:

Judith - Judith was born in Culpeper County in 1773 and moved to Shenandoah
County where she lived her entire life. She died in 1853. She had two sons,
John and Benjamin, both carried the Housden surname. No marriage records
have ever been found for Judith, although it is suspected that the father
of her children was John Dovel. Both of Judith's sons remained in the
Page County ares. Many researchers get Judith's son Benjamin (married
Elizabeth Alger) confused with Judith's brother Benjamin (married Elizabet
Turner). We don't have a special name for Judith's son Benjamin but her
brother Benjamin we call Benjamin who went to Tennessee.

James - married Marie Nauman in Shenandoah County Virginia in 1808. They had
three daughters: Catherine, Susan and Rebecca. James lived from 1780 until
sometime before 1829. In the court minute books he asked to be exempt from
paying taxes because he was crippled. His wife Marie remarried Peter Doval
in 1832.
Catherine married Abram Judy in 1829 and they remained in Shenandoah/Page
County. All but 2 of their children migrated first to Whitley County, Indiana
and then to Holt County, Missouri. One daughter married a Wine and moved to
Augusta County, Virginia. Another daughter Mary Anne may have married a
Hager and has disappeared. One son, Reuben stayed in Whitley County, Indiana.
Susan, helped a George Kite care for his invalid wife (and apparently
cared for George a little along the way. She had a daughter, Formasanta who
carried the Housden surname most of her life. Susan and George married in
1835 after his first wife's death (I don't have the death date of Mary
Long Kite). Apparently there were hard feeling between George's first and
second families so he moved his second wife and family across the mountains
to Madison County, Virginia.
Rebecca married a Samuel Griffith in 1838 and they, along with their
children all moved to Holt County, Missouri sometime after the Civil War. I
don't know if they stopped off in Indiana on the way or not.

Benjamin - married Elizabeth Turner in Rockingham County in 1814 (FYI the
seat of Rockingham was closer than the county seat of Shenandoah County).
then migrated first to Williamson County Tennessee by 1818. Elizabeth died
sometime before 1839 as Benjamin remarried a Hannah Leek nee Barnes in 1839.
Benjamin is enumerated in the 1840 Williamson County Census but records
make us
suspicious that he may have had dealings in Henry County, Tennessee in the
1830's. Benjamin is listed in the 1850 Henry County, Tennessee Census as
HOUSTON. Benjamin had about 11 children, many of whom we know about
because of
their marriage records but that disappear after their marriage. There are
branches of this family that need MUCH MUCH work.
Of the chidlren that we have some kind of information about:
Benjamin 111, married a Susan Guy - They had one son. I don't have a lot of
information about this family but Benjamin probably died between the 1840
and 1850. His wife war murdered in Davidson County in 1873. The son and
in law were tried, along with a couple of blacks. Bet you can guess who was
convicted in Tennessee in 1870.
James married Eliazbeth Crocker in 1837 in Williamson County and migrated
to Henry County with the rest of the family in time for the 1850 census.
He is still
there for the 1860 census but by the beginning of the Civil War this family
migrated to Texas County, Missouri. Elizabeth died in Dec 1860 in Texas
County, Mo
and James remarried in 1874 to a Mary Alice Tate. James died in Texas
County before
1876. Some of James children stayed in Missouri and others migrated to
and later to Oregon. To stay on the murder theme, one of James' daughters was
murdered by her husband and then he committed suicide (according to family
Their only child was supposedly also murdered twenty years later.
Henry or HH and we think he was also know as Doc, stayed pretty much in Henry
County, Tennesee and married a Nancy Freeland. They had three children.
One son,
Thomas married a Mattie Allbritton and they had one child that was
stillborn. No
other informatin on this family.
Samuel married Emily Freeland (sister of the above Nancy). We don't know
or when they died, although they were in the 1880 Henry County, Tennessee
Two of their children were married in Poinsett County, Arkansas. One was a
Salina who
married a Rufus Bedwell - that family seemed to stay in Arkansas. Marion
married a
Anna Minton and Lilly married a Charles Williams both in Poinsett County
Arkansas - then
both seem to disappear. The rest of this family stayed in the Henry
County, Tennessee
and Calloway County Kentucky area (get your maps out - these two counties are
adjacent). Again, to keep the murder theme going one of Samuel's
grandchildren was
murdered by his wife (hacked to death supposedly on the streets of Detroit
where he
was hiding from her). Again all family oral history.
William married a Martha Smith in 1851 in Henry County. There were four
including a set of twins that lives less than two years and then both died on
the same day in 1858. William disappears only to show up again for the
Civil War and
then disappears again. Martha and the chidlren show up in the 1860 census
living with
her mother and sibllings in Carter County, Missouri. Both of Martha's
children marry
in Carter County Missouri. William P and his wife Martha Hawkins move to
Lawrence County,
Arkansas. There are a number of Housdans in the area for a while and then
they seem to all
disappear. Mary Elen married a John Hobs, also in Carter County but they
show up in
Johnson County, Illinois. This is as far as I've tracked them.

Edmond/Edward - this is my line. Edward is named in his father's will in
1800 and then
disappears until 1829 when the family shows up in what was then Delaware
County, Indiana
(became Grant County, Indiana in 1832) There is much confusion about the
early parts of
this family as well. I don't know where he went after his parents deaths
in the early
1800's but I'll bet he had a first family that I just haven't found! There
are extra
Housdens in Grant County that I can't identify. No murders in this family
but juicy
divorces and litigation over wills.

Nancy - never married but had a daughter who also carried the Housden
surname. She
may have had a daughter that died young. Don't think we have any actual
about what happened to the daughter but suspect she died without other issue.
She stayed in VIrginia.

Mary (Polly) - never married or procreated. She was the only daughter
named in her
father's will. There's no proof but a certified genealogist has suggested
that she
might have been an illegitimate daughter of Benjamin's and that she was
named in the
will to give her some legitimacy. She stayed in Virginia

Frances - married a John Dinges in 1814 in Shenandoah County - this family
seemed to stay in the area but at least one branch migrated to Cass County,
after the Civil War.

Elizabeth married a Samuel Short in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1809 and
seems to disappear off the face of the earth. Actually, there is a family of
Samuel Short in Williamson County, Tennessee that we suspect might be ours but
none of us have had the time or stmina to follow up on this one yet.

Sarah - we have marriage records that say that Sarah married a John George
in 1811.
There are multiple families of Georges in the area so this is entirely
possible and
then they disappear only to resurface in 1832 (shortly after James' widow
instigating a lawsuit against all her sibling and her sister-in-law (James'
There is some concern about how James had handled the money from his
mother's estate
(back in 1805). In this law suite Sarah is clearly names as Sarah, wife of
John George
Yargus. There was a family of Yargus in Shenandoah County in the 1810
census and a
John George Yargus served in the war of 1812. The lawsuit languishes in
the courts
for several years and then disappears as do Sarah and John George Yargus.

Enough -hope this give you all a reasonable orientation to our American
Housdens. If I've made any glaring errors please feel free to make


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