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Subject: [HITCHCOCK-L] Daniel Hitchcock CT>NY>OH
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 09:38:57 EDT

Trying to solve family mystery, which involves two distinct family lines,
Hitchcock and Hitchcox.

I have searched the book with descendants of Matthias and Luke, with no luck
(it is available on microfiche at Western Reserve Historical Society Library
in Cleveland, OH, and probably many other libraries).

First for Hitchcock, my Paternal Grandmother's line:

Daniel Hitchcock, born in Connecticut (I don't know where) in 1783. His
mother's maiden name was Meechum. He married Martha Thayer, who was born in
MA in 1781 (I don't know where). I don't know where the marriage took place,
but the family was in New York by 1802. Children were:
1. Harriet Hitchcock, b. 1802 in NY, married George Whipple.
2. Maria Hitchcock, b. 1805 in NY, married John Wheeler
3. Daniel Bristol Hitchcock, b. Jan 13, 1815 in NY, married Emeline Sarah
Welton Aug. 18, 1841 in Medina, OH. Family tradition is that Daniel Bristol
was born in "Ostringo" County New York, which does not exist. I am looking at
Otsego and Oswego Counties, and the town of Ossining.

Children of Daniel Bristol Hitchcock and Emeline Sarah Welton were:
1. Harriet Hitchcock, b. abt. 1842, d. abt. 1843.
2. Henry Hobart Hitchcock, b. Dec. 14, 1843.
3. Mary Amelia Hitchcock (my g-grandmother) b. Nov 24, 1845 in Medina Co.,
OH, married Samuel C. Rosenberry Sept. 30, 1866. She was still living in

Children of Henry Hobart Hitchcock:
1. Clarence Hitchcock
2. Willis Hitchcock, still living in 1941, probably in Medina Co. or Lorain
Co. OH.

Children of Mary Amelia Hitchcock and Samuel Rosenberry:
1. Marvin Bristol Rosenberry, b. 12 Feb. 1868, according to family tradition
Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Wisconsin.
2. Alice Emeline Rosenberry, b. 29 June, 1870
3. Bertha H. Rosenberry, b. 01 Sept., 1872
4. Erva Rosenberry (my grandmother) b. 03 Apr., 1875 married Alfred Lloyd
Hitchcox 13 May, 1899, Kalamazoo, MI, d. Sept. 1970.
5. Ada Estelle Rosenberry, b. 19 Aug. 1877, married Stofflet.
6. Harry Lloyd Rosenberry, b. 31 Jan., 1880.
7. Walter Samuel Rosenberry, b. 03 Aug, 1882.
8. David Dudley Rosenberry, b. 07 Nov., 1884

The last name of the Daniel Hitchcock line has traditionally been spelled
Hitchcock, and I have no reason to doubt that; however, in the transcript of
the Medina County Marriage Log, Daniel Bristol's last name was spelled
(probably mispelled) HITCHCOX.

I will submit a separate query for the Hitchcox line (my paternal
grandfather's line); it was often mispelled, even as late as 1880, Hitchcock,
which it may have originally been.

Submitted by Erva Hitchcox Barton

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