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From: "Margie" <>
Subject: [HENTON] Info about Jamestown - Hinton/Henton
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 12:23:21 -0800

Hello Hinton/Hentons all:

I received a packet today from Lee Pelham Cotton, Park Ranger, of the Colonial National Historical Park of Yorktown, VA. This includes copies of pages from various books - and I will need time to go through all this and will get back to the list as soon as I glean what we all need to know - and will send citations too.

Margie Hinton

This was in response to a request I made some time ago ----

In reading your webpage - http://www.nps.gov/archive/colo/Jthanout/VACompany.html

I see in your article that there were three Virginia Companies that settled in the early 1600s. I descend from Sir Thomas Hinton of the Investment Company of Harvey and Hinton, of London which, according to the history passed down in our family, tells us that this Investment Company was instrumental in 'founding' Jamestown. Now, as you state, there were three companies involved in this venture, do you have any information to substantiate or disprove our Sir Thomas Hinton as being involved with the 'Virginia Company?"

Sir Doctor John Hinton, son of Sir Thomas is also supposed to have been on one of the early ships to Virginia, even possibly making several round trips.

Govenor Matthews was son in law to Sir Thomas Hinton having married his daughter Lady Mary (or so we have been told).

Any help you can give us (to prove or disprove these handed down stories) will be appreciated.


I will transcribe what is appropriate and send to the mail lists - very interesting some of this - says Sir Thomas Hinton 'retired' to the Colonies. This is the first I ever heard of this. Maybe not to others, but to me anyway.

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