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From: Sheila Hoffman <>
Subject: [HENDERSON-L] SC Will Abstracts/Part 2
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 21:23:26 -0400

As published in the Henderson Heritage
Oct 1984, Vol 1. No. 4
Excerpts of the Andrea Files compiled by Leonardo Andres, Columbia, SC;
dated Ash Wednesday 1946. They were compiled for Mrs. D Harold Folk and
Mrs. Edward H. Shea. They were contributed to the heritage by George M

pages 20-23

Abstracts of Henderson wills otuside of Charleston and made from the WPA
copies on files here in the S.C. Library. I find that thers wills are about
5% inaccurate when compared with the original wills on file in the county

Robert HENDERSON will sg. 7 Oct 1800 pr. 13 Oct 1801 in Pendleton. Wife
Isabel Hendrson..Ch: Nathaniel Henderson the 150a at Spring Branch...David
Henderson Ex. and the home plantation..."My lands on Pacelot River to 4
sons named:...John Henderson...William henderson...James Henderson...Robert
Henderson..."All my other children not named are to share equal with the
rest"..Wit. Samuel Burdine, william Canseller (Perhaps Cansler) & William

Edward HENDERSON will sg. 3 Dec 1790 pr. 23 Dec 1790 in Chester
County...Wife Annah Henderson Ex...Ch. (No surnemes used):
Betsey...PAtience..Nathaniel Ex. with Robet
Ferguson..Aggy..Joannah..Ester.."My 3 youngest to have the home place" and
named..Adams..William...James..Wit. James Simms, Churchill Carter & Betsey
Henderson. #Note by Andrea..In some Adams Genealogy it is said that one of
the daughters wed a Henderson but her name is not known, her I note a son
named Adams, which brought this to my mind.

Patrick HENDERSON will sg. 18 Apr 1824 pr. 1 Jun 1824 in chester..Wife-none
listed...Ch. (No surnames used): Mary..John..Andrew..James...grandson
Patrick Henderson...Exs: Robet Ingram & Richard Cowsert. Wit. Richard
Cowsert, John Worhty & Benjamin Cansells or Cassells and may be Cansler.

Nathaniel HENDERSON will sg. 15 Oct 1801 pr. 9 Jan 1803 in Edgefield...Wife
Rebekah Hednerson Ex...Ch. (No surnames used) Richard EX...Thomas EX. and
lands on Dry Creek...william..Mary Ramsey..Martha Hollingswroth...w. of
Thomas Cook (Not named) to have the place where Thomas Cook lives..."My two
youngest"..Eli..Nathaniel. Wit. Thomas T. Cook "Reuben Taylor

Nathaniel HENDERSON will sg. 15 Jul 1776 pr. 10 Oct 1782 in Camden. and
styles himself "Of Craven County"...Wife "My beloved wife to have the home
plantation on Broad and 'aterae Rivers and my slaves and estate and at her
death to Elizabeth a minor and Sherrod Henderson my two youngest children
and they with their mother Executors"...ONE SHILLING to each of the rest of
my children (No surnames):
...Patience...James...Archibel (Likely Archibald)... "My other two children,
my Youngest" Elizabeth...Sherred..Wit. Richard Burnett, Benjamin Burnett &
A. Burnett before William Welsh J.P...**Note by Andrea --my conjecture is
that "Beloved wife (not listed by name) is a second wife and the two
children, Elizabeth & Sherred were his two children by her...This Nathaniel
must have been an old man or Sherred in 1776 was old enough to be named as a

Ezekiel HENDERSON will sg. 24 Feb 1839 pr. 2 nov 1846..Wife Elizabeth
Henderson EX...Ch: Brashier Henderson EX. to have the lands on Reedy
River...Argulas Henderson...Sarah Long...James Henderson...Polly Cox...John
Henderson...Rebekah Croft...Thomas Henderson lands on Rock Creek...Delilah
Storey..Franky Brashier...Nancy Long dead and her ch. to heir...Grand
daughter, Rachel Story...Mention is made of lands by John H. Joyce...Wit.
William Thomason, Amos Richardson & Jonathan Richardson...**The wife of this
Ezekiel was a Brashier and came in from N.C. with the Brashiers to
Greenville County.

Mrs. Mary (Ann is penciled in) widow of James HENDERSON (likely a son of
Nathaniel of Craven County) will sg. 25 Aug 1801 pr. 19 Oct 1801 in Laurens
Co...Ch: Fanney henderson..Sarah Henderson...James Henderson...Samuel
Henderson...Polly Irby...William Henderson...Patsey Henderson...Loretta
Earley...Irby...Nancy Early (This could be Farley or Earley for both were
in Laurens and WPA made many errors)...son in law, William Hencock 5
shillings...Ex. son Samuel with John Hunter & William Dunlap...Wit. Abner
Pyles, Samuel Henderson & William Dunlop.

Samuel HENDERSON (son of Mrs Mary Ann above) will sg. 4 Mar 1817 in Laurens
Co., Wife Susannah Henderson EX. with James Young...Ch.
minors...Nancy...Justinan...john...Sally. wit. James & Anne Young &
Alexander Glenn

Mrs. Mildred a HENDERSON (*penciled in: @0 Dec 1802-1 jul 1845, wife of
John) will sg. 25 Jun 1845 pr. 24 Jul 1845 in Laurens...Child Francis E.
Henderson a minor and under guardianship of my sister, Pensey Frances Martin
and her husband, John A Martin of Fairfield County, SC...My bro. Abner C.
Gary..My stepchildren (3) William T. Henderson...Robert Y. Henderson...Sarah
C. Henderson "They not to share until their portion from their late
grandfather, John Boyce, is given them and then their shares from Boyce
Estate and from my estate to be equal to what my own daughter gets" Wit.
William young, Thomas Wier & John C. Kern.

David HENDERSON will sg. 25 Dec 1805 pr. 9 Jan 1806 Newberry Co. Wife
Hannah Henderson the home plantation on Enoree...Ch: John Henderson the
lands where Jesse Wadlington lives...David S Henderson the lands on Enoree
bought of John Gordon...Jemima Henderson slave Jep to her and to her
children:...Elizabeth Littleton...Nancy Gordon...Sebelle Liles dead and to
her children, William and Lucy Liles...Massey Chick...Polly
Wadlington...Sarah T. Henderson..Ex. wife hannah..Wit George Wadlington,
Ann Hendrick & Joseph Caldwell...**note by Andrea...The context of this will
reads after each daughter "The sum of money and the slave are entailed to
her and to her children" until he gets to Sarah T. and "If she marries & has
children then to her children if sh has any, if not to her brothers and
sisters"...This leads me to think that Jemima was maried and to a Henderson
or else the WPA copied her surname wrong, or else in making the will, her
maiden rather than her surname was given.

John HENDERSON ( son of David Henderson above) will sg. 27 Dec 1815 and
codicil 1 Jan 1816 & pr. 17 Jan 1816...My beloved wife (anme not listed ) to
have the home plantation on Enoree...ch. David Watland Henderson...Thomas
Henderson and he and his brother David to have the 1000a on Enoree...James
Henderson to have Iseland Plantation..."Each of my daughters (not named) to
have $2000.00 and slaves as they marry off"...Exs. Walthur Goodman, Burwell
Chick & William Rutherford. Wit. George D. Phillips, Hugh David, Jesse
Wadlington, Samuel S Kenner & Joseph Goree.

David Watland HENDERSON will sg. 17 Jan 1817 pr. 15 Feb 1816 [1817?] in
Newberry...Wife Lucy Henderson..Ch. Elvira Hardin Henderson minor...One in
Pregnant wife...Late father, John Henderson is named...exs Benjamin and
Jesse Maybin. Wit. Richard Huston, James Mills & Thomas Henderson.

Mary HENDERSON will sg. 3 Jul 1847 pr. 26 Oct 1850.."All my estate to James
Bonds and his Ex." Wit. D.A. Wells, William M Henderson & Thomas B
Dillard...Will in Newberry.

Thomas H. HENDERSON (son of John of Enoree) will sg. 18 Jun 1858 pr. 19 Jan
1860 in Newberry...wife Hannah A Henderson Ex. with my bro. James M
Henderson and my kinsmen, Pettus W. Chick & Reuben S. Chick...Children: (No
surnames): Williammetta...Jesse A...Thomas W...John...James L...David...
Stoughton... Edith...Pettus Chick...Wit. George Ashford Reuben Moorman &
A.C. Maybin.

Henderson in O'Neal's Annals of Newberry published in 1850...John HENDERSON
known as Captain Jack died 1 Jan 1816 at his home on Enoree at Littleton's
Ferry. He and his son David Walthur Henderson both died in the fearful
epidemic which raged thru that section of Newberry. Capt. Jack Henderson
was a son of David Henderson who came into Newberry from Virginia...Capt.
Jack came into Newberry sometime between 1790 and 1794 and brought his three
children with him. his other children were born in Newberry...D. Walthur
Henderson, a son of Capt. Jack died in the same epidemic that his father
died in and Walthur left a daughter, who is now Mrs. Elvira NANCE...Thomas
Henderson now lives at the old home place of his father, Capt. Jack on
Enoree...With the settlers from Virginia were Hendersons, Hardys, Sims,
Wadlington, Gordons, Maybins, Lyles, and others, Smauel Kenner was one of
these settlers at Littleton's Ferry on Enoree...Kenner m. 1. Patsy Grasty
and m. 2 Lucy Goree.

Mrs. Susanna HENDERSON will sg. 11 Apr 1815 pr. 9 Mar 1818 in Sumter
co..."My daighter, Hester Green is to have my plantation and all my slaves
and my son in law, Lewis Green is exectuor of my will"..."My daughter,
Margaret Fleming to have $50.00"...My son, David H. Henderson to have one
shilling"...My gr. dtr. Susannah English to have $10 and my side saddle...My
gr. dtr. Sarah Ann Mc. Green to have my feather bed and furniture...Wit
Thomas & Sarah McFadden.

DAR paper from Sumter of Capt. William HENDERSON 1759-1810 of the High Hills
of Santee (Now Sumter) m. Susanna Tregvant...One son was William...BEG

Thomas HENDERSON of Pinckneyville will sg. 26 May 1794 pr 1 Sep 1794 in
Union county..."My Beloved wife to have the home place to raise her minor
children with until her youngest child, Jiney do come of legal age and the
use of my slaves"..."Then when my wife has raised all her children THE lands
and slaves, to be sold and the MONEY TO MY CHILDREN: Elizabeth
Henderson...Polly Henderson...Fanny Ward and her ch. Nancy, Jincy & Peggy
Ward (also sp. Word)...Cicily Henderson...Judith Hall, she is to have what
is still due from the estate of her grandfather Durvin...William
Henderson...Nathaniel Henderson Ex. with john Henderson the son of David
Henerson...Wit. Matthew Sims, John George & Samuel Hardy...Mention is made
of the lands on Pacelot River...*Note by Andrea, I have been informed that
htis Thomas is a brother to David of Enoree and note the sims, Hardy et. at.
in O'Neals Annals...I am bit puzzled by the wording of this will Re. wife
and her children and my children...my conjecture she is a second wife and
perhaps a widow with children of her own. Her first name is not listed.

Major John HENDERSON will sg. 6 Dec 1823 pr. 10 may 1824 before William
Rice...no wife is listed...Ch. 3: William henderson to have the home
place...Elizabeth Farnandis to have the Fernaneds Mill Tract on Mill Creek
of Enoree...Sarah Haile 1 schilling plus what I have already given her. Ex.
Son Wm....Wit. charles jones, Richard & Alexander Thompson...This John
must ve the son of David of Enoree.

Mrs. Esther HEDNERSON will sg. 7 nov 1789 no pr. date in York co. Son
Robert with whom I lived to have the home place and Mary (Seems his wife) to
have my black gown and petticoat...Son Samuel Henderson...Daughter, Mary
Todd...Gr. Dtr. Esther henderson...My money in the hands of kinsman, Robert
Patrick Ex. with Joseph Howe..Wit. John & Jane Howe & Martha McCown.

Nathaniel HENDERSON will sg. 8 Feb 1794 and no pr. date in York
County...Wife Ellanah Henderson (Likely Eleanor)..Ch: Nathaniel Henderson
lands in 96 ..Daniel Henderson...James Henderson...Robert
Henderson...Samuel Henderson ex..Thomas Henderson (his wife Elizabeth
Ratsford/Ratchford was from York Co. and he had a son Nathaniel)...Elizabeth
(no surname) to have the lands on Pacolet River...John Henderson of Elbert
Co., GA. Ex. and to have my Ga. Lands...Wit. Joseph & Thomas Carrel
(Likely Carrol) & James Clinton.

HENDERSON in the will of William RATCHFORD sg. 29 Feb 1801 pr. 7 Jan 1805 in
york co...Wife Mary Ratchford...Ch. 12: MArgaret Tate..Moses Ratchford
Ex...Jean Jewell...Elizabeth Henderson...John Ratchford...Mary Hytherington
(A William Hetherington will seems her husband)...Abagail Henderson...Samuel
Ratchford Ex...Geroge Ratchford...William Ratchford...Ann McCarra a widow to
live with her mother as long as she stays a widow...Jsoeph Ratchford..Wit.
Joseph Wallace, Williamson Byers, Benjamin Chambers & William MacLean...With
will of Mrs. Mary Ratchford widow sg. 13 Nov 1814 pr. 16 Sep 1816 in York
names her children: Ann McCarra Ex...Margaret Tate...Moses Ratchford...John
Ratchford...Joseph Ratchford...Jane Jewel...Elizabeth Hendersopn...William
Ratchford...Mary Hetherington...Abagail Hednerson...Samuel
Ratchford...George Ratchford..Wit John Veale, Andrew & Margaret Boyd.

Nathaniel HENDERSON (son of Nathaniel 2 above) will sg. 14 Feb 1820 pr. 13
Aug 1832...Wife Sarah Henderson Ex...Ch. 1: John Henderson Ex. AND if he
died with no heirs the estate to my kinsmen: Elizabeth Carrol and Thomas
Henderson. (Seem a brother and sister from context)...Wit. Thomas
Faulkner, William Love & Samuel Bradley.

John HENDERSON will sg. 23 Sept 1832 pr 31 Dec. 1832...Wife Mary Henderson
and my grandson, Franklin Davidson to remain in her care until he is age 0f
21...Ch: Violet Neely...William Henderson...John Henderson Ex...James P
Henderson Ex...Rebecca Prusley...(**Indication of children other than these
named in the will) Wit. Thomas H. Douglas, James Simril & Elias Garrison.
Will in York Co., S.C.

James P HENDERSON (Likely the son of John above) will sg. 20 Apr 1845 pr.
21 Jul 1846 in York Co...Wife Elizabeth Bowie Hednerson...Daughter, Mary Ann
Henderson and IF SHE DIE to my nephew, James Franklin Henderson of
Alabama..Ex. and guardian of my minor daughter, James Brian and J. Monroe
Anderson...Jesse Brumfield, James S. Johnes & John Johnson

End of Part 2

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