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Subject: Re: [HAYDEN] John of 1630
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 11:36:44 -0700
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I do not have a solid source for this, only a note from a deceased
Hayden relative whom I've never met or talked to. She did do some
pretty heavy research though. Her note says that John's brother
William was an "English Baronet". IMPORTANT to note here that I have
not seen any real evidence to verify this. However, if it were true
that would make John the younger brother not William. The Baronet
title would be inherited by the oldest male child born in wedlock.
When looking at the A, B, & C passenger lists for the Mary & John it
could look like John is the younger, but it's not real clear. Anyone
have input???

http://www.maryandjohn1630.com/passengerlist_c.html shows William as
18 and John as 17. Another source http://www.pennlaird.com/eggleston/
MnJ.html shows William born in 1616 making him 13/14 years old when
coming to America. I suspect this source was in error so I didn't
pay much attention to it beyond noting this.

It is not clear, as I think we know, if John and/or William were on
the Mary & John. However, this ship was only one of many during
1630/31 bringing Puritans to the new world. (Someone please correct
me if I'm wrong.) My conclusion is that if they were not on the Mary
& John herself then they would have been on one of the sister ships.

There is a possibility that John's father may have been Gideon, but
not the Gideon of Cadhay Ottery St. Mary. HOWEVER, I want to be
clear that I only throw this out for thought and consideration and
that I don't have even a slight shred of evidence to support this.
It's just something to ponder - after all John had to have had a
father and Gideon is a possible name, but then so is Fred, William,
or Henry. His father being Gideon COULD explain the confusion.
Again I'm only offering this for thought and I don't want to confuse

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> writes:
> Be careful with this site as it shows incorrectly that John,
> spouse of
> Susanna Pullen, has known parents. This fact has been shown in
> numerous cases as
> incorrect.
> Were you able to find the sources for the data shown?
> Jim
> Mormons say he was born 2 November 1606 in Ottery St. Mary,
> England. The
> son of Gideon Hayden and Margaret Davies. There is some
> contradictory
> evidence. They had a son John who has not been traced after 1627.
> There
> were about a dozen other " John Haydens " of that age christened in
> Devonshire and Somerset, England.
> Several references identify John Hayden, of Dorchester
> Massachusetts. A
> freeman in Braintree, May 14, 1634. His will was dated 31 October
> 1678,
> probated
> 26 July 1684. His widow Susannah ( that was living 1695 ) was
> executrix.
> John was connected with the first ironworks in Massachusetts.
> Other references, one of which cites " tradition in all branches
> of the
> Hayden family " say that John came to Dorchester in 1630 with his
> younger
> brother William, on the ship Mary and John which brought Puritans
> from
> Plymouth. Said to be from the borders of Somerset and Devon
> ( which would
> include Ottery St. Mary ). References show Willam on that ship but
> do not
> show John.
> The English records show a John Hayden, but not a William, as a
> son of
> Gideon Hayden of Ottery St. Mary. That family in England remained
> pillars
> of the Established Church for several later generations. Parish
> records
> indicate ( but not quite conclusively ) that this John Hayden died in
> Devonshire, at Woodbury near Ottery St. Mary, in 1658, ruling him
> out as
> our John. Many Mormon genealogies claim him as our ancestor,
> erroneously
> in my opinion.
> [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 11, Ed. 1, Tree #1750, Date of Import: Mar
> 12, 1999]
> 8 Generations to Mary Katherine Hayden, b.1923.
> First generation of Hayden Family in America.
> John Hayden came from Devonshire, England to Boston, MA in 1630
> with Father
> Warham's congregation on the ship "William and John", chartered.
> John had two Brothers with him on this Voyage, William and James.
> James settled at Charlestown, MA.
> William settled at Windsor, CN.
> John settled at Braintree, MA.
> They were the sons of Gideon Hayden of England. They were in the
> shipping
> bussiness.
> Will dtd 31 Oct 1678 - proved 26 July 1682.
> NOTICE: The above notes are not my notes and don't reflect my
> opinions.
> Carol E. Vaughan March 12, 1999
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> --------
> --
> Arrived in Massachusetts in 1630. Sailed in the "Mary and John" with
> brother William who settled in Connecticut. First settled in
> Dorchester where he
> received several small parcels of land and became a freeman in
> 1634. Moved
> to Braintree by 1636. Was fined for entertaining a servant, remitte
> because he
> do so knowingly, in June 1639. "In answer to the petition of
> John Hayden
> of Braintree craving some release, it is ordered (in regard to the
> great
> affliction of God that lies upon the petitioner in regard to his
> child, as also
> his late loss of a cow, being half his estate) that he shall be yearly
> allowed...some five pounds toward the charge of keeping the child
> {probably Joseph},
> the town {to pay} the rest." Renewed 1653. Renewed to Goodwife
> Hayden 1664
> & 1665. In 1656 in was ordered that there be a road through
> Dossit's land
> in Braintree so Goodman Hayden can bring his corn out.
> Miscellaneous, “1651, At this time, we find the first case of
> insanity in
> the town. ‘In answer to the petition of John Heydon of Braintree,
> for relief
> in respect of his distracted childe, as also some loss lately
> befalne him,
> this Court doth order, that the said John Heydon shall have from
> the County,
> towards the charges of keeping the childe, five pounds per annum,
> to be payed
> out their own Town levy, and the Town to bear the rest of the
> charge till the
> Court se cause to withdraw their benevolence.’”
> John settled in Dorchester, Mass. And sometimes spelled his name
> Haiden, as
> in his will. He was made Freeman May 14, 1634. He moved to
> Braintree in
> 1640. The second entry in the records is the birth of his son
> Jonathan. A part
> of the town where he settled is called Randolph, and is very near
> Quincy,
> Mass. The record of his will is Suffolk probate 6,483 and mentions
> his wife
> Susan, sons Samuel, Joseph, John, Nehemiah and Jonathan. The
> children of his
> second son Samuel and daughter Hannah. Appoints his wife Susan
> with Samuel
> Thompson and Joseph Penniman executor.”
> From “History of our Ancestors” by Rutherford - 929.2 R932401h
> “John Hayden and a younger brother, William Hayden, came to New
> England
> aboard the John and Mary in the company of three hundred
> immigrants under the
> direction of the Reverend John Warham and the Reverend Samuel
> Maverick. The
> company landed at Dorchester, Mass. In 1630.
> From “Colonial Families of the US of A Volume 5, 1937 p. 275:
> John Hayden
> was listed as a proprietor in 1632, and a freeman May 14, 1634.
> He was
> acquitted June 8, 1639 for entertaining (hiring) an unlicensed
> servant, but as he
> did it ignorantly, the fine which previously had been levied
> against him was
> remitted to him.”
> From “The Pioneers of Massachusetts”, 1900, p. 223: John Hayden
> moved to
> Braintree, now Randolph, Mass., settling near the Iron Works and
> the Iron Work
> Bridge. He was connected with first Iron Works in Mass. He
> probably moved
> to the town of Braintree in 1640, as the birth of his son Jonathan
> Hayden,
> March 19, 1640 was recorded on the second page of the town records of
> Braintree. The dates of his three children born after Jonathan
> were also recorded in
> the Braintree records.
> From the “Records of the Town of Braintree 1640-1793 p. 631-632:
> John Hayden
> ’s will, dated October 31, 1678 was probated July 26, 1682. As he
> specified, his estate was not to be settled until after the death
> of his son, Joseph,
> final probate was delayed until April 4, 1695. The Massachusetts
> General
> Court Deboard Susanna Hayden, his wife, deceased, February 9,
> 1684, and
> appointed John Hayden, Jr. and Jonathan Hayded the executors of
> the estate. John
> Hayden deeded most of his land to his sons prior to his death.
> “The Heydons in England and America” by Rev. William B. Hayden
> Chapter V. The Devon Line. Page 41:
> “I assume that John, William and James Haydon, three brothers, the
> immigrant
> ancestors of the American lines, and who appeared in Boston,
> Dorchester and
> Charlestown in 1630, were sons of Gideon Haydon of Cadhay, No. 15
> in the
> Devon line, for the following reasons: (1) The family tradition
> is that we are
> descended from the Devonshire branch. (2) The immigrants, when
> they landed,
> had the Devonshire spelling of the name. (3) They evidently came
> over in
> close connection with the Massachusetts Bay Company, whose
> headquarters were at
> Exeter, and whose officers and members were near neighbors of the
> Haydons.
> (4) The Haydons were few in number. All accounts agree that the
> Lymston
> branch, for a time distinct, probably in a line of younger sons,
> became at length
> re absorbed in the Ebford-Cadhay branch; and all the places
> mentioned in
> connection with them are in a little radius of ten or twelve
> miles. Hence the
> question arises, Where else could they have come from? (5) We
> know that the
> said Gideon had several younger sons grown to manhood in 1630, but who
> thereafter suddenly disappeared from the scene, there being, so far
> as I have been
> able to learn, no record of their marriages, settlement, decease
> or descendants
> in England. (6) I find the State Papers that the family were
> engaged in the
> shipping business at that time…”
> From “The Visitations of the County of Devon, comprising The Heralds’
> Visitations of 1531, 1564 & 1620” by Lieutenant-Colonel J.L.
> Vivian. Pages
> 458-459:
> Haydon of Cadhay Arms: -Arg., three bars gemels Az., on a
> chief Gu. A
> fesse dansettee Or. Crest:- A lion Arg. Seizing on a bull
> courant Sa.
> “John de Haydon to Robert Haydon to Henry Haydon to William Haydon
> to Robert
> Haydon to John Haydon to Henry Haydon to John Haydon to Richard
> Hayden to
> Richard Hayden to Thomas Haydon to Thomas Hayden to Robert Haydon
> to Gideon
> Haydon to John Hayden 2 so, bap. 2 Nov. 1606 at Ottery St. Mary,
> (1) named in
> the will of his great uncle Peter Haydon, living 1627. (1)Ottery
> St. Mary
> Parish Register.
> The Hayden Family - Author unknown
> “…As stated above John, James and William are supposed to have been
> brothers - but so far as we have any reliable information, they
> might have been
> second cousings or even no relation at all and the statement that
> they came on
> the “Mary & John” is merely a supposition also, based upon the
> fact that they
> soon separated, it is evident that they considered Dorchester neither
> conducive to their health nor to their happiness: - for John
> recorded as a “freeman
> in Braintree, Mass, in 1640; James likewise in Charlestown, Mass.
> In 1637;
> and William turns up in the land of ‘Nutmegs’ as a freeman at
> Windsor,
> Connecticut in 1640.
> Carol
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