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Subject: RESOURCE LIST - HARRIS (updated 11-22-98)
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 13:25:25 EST

compiled by Chuck Harris for personal use, gleaned from
Internet communications and provided to others for their use if desired. No
proof of accuracy. Update: November 20, 1998


A simple search of the Library of Congress for the word "HARRIS" will return
5,000 hits. I tried several other variations of the search criteria, but got
no more than 14, and I'm sure that there are more than that. If my efforts
are successful, the results of that search (I. e.: the 14) are attached. I
would recommend that you go to your local library and get the reference
librarian to do a search for you. The research librarian should be able to
use the library database of "First Search by OCLC" and get maximum results.
(my note: I recommend this to everyone particularly if your library has a
genealogical section. ch)

The Library of Congress Experimental Search System(WFJ)

14 items found.
Go to Search Results:

In your search in English restricted to non-fiction there were:
2 Items containing the words Harris and Genealogy next to each other in order.
10 Items containing the words Harris and Genealogy near each other. 2 Items
containing all of the words: Harris and Genealogy, but not near each other.
subjects which occur most frequently in the first items. the top items by Date
AuthorTitleLanguageClassification in DescendingAscending order.
the top items in brief format.
Items 1 through 14 of 14

Items containing the words Harris and Genealogy next to each other in order.

1Harris genealogy.
1914 Harris, Gideon Dowse,1846- [CS71.H315 1914a ]

2Harris genealogy. A history of James Harris, of New London, Conn., and his
descendants; from 1640 to 1878 ...
1878 Morgan, Nathaniel Harris,1805-1881. [CS71.H315 1878 ]

Items containing the words Harris and Genealogy near each other.

3Marriage records, Harris County, Texas
1979 compiled and published by Marie Russell. [F392.H38 R87 ]

4The empire builders [and a genealogy of the Harris family]
1966 by Clarence A. Harris. [CS71.H315 1966 ]

5A genealogy of McGee Harris, Latter Day Saint pioneer.
1962 Bullock, Kenneth C. [CS71.H315 1962 ]

6Harris records, with allied families of Claiborne, Gillison, Thompson,
1953 Hays, Maud Callaway,1906- [CS71.H315 1953 ]

7Before my own time and since : genealogy of the Harris family, 1513-1978,
their allied families, with historical sketches and illustrations of the
places they lived and worked in Europe and America
1978 Nora C. Harris Arquit. [CS71.H315 1978 ]

8Genealogy of the Harris and allied families,
1929 Gandrud, Pauline Myra (Jones),1904- [CS71.H315 1929 ]

9The 1850 census of Harris County, Texas, with added genealogical notes
1981 compiled by Marie Russell. [F392.H38 A15 1981 ]

10Genealogy of the Harris and allied families,
1940 Hindman, Laura Olive (Unger),Mrs.,1865- [CS71.H315 1940 ]

11Index to New Jersey branch of the Harris family, U.S.A., by Sarah J.
(Harris) Keifer (1888)
1980 prepared by Ruth J. (Boyer) Todd. [CS71.H315 1980 ]

12A history of the Humble, Texas, area
1976 produced by James Tull Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution,
under the auspices of Bicentennial Heritage Committee, Humble, Texas ; Nina
Smith, editor and coordinator. [F394.H85 D38 1976 ]

Items containing all of the words: Harris and Genealogy, but not near each

13An Airgood, Airgod, Ehrgott genealogy : some of the descendents of Michal
Airgod of Indiana County, Penna. :preliminary materials for a genealogy of the
Airgood and allied families : includes related families (among others such as
Blystone, Fisher, Harris, Hatherill, Jacoby, Kanouff, Lewis, Parsons, Shields,
Stiver, Winters, etc., etc.
1979 by James M. Airgood. [CS71.A2914 1979 ]

14History of the Armstrong family from 980 to 1939 and genealogy of David
Armstrong and Sarah Harris Armstrong, 1746-1939,
1939 Armstrong, Thomas Elmer,1860- [CS71.A74 1939 ]


The above is provide mostly intact as it was received so that others who may
want to access the Library of Congress can know what to expect. Good Hunting.


(Author not mentioned by submitter) "Record of the Harris family descended
from John Harris, born 1680 in Wiltshire, England." Philadelphia, Press of G.
F. Lasher. 1903. (CLW)

(Author not mentioned by submitter) "The Collateral Ancestry of Stephen
Harris, born September 4, 1798 and of Marianne Smith, born April 2, 1805."
Philadelphia, G.F.Lasher, pringer. 1908. (CLW)

(author not mentioned by submitter) "Harris And Allied Families Of Claiborne,
Gillison, Thompson, Whitsett," (no publisher or date given) "date stamp of
1954" (CD)

(Author not mentioned by submitter) "The Five Thomas Harrises" (ER)

"Three volumes by TLC Geneology in Florida. Contains searched all VA records
for a window of approximately 1715-1725 and states their sources. The three
books 1720- 1740 and 1760 fill in between the 1704 quit rent rolls and the
records from the Rev.War period a total blank until now" (FF)

"Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography" printed 1888 in possession of
(JET) 6 volumes, 6000 pages. Has a complete set of books lists 32 Harrises
with their dates, place of birth and death.

Bateman, Harris. "Bateman Family Genealogy" -7th edition 1979 $350 (73pp)
Harris Bateman, 2135 E. 59th Place, Tulsa OK 74105. (CLW)

Berry. A Victorian History of Essex (NJR)

Boddie, John Bennett. Virginia Historical Genealogies. p. 198-200
"Exploration of the Harris Chart." (CRH)

Brayton, John Anderson. The Five Thomas Harrises From Isle of Wight, Virginia.
Winston Salem, NC, 1995. 190 pages. (several libraries in US - Newberry-
Chicago) (FWI)

Bullock, Kenneth C.. A Genealogy of McGee Harris; Latter Day Saint Pioneer.
Provo, Utah. 1962. This is the Harris family from Scotland. (NR)

Carr, Mary Jane. "Harris Family: Five Generations of Quakers." West
Lafayette, IN 1981. Descendants of Obediah Harris, Hanover, VA (to IN) (MH)

d'Angerville's "Living Descendants of Blood Royal" Do not know how accurate is

Fearich, Eve. Isaac Harris Genealogy Book being published.

Foster, Joseph. "Anarrative of the Descendants of Samuel Harris of
Fordingbridge, Hantz, together with a notice of the family of Masterman of
London." London, private print at the Chiswick press, 1878. (CLW)

Gohr, Glenn W.. James David Harris: His Kith And His Kin. Privately
published 1990/ 191 pages. Covers descendants of Glenn's GGrandfather, James
David Harris, who have been meeting in family reunions since 1961. There is a
brief mention of the earlier generations, plus family charts & a good
bibliography. Cost is $12.00. Send to:
Glenn Gohr, 1040 E. McCanse St. Springfield, MO 65803-3613.

"Harris Library Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1 Feb. ‘69" FHC microfilm #6055189

"Harris Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1 April 1976" FHC microfilm #6055188 (CLW)

Harris, Fielder Bowie. James Harris-Mary Cherry Family, Ancestry-Pioneers
Posterity - Connections. August 1935. Two known copies: John Harned,
Tucson, AZ. Texas State Library. Also reported to be in Dayton Public
Library, Ohio. (JH)

Harris, Mrs. George Elton. Harris Family - Robert Harris 1783-1812. West
Plains, MO, 1952. St. Louis Public Library. (CRH)

Harris, Gideon Dowse. Harris Genealogy. Columbus, MS 1914. 107 pages (CRH)

Harris, Harriett e. "Harris Family." No date or publisher. Obtained 1985.
About descendants of William Harris and Rhoda Effaniah Burnett of Patrick Co,
VA 159 p. (CRH)

Harris, Herbert. "Josiah Harris 1770-1845; East Machias, Maine. His
ancestors and descendants in nine generations." Bangor, ME., 1903. (CLW)

Harris, Luther M. "Robert Harris and his Descendants." With notices of the
Morey and Metcalf families. Boston, H.W. Dutton & son, 1861. (CLW)

Harris, Dr. Malcolm H. et. al.. Captain Thomas Harris 1586 to 1658, English
Immigrant in 1611" In Texas State Library, Austin, TX (possibly others)

Harris, Dr. Malcom Hart. "Three William Harrises in Hanover County (KS)

Harris, Robert E., From Essex, England To The Sunny Southern USA, A Harris
Family Journey, Genealogical Press, 1994. 1094 pages. Robert E. Harris, 2380
Crestcliff Dr., Tucker, GA 30084 Order books from R.E. Harris $45 plus $2.75
shipping in Continental US. Total $47.75. (CRH & may others)

Harris, Thomas Henry. Harris Family of Virginia 1611-1914. Fredericksburg,
VA. 1914. About 10 known to exist in libraries around the country. (CRH)

Harris, W. Lee. "Harris and Allied Families of Claiborne, Gillison, Thompson,
Whitsett." Date stamp 1954. (CD)

Harris, W. Lee. "Capt. Thomas Harris, Immigrant." (WRS)

Harris, W.Lee, et al.. "Captain Thomas Harris, 1586-1658: English Immigrant in
1611" privately published 1966. 150 p. +charts. (GG & BS) Note: contact
Glenn Gohr Memo 11/8/98 Glenn states the work of W.
Lee Harris was published by Joe Cletus and Olive Harris of Florence, AL. Both
deceased as he believes are all of W. Lee Harris's children. He has found
some definite errors in this publication. You can trace this lineage,
including Glenn's on his webpage:

Harris, William Samuel. "The Harris Family":Thomas Harris in Ipswich, MA in
1636 and some of his descendants, through seven generations, to 1883. Nashua,
N.F., Printed for the author, by Barker & Bean 1883. (CLW)

Johnston, William Preston. "Edward Harris and his Ancestors 1634-1820."
Louisvill, KY., Press of J.P. Morton & Co, 1899. (CLW)

Jones, W.E. (Printer). "The Descendants of Captain Thomas Harris (of Henrico
County, VA. Richmond, VA)" 1893. (CLW)

Kiefer, Sarah J (Harris), "The New Jersey Branch of the Harris Family, USA.
Democrat Printing Company, Madison, Wisconsin. 1888. Not indexed. 350 pages.
This book follows the descendants of James Harris who was born in the city of
Bristol, England about 1700, came to Elizabethtown, New Jersey in 1725 where
he married a woman by the name of "Boleyn." Contributors note: "James
Harris...married a woman by the name of Boleyn....had seven children, six sons
and one daughter" "His three oldest sons, (names unknown) just before the
Revolutionary War, emigrated to North Carolina. They, being in sympathy with
their father and the British, and as there never has been any communication
between the two branches of the family, north or south, time has obliterated
all trace of the brothers south...." If you have a Harris in North Carolina
that you simply can't find the origins of, this may be a new avenue of
research. Here is my contribution. By the way, this is my Harris line and my
grandmother is listed in the book on page 104 as a 4 year old girl.(RGB)

Kiefer, Mrs. Sarah J. (Harris). "Genealogical and Biographical Sketches of the
New Jersy branch of the Harris Family, in the United States." Madison, WI,
Democrat Printing Co., 1888. (CLW)

Mason, Mrs. Isaac Newton. "Aunt Emma's Story of the Harrises by Quill-Whell"
Springfield, MA., Atwood & Noyes, printers, 1880. (CLW)

MacRae, Eleanor Harris, "The Harris Family of Prince Edward County, Virginia."
Family Value Publishers, VA Beach, VA 1993. Available through the LDS Family
History Centers Microfilm #1598109. "There is a second Harris record on this
same microfilm that is a hand written record of a Harris family but I do not
have the exact title (or maybe there wasn't one) One book is Item 4 on the
microfilm and the other is Item #5." (WRS)

The Virginia State Library has some HARRIS material, including Eleanor Harris
MacRae's "Harris Family Genealogical Notes, 1586-1927". This (I assume) is
her collection of research notes, etc.; it's over 300 leaves. The accession
No. is 34497 and is in the LVA Archives and Manuscripts Database; however, (if
I remember
correctly) you cannot access the actual documents online. They are not
available on Inter Library Loan. The VSL charges for copying that much
material would be astronomical.(WRS)

Mervine, William M. "Harris, Dunlop, Valentine, And Allied Families." 1920

Morgan, Nath'l Harris. "Harris Genealogy. A History of James Harris, of New
London, Conn. And His Descendants; from 1640 to 1878...with an appendix
containing brief notices of several other early settlers of New England of the
name of Harris." Hartford, The Case, Lockwood & Brainrd Co. print, 1878.

Ott, Helen Harris. "Harris Collection." The State Library of Virginia. She
totally shoots down the work done by her ancestor, Judge Iverson Harris around
the time of the Civil War. He took a Harris descendant named Henry Harris and
had him as a fictitious Huguenot immigrant in the 1690's who came over as a
result of a religious movement that didn't occur until the late 1700's from a
twon in Wales that didn't exist until the 1800's. This work disproves the
theory of this Harris family being from Wales. (JPH)

Powell, Nina Harris. "The Seventh Limb, Descendants of Samuel Birks Harris."
Quick Press Express 1985. 129 p. Samuel is the 7th child of William Harris
and Rhoda Burnett (CRH)

Rooke, Donald A., History Of An Essex Village - Cricksea In The Hundred Of
Dengie. June 1987. Published from an original thesis written in 1935. (NJR)

Roberts, Gary Boyd, Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants To The American Colonies,
Genealogical Publishing, 1993. 410-837-8271. (GBR)

Salter, Polly. Harris Family, Robert Harris 1783-1812. oversized, 57 pages.
St. Louis Public Library. (CRH)

Taylor, William R.. Three William Harrises In Hanover County. Evidence Of
The Descent Of William (4) Harris Of Goochland County, Virginia and His Father
William (3) Harris Of Henrico, New Kent, Hanover And Louisa Counties, Virginia
>From Major William (2) Harris Son Of Capt. Thomas (1) Harris of Jamestown.
(highly recommended) by KS) (the sources were a little confusing..Three
William Harrises may have been written by Dr. Malcolm Hart Harris?)

Todd, Ruth Boyer, "Index to New Jersey Branch of the Harris Family, USA by
1980. Library of Congress number, 2895 9-0842 CS71.H315. This index (48
pages) is still available from the author: R. B. Todd, 396 S. Balsam,
Lakewood, CO 80226 at $6.50. (RGB)

"Weis Books on Royal Descendants" ?
Pleasanton, CA Library (probably others)
Weis, Frederick Lewis. Ancestral Roots Of Certain American Colonist Who Came
To America Before 1700.
Weis, Frederick Lewis. Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came To New
England Between 1623 and 1650.
Concord, CA Library (probably others)
Weis, Frederick Lewis. The Magna Charta Sureties 1215

White, Miles Jr. "Early Quaker Records in Virginia." ISBN #0-8063-0745-5 64 p.
Barnes and Noble $6.00 (CB)

Wiggins, Kathryn. The Harris Papers; A Genealogical Notebook, Camerillo, CA,
Wisdom Wood Books. 1968. 4 volumes 165 pages (St. Louis Public Library)
Harris Family, William Harris 1639. (CRH)

Wiggins, Kathryn. "The Harris Family Papers" 25 volumes (PS) note: A complete
set of the Harris Papers by Kathryn Wiggens can be found at the Anniston,
Alabama Library. (RGB) Harris family info from every county record for the
State of VA. Includes abstracts of will for families connected to the Harris
line. Kathryn Wiggins, 1642 Calle La Cumbre, Camarillo, CA 93010. (FF)
Steven Boyd/Ann Harris in Austin have some of the volumes.
LDS library Salt Lake City has six of them.
Fran Fletcher has Goochland, Powhatan and Cumberland.
Denver Public Library, Louisa Co records.

Wright, Anne Mims. "A Record of the Descendants of Issac Ross & Jean Brown"
FHC microfilm #1035845. (CLW)


USGenWeb Project

John Harned - Tucson, AZ
10/28/98 John referred to "one Harris data base at Geocities for all Harris
information with Dr. B.L. Harris data base currently being added." This
geocities address is: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/7689 (See
Robert G. Boyd below)

To view the archieves of past messages on the Harris-VA List, go to this site:
Then type in HARRIS-VA (possibly the same steps to view archieves for
Harris-Hunters??) for the name of the surname list requested. Hit enter. Then
a second screen will come up. To view ALL messages, just type in Harris for a
keyword search & hit enter. You can also do keyword searches like "Essex"
"Thomas" "Jamestown" etc. Glenn Gohr

To subscribe, send an e-mail to: (request above) Leave subject line blank
(this will be ignored) In the body of the message type: subscribe. Then: Send
You will get a message back in a while telling how to post messages by e-
mailing to above address with your query. by: Craig Kinder
or (?)

Robert G. Boyd editor: Harris Hunters Newsletter $15 US,
$16.50 Can $21.50 overseas. Harris-Hunters Web Page
http://www.geocities.com/heartland/ranch/7689 (8823 individuals)

Amy Harris Brown - Harris Webring
A webring is a source of similar Webpages. You can access the information but
must have a webpage to list your name/information there.
11/8/98 Amy posted a message and states
"Connect With Surnames"
Heartland Genealogy Society Committee
by (Anne Hodges) and others.

Jeanne Clark 19 Generations of descendants of William
Harris b. bef 1455 Pritwell, Essex, England. This is available in 5 emails
with downloads from (CRH) and will be included in the merged file.

Barbara Doying
"Thomas Harris - His Ancestry Disputed" Source: Ligon Family and Connections,
by William D. Ligon, Jr. page 841-842.
This publication suggests by circumstantial information that Capt. Thomas and
John Harris b. 1588 are brothers. "The Will of Thomas Harris of Creeksea,
County Essex." contributed by Brice McAdoo Clagett. Friendship, Maryland.
This proves that Capt. Thomas is not the brother of John b. 1588.

Herman W. Dunn
Web page:

I would like to inform you that I have added quite a few HARRIS surnames to
the 1600's Ancestor Data Base that now contains over 13,000 various surname
listings. You may reach the data base from this URL:
http://home.cdsnet.net/~xymox/ Ryan Jackson, Data Base Manager "First

"Old Home Places of Louisa County" refers to William Harris property willed to
son Moses.

Fran Fletcher -
Shared information by Fran but this is not her family line.
Captain Thomas Harris family.....volumes of detailed, researched

Glenn Gohr Springfield, MO
Web page: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/5821/

Chuck Harris -
Newspaper, "Hearst's Sunday American-A Newspaper For People Who Think.
Department of Genealogy and Historic Societies." History of Harris Family, of
Mecklenberg, Closely Allied With South and Progress of Civilization. article
January 12, 1930 Atlanta by Isaac L. Harris. This full page article
includes mostly pedigree charts and some history. It can be attached to an
email in an "image" bip format. It takes four transmissions to send the
scanned image of photocopies of the four sections of the full page article.
This was copied from a Harris file in the Archieves Building, PA State
Library, Harrisburg. A microfilmed publication is on file in the LDS Utah
center which contains a compilation of All Isaac Harris' research according to
Curt Harris. First article on microfilm roll #860465. Anchorage, AL.

Phil Harris - Richmond, VA
Source of Four Harris Families of VA, John, Thomas, William and Robert.

Robert Harris 1816 m Dicy.

Franklin Ingram, Raleigh, NC: descended from Gray Harris m.
Nancy Fuller (1824) Putnam Co, GA. Regular visitor to the NC Archives and to
NC Genealogical Library. Will obtain doc or resources that are in NC Gen.

Rockbridge County, VA Marriages: 1851-1885 by Louise Perkins

Noel Robertson On an earlier list I indicated this was Noel's Web Page, it
is not. Please accept my apologize. Noel does recommend that you visit:
Steve's Web Page.. http:/sml.simplenet.com/smlawson/harris.htm

Noel Robertson - Contributed volumes of work on
Harrises of Essex and elseswhere. She has a list of crests (image files) for
those that wish them.

Elizabeth Russo
Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/r/u/s/Elizabeth-D-Russo/

Charles Parish Records, York Co, VA 1648-1789
Not far from the first permanent English settlement in North America, York
Co.,VA was created in 1634. This database is a collection of records from
Charles Parish in the county and contains some of the earliest records of the
state. Spanning the years 1648 to 1789, it includes birth and death
information for nearly 5,000 people. Often each record reveals parents and
other family members. For those researching early VA ancestors this can be an
extremely valuable database. Bibliography: Kinard, June. "Charles Parish
Records," Orm, UT; Ancestry, Inc. 1998.
To search this database, go to:
http://www.ancestry.com/ancestry/search/3479.html (WRS)

Virginia, Fauquier Co. cemeteries. Index of all burials.

Web Page: Louisa Co, VA
http://www.Trevilians.com submitted by Wilma Kelly

Geneva Cole
Library of Va, Prince George Co, VA microfilm

Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants Collection Index. Lee
does not give website address.

Middlesex England Parish Records (marriages from 1563-1895)
This is from the ‘H" section of the marriages. There is also a zip file that
lists the whole alphabet in one which might help locate any brides named
Dodson. (GG)

Website that includes Capt. Thomas Harris, John and others. It is interesting
that it shows definite connections between this Essex, Eng. Group of Harrises
and early VA Harrises.
Http://privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~esfh/genuki/Harris.html (GG)

Capt. Thomas is not the son of Sir William and Alice (Smythe). Robert Harris
who married Mary Claiborne is not a son of Capt. Thomas Harris. William
Harris who married Temperance Overton is not a son of Maj. William Harris, but
rather is a son of Robert Harris who married Mary Claiborne. Capt. Thomas
Harris's first wife was Adria Gurgany/Virgany - not Osborne. Don't know his
second wife, Joan was an Osborne or not. Site maintained by Kevin Cole

Until recently, you had to search for names on the Internet and names on our
Cds intwo separate steps. Now, we've combined both of these searches into the
Internet Family Finder. In just one step you can learn what Cds and Internet
sites contain a name you want to find!

Searches for submissions continuously Wayne Harris in
H-H http://informant.dartmouth.edu

I am a researcher in the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire area. I charge 7
pounds per hour for local research. I prefer to do it in 3 hour periods as I
find it a comfortable length of time to operate, I find it enables my clients
to state how many periods at a time they would like done and therefore help
them to budget the research. Any extra charges for copying prints photography
etc. can be discussed as I find some want copies of everything some only want
certificates which I can also obtain. Contact: Lorna M. Jones
I am also on ICQ #18959383

Identification of submitters:
AH - Anne Hodges
BS -
CB - Cindy Bay
CD - Charlene Donaghue
CH - Curtis Harris
CLW - C.L. Waltemath
CRH - Chuck Harris -
ER - Elizabeth Russo
FF - Fran Fletcher -
FWI - Franklin Ingram
GG - Glenn Gohr
KS - Ken Schwarzburg
JET - James E. Tanner, Peoria, IL
JH - John Harned
JPH - Phil Harris
MH - Martha Harris
NR - Noel Robertson
PS - Pam Stone
RGB - Richard G. Boyd
WFJ - (Wm. F. Joiner)
WRS - (William R. Scott)

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