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So the questions are, who was Mourning Harris in that time frame?

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I do not know who the Mourning Crenshaw is, nor the Mourning Harris.

William Harris sr & 2nd wife Temperance Overton had abt 15 kids ?

1 Maj Robert Harris2 b 1695 St Peters Parish New Kent co Va d Aug 8 1765
Albermale Va
md Mourning Glenn

-Maj Robert Harris (William Harris sr & Temperance Overton) b 1696 Cedar
Hill Hanover Co, Va
d 1765 md Mourning Winn Glenn Jan 30 1719 Hanover co Va b 1702 d 1776
Albemarle Co VA dau of James Glenn jr b ABT 1664 St Ninians, Sterling,
Scotland d 1686-1755. James Glenn jr son of James Glenn sr b abt 1636 St
Ninians, Sterling, Scotland, d 15 SEP 1696 Accomack Co VA & Elizabeth
'Lizie' Mitchell b ABT 1640 Accomack Co VA d 1669-1734 Accomack Co. VA.
James Glenn jr md Mourning Winn Dec 4 1689 Accomack co Va b 1668 Accomack Co
VA d 1686-1762.

NOTE:Robert Harris (1696-1765) Albemarle Co Va was a member of the House of
Burgesses 1736/40/42
Maj. Harris, son of William Harris and Temperance Overton Harris, b Hanover
Co Va lived there until 1742, when appointed by the King as surveyor of the
new county of Louisa, which was cut off from Hanover Co 1742. He resigned
this office as a member of the House of Burgess from Hanover, and settled in
Louisa Co. Lived at Brown's Cove on Doyle's River, halfway between
Stanardsville and Waynesboro, Va. on Skyline Drive; see Harriston, north of
Waynesboro on Highway 340. Bought property in 1750. He afterwards moved to
Albemarle Co Va where he owned a large estate til death in 1765. He was a
vestryman in Fredericksville Parish for a number of years before his death.
His son Tyre Harris succeeded his as vestryman of Fredericksville Parish.
Copy of his will is in History and Genealogies, W. Harris Miller, p. 267. It
was dated June 18, 1765 Will book 2, p. 185 Albermarle Co. Records

Robert Harris's (abstracted) will (W.B. 3-165)in Louisa Co. reads as 18 June
1765. I August 1765.
Son Christopher to have 40 acres of land in Albemarle County, known as
"Bears Cornfield."
After decease of wife, son William to have all land I now hold in Albemarle
Sons, Robert, Tyre and William Harris to have slaves.
Wife Mowrning (Mourning) to have use of all lands during her life.
Son William [who was underage] to be under direction of son-in-law John
Exrs: sons-in-law John Rodes and William Shelton.
Wit: Daniel Maupin, John Mullins, Jr, William Maupin and Connerly Mullins.

Sons of Maj Robert Harris & Mourning Winn Glenn

[Christopher, Robert, Tyre, Wm] daus-Anna, Mary, Mourning Glen, Lucy, Sarah,
Rachel, Nancy or Frances, Elizabeth
-James Harris b: 1721 d 1792 md Mary Harris 1741-1770 Albemarle Co.
-Anna Harris b Mar 31 1724 d 1754-1824 md John Dabney 1739-1773
had dau Mary Dabney b Sep 14 1742
-Christopher Harris b 17 Feb 1724/Feb 3 1725 ? Hanover Co Va d 1794
served as private in the Virginia militia
m1 Mary Dabney 22 FEB 1744 Albemarle Co Virginia
md2 Agnes McCord 1762 VA b 1740 Albermarle Co Va d 1815 Madison Co KY
Johannes John McCord b. 1695 Ireland; d. 1764 Albemarle Co., Va and he
had...Agnes McCord b. 1740 Albemarle Co., VA; d. 1815 Madison Co., KY and
married Christopher Harris

Note: Christopher came to Madison Co KY 1780-90, owned land on Silver Creek,
Muddy Creek and Downing Creek; also in Albermarle Co VA.
First wife Mary Dabney, daughter of Cornelius Dabney
second wife: Agnes McCord. Desc of this marriage given in The Boone Family,
Hazel Spraker, p. 532.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 158
[p.1] THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE Daughters of the American Revolution
page 228 [p.228] Mrs. Lenox Berry Hanley.157745 Born in Saline County, Mo.
Wife of Charles Leslie Hanley.
Descendant of George Boone, Christopher Harris and Robert Harris, as
1. David Lenox Berry (1837-1900) m. 1858 Sarah Elizabeth Prigmore
(1842-1920). See No. 157744.
2. Tyree H. Berry (1800-71) m. 1821 Hettie Boone Copher (1803-42).
3. John Berry m. Elizabeth Harris (d. 1838).
4. Robert Harris (1749-1833) m. Nancy Grubbs (1749-1835).
5. Christopher Harris m. 1st 1745 Mary Dabney.
Christopher Harris (1725-94) served as private in the Virginia militia. He
was born in Albemarle County, Va.; died in Madison County, Ky. Also No.
Robert Harris (1749-1833) served as private in the Virginia militia. He was
born in Albemarle County, Va.; died in Madison County, Ky. Also No. 136039.

155311- Mrs. Emma Hume Thorpe Stansbury.DAR ID Number: 155311 Born in
Madison, Ky.
Wife of George Thomas Stansbury.
Descendant of Christopher Harris and Sergt. George Hume, as follows:
1. George Hume Thorpe (1826-59) m. 1849 Elizabeth Frances Yates (1829-98).
2. Thomas Thorpe (1800-85) m. 1823 Emma Hume (1803-51).
3. George Hume (1759-1816) m. 1782 Susannah Criglor (1762-1831); Zachariah
Thorpe (b. 1778) m. 1799 Mourning Harris (1783-1865).
4. George Hume m. 1754 Jane Stanton (1724-82); Christopher Harris
(1755-1826) m. Elizabeth Grubbs (b. 1756). See No. 155281.
5. Christopher Harris m. 1745 Mary Dabney.
Christopher Harris (1725-94) served as private in the Virginia militia. He
was born in Albemarle County, Va.; died in Madison County, Ky. Also No.

23 Dec 2002- I am descended from Christopher Harris I
(d.testate ca 1794 in Madison Co., KY) who had about 19 kids by two wives.
Christopher had at least one brother of whom I am aware--Tyree Harris [see
Stribling data], who went to Orange Co., NC, part of which later became
Caswell Co., NC. This concerns Christopher's brother William. I have lots
more. William died and Christopher, his wife Agnes, and Elizabeth, the widow
of William, handled the estate, according to Albemarle Co., VA records. EW

Children of Christopher Harris & lst wife Mary Dabney md 1744/Feb 17 1745 ?
-Dabney Harris b 15 DEC 1745 Albemarle Co Va d aft 1795 md UNK
NOTE: sold 95 acres Surry Co. 8/6/1793 to John Personate: living Wilkes Co
NC 1790. Census shows 4 sons, one son Christopher Harris b 1770 ??
- Sarah Harris b 11 JUN 1747 Albemarle Co Va d Nov 1 1833 Ky md James Martin
Mar 29 1762
[10 kids]
-Robert Harris b 24 AUG 1749 Albemarle Co Va md Nancy Grubbs
Elizabeth Harris (d. 1838) md John Berry
- Tyree H. Berry (1800-71) m. 1821 Hettie Boone Copher (1803-42).
- David Lenox Berry (1837-1900) m. 1858 Sarah Elizabeth Prigmore
See No. 157744. DAR

-Tyre Harris b 24 JUN 1751 Albemarle Co Va Md Mary Ann Simpson ABT 1785
Caswell Co NC b ABT 1751. Had Christopher Harris b 1 SEP 1786 Caswell Co NC
-Elizabeth Harris b 9 MAY 1752 Albemarle Co Va
fr found an Elizabeth Harris married to Christopher
Chappell. I don't know the year that they married, but I do know that
Christopher Chappell was born 09/24/1744. I have no other information on
Elizabeth Harris at all. They had to have married somewhere in either VA or

-Mourning Harris b 21 JUL 1754 Albemarle Co Va md Foster Jones d 1814 [bro
to Geo Jones]
-Christopher Harris b 21 JUL 1755 Albemarle Co Va md Elizabeth Grubbs b abt
had dau Mourning Harris (1783-1865) md Zachariah Thorpe (b. 1778) m. 1799
had son Robert Harris b 1787 md Mary Taylor>had son Shelton Harris b 1820

-Mary Harris b 10 JUN 1757 Albemarle Co Va md George Jones [bro to Foster

children of Christopher Harris & 2nd wife Agnes McCord md 1762
-Samuel Harris b 1762-1775 d bef 1853 md Nancy Wilkerson by 1811
-Isabella Harris b 1762-1775 d bef 1856 md John Bennett by 1808 KY
-Jane Harris b 18 SEP 1763 Va d Sep 17 1821 Madison Co Ky md Pvt. Richard
Gentry Apr 15 1784 Albemarle Co Va b Sep 26 1763 Va d 1843 Madison Co Ky
Richard Estes who hadMary Estes md David Gentry Sr. She died in Va and
later David moved (with his two daughters) about 1785-90 to Madison Co., Ky
where two of his sons, David Gentry and Pvt. Richard Gentry) had settled
shortly after the Rev. War. John Graves

-Capt John Harris b 1765 d 1809 md Margaret Maupin 1783/1803 b ABT 1775
Had at least 2 children: Maj William Harris b 16 MAY 1805 md Malinda
Duncan-had son Hon John Duncan Harris md Nancy Jane White 1849; Susan
Harris md Dr William H Duncan.
NOTE:John Harris became Circuit Judge Madison Co; also a Capt in
Revolutionary War
-Benjamin Harris b 28 NOV 1766 Albemarle Co Va d abt 1827 md1 Nancy Burgin
md2 Frances Jones
-Overton Harris b: ABT. 1767 d abt 1827 md Nancy Oldham Ky
-William Harris b Nov 12 1768 Albemarle Co VA md Anna Oldham Madison Co KY
Feb 4 1790.
-James Harris b: 1769 d bet 1787/98 md Susannah Gass bef 1798 KY
-Margaret Harris b: ABT. 1771
-Barnabas Harris b: ABT. 1773 d bef 1853 md Elizabeth Oldham by 1811

Rest children of Maj Robert Harris & Mourning Glenn md Jan 1719
-Tyre Harris b 1728 d 1745-1818. He m1 UNK Oldham, md2 Unk Simpson ??
Note: "Married daughter of Jesse Oldham, migrated to Caswell Co NC 1783 was
deeded real estate by Jesse Oldham and his wife Elizabeth." (DENTON & HARRIS
Became High Sheriff of Orange Co NC under Governor Tryon, and was present
and took part with him at the battle of the "Alamance," May 18, 1771.

-James Harris sr b 19 July 1733 died 31 May 1797 Albemarle Co Va.
Possible son James Harris sr md Betty Shares [could be son/o Robert ?]
Anita [Harris] Schultz-Peters -

I have documented that he lived near the Moorman River during the late
1700s. The History of Albemarle states his father's name was Robert but I
have no documentation as to this fact. I do know that some of the given
names such as Lucy and Shelton were used both by my James' line and the line
of Robert Harris and Mourning Glenn, however, I have not been able to find
the documentation to tie these two lines together.
He md Betty Shares 30 June 1757. Betty was born 7 July 1739 d Albemarle Co
Va 4 Dec 1830.
In the book "Albemarle, Virginia Records of Families 1744 - 1890" in
reference to the marriage of the son James to Mary McCulloch it states
James, Jr. is the son of James sr md Betty Shares [son of Robert]. I don't
know how accurate the book is. The name William repeats quite a bit in this
Mar 30, 2004 [No James listed in Robert Harris' will]
Fr Anita..or I wonder if James sr could be the brother of Overton Harris who
was born in about 1732.

-Capt Robert Harris jr (Maj Robert Harris & Mourning Glenn) b Mar 8 1741
Albermarle Co VA d NOV 1809 Surrey Co NC md Lucretia Brown BET 1772/76 dau/o
Benjamin Brown/Sarah Thompson b 1746 Albermarle CoVA d 1806 Surrey Co NC
Note: Served in VA. State Militia, was Capt. in Revolutionary War. Moved to
Surrey Co NC.
(see HISTORY & GENEALOGY, Wm. Harris Miller.)

-William Harris (Maj Robert Harris & Mourning Glenn) b 1744 d 1776 md
Miss Michie
Little is known of William Harris. He reportedly died 1776. More research s
needed. He was seemingly under age or ill when his father Major Robert
Harris wrote his will in June 1765.
According to Malcolm Hart Harris, his first wife was a Miss Michie.
Another account states his wife was Hannah Jameson. Belong to another Wm.
The deed cited below involving Wm's brother Christopher indicates his widow
was Elizabeth.
At any rate, he is reported to have died in 1776. More research is needed.

-Frances or Nancy Harris b 1746 d 1760-1840 md Joel Crawford 1760-1793
-Mourning Glen Harris b aft 1746 d 1808 md Capt John Jouett 1730/33
Albemarle Co Va d 1802.
Note: Had 2 children. He was Capt. in the Virginia State Militia in the
Colonial war, also a signer of the Albermarle Declaration of Independence
(as was William Shelton, husband of sister-in-law Lucy Harris) on April 21.
1779. [could they had a son name William Shelton Harris ?]
-Elizabeth Harris b aft 1746 d 1740-1827 md William Crawford 1734-1779
Note: Their son William Harris Crawford became U.S. Senator from Georgia,
Minister to France, Secretary of War, Secretary of the Treasury under
President Monroe, and contender for the presidency in 1824. (see DENTON &
-Lucy Harris b aft 1746 d 1803 md William Shelton 1735-1778
Note: Married Wm. Shelton, a signer of the Albermarle Declaration of
Independence of April 21, 1779.

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