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Subject: More Texas Harrells 2nd Attempt
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 22:46:18 EDT

Forgot the Harrell list does not like attachements. Here is the information
I attempted to send.

The Texas Harrells

Garland R. Lively
25 Aug 2006

William Harrell who was born about 1794 in Wythe County Virginia and the son
of William Harrell and Martha of Wythe County Virginia had several
descendants that settled in Texas. William Harrell married Elizabeth R. "Sallie" Hurst,
daughter of John Hurst and Mary McCarthy in Mar 1818 in Wythe County,
Virginia. William and Elizabeth had a total of 12 children born between 1821 and

In 1834 William Harrell moved to Claiborne County, Tennessee and settled
among a group of North Carolina Harrells who had arrived in Claiborne County in
the mid 1820s. Several members of the Hurst family also relocated to Claiborne
County, Tennessee and nearby Knox County Kentucky in the Yellow Creek region.
In the late 1850s several members of the Hurst, Baker, and Harrell families
all banded together and moved to Dallas County Missouri. Family tradition
indicates this move was motivated by the pending Civil War. If this was their
motivation for relocation it was a failure because members of all three families
were involved in the war.

Reuben Jerome Harrell

The first of this group known to have relocated to Texas was Lafayette
"Fate" Harrell born 25 Dec 1858 in Stone County, Missouri. The best source for the
Harrell movement to Texas is documented in "From Missouri to Texas by Covered
Wagon 1884 by Dr. James Fred "Dick" Harrell, son of Reuben Jerome Harrell..
Lafayette Harrell was the son of Reuben Jerome Harrell born 24 Jul 1835 in
Claiborne County, Tennessee. Reuben was the first child of William and Elizabeth
to have been born in Tennessee. Lafayette’s mother was Rebecca Ann Lewis who
was the first wife of Reuben Jerome. Lafayette’s mother died in childbirth
and Lafayette was raised by his maternal grandmother, Nancy Lewis. The Lewis
family moved to Brown County Texas between 1860 and 1870. Lafayettee Harrell
age 11 was located in San Saba, Brown County, Texas in the 1870 census living in
the Lewis household.

Lafayette Harrell married Alice Louvenia Pullman, 3 Jul 1881 in San Saba,
Brown County Texas. Alice was born 6 Jun 1868 in Monticello, Arkansas and died
28 Apr 1935 in Drew County Arkansas. Lafayette and Alice had 8 children
between 1883 and 1902. The first two of his children were born in New Mexico.
By 1889 he was back in Brown County, Texas.. Lafayette Harrell was a cowboy
who worked on the Lewis ranch in Brown County, Texas. This was during the last
days of the open range era and it seems they were prone to place the Lewis
brand on any maverick they encountered. A common practice in those days. By
1900, Lafayette had moved to near Davidson in Tillman County, Oklahoma. On 4 Mar
1902 Lafayette was transporting a load of lumber across the open plains when
he was caught in a blizzard. His wagon broke down and unable to find shelter,
he died of exposure. Most of his descendants appear to have remained in
Oklahoma with the exception of Charles Jerome Harrell who lived in Wichita County,

The second member of the Reuben Jerome family to relocate to Texas was Reuben
’s son, Thomas Huston "Huse" Harrell born 28 Nov 1863 in Green, Dallas
County, Missouri. Huse was the son of Reuben’s second wife, Phoebe Ann Hurst born
28 Sep 1838 in Springdale, Claiborne County, Tennessee, daughter of Simpson
Hurst and Elizabeth Simmons. Simpson Hurst was a cousin of Reuben’s mother,
Elizabeth. In 1882 Thomas Huston Harrell moved to Brown County Texas and joined
his older brother Lafayette Harrell on the Lewis ranch. Thomas was considered a
"Green Horn" and assigned duties guarding a flock of sheep until he could
learn the ways of a cowboy.

Thomas Huston Harrell married Sarah Rosann Stewart abt 1885 in Brown County,
Texas, she was born 3 Apr 1866 in Holder, Brown County, Texas. and died 9 Oct
1948 in Holder, Brown County, Texas. She was buried with her husband in Lost
Creek Cemetery, Brown County, Texas. Thomas and Sarah had five children born
in Brown County, Texas between 1887 and 1901. Thomas died 30 Apr 1944 in
Holder, Brown County, Texas. All of his children with the exception of his
youngest daughter, Annie, remained in Brown County, Texas until their deaths.
Annie died in Wichita County, Texas..

In 1884 Reuben Jerome Harrell loaded the remainder of his family into two
covered wagons and moved from Dallas County, Missouri to Brown County, Texas.
Enroute he stopped off in Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas and visited for a
while with his brother John James Harrell who had previously settled in Texas.
Reuben settled near the Lewis family in Brown County, Texas and tried his hand
at cattle ranching. He eventually gave up ranching and went back to farming.
Reuben Jerome Harrell died 5 Jun 1917 in Brownwood, Brown County, Texas and
is buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Brown County, Texas. Phoebe Ann Hurst died
25 Sep 1922 in May, Brown County, Texas and is buried with her husband in Lost
Creek Cemetery. Most of his descendants remained in Brown County, Texas and
the surrounding counties.

John James Harrell

John James Harrell was the oldest child of William Harrell and Elizabeth
Hurst, he was born 26 Nov 1816 in Wythe County, Virginia according to his
tombstone inscription. John James Harrell did not accompany his family to Tennessee
and was the only one of the group to have remained in Virginia. John did
live in Hancock County, Tennessee for a brief period between 1847 and 1851, but
had moved back to Virginia by 1860. John married Lovill Caroline "Lovey"
Fletcher abt 1844 probably in Lee County, Virginia. Lovill Fletcher was born 28
Nov 1824 in Fletcher Ford Virginia, daughter of John Goldsmith Fletcher and Mary
Rebecca Randolph. John and Lovill lived in Jonesville and Powells River in
Lee County Virginia had 11 children born between 1845 and 1861. Lovill
Fletcher died 9 Nov 1861 in Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia.

John James Harrell married Melissa Ellen Boles 16 Feb 1862 in Lee County
Virginia. Melissa Ellen Boles was born 26 Aug 1835 in Claiborne County,
Tennessee, the daughter of Martin Boles and Sarah Jennings. John and Melissa had 6
children born between 1862 and 1872. All of the children with the exception of
the youngest, Sarah, were born in Lee County Virginia. Sarah was born 13 Dec
1872 in Collin County, Texas.

I am not sure what motivated John to move to Texas, perhaps he had heard
some of his nephew’s, Lafayette Harrell, cowboy stories. Maybe it was the
widespread destruction in Virginia during the Civil War. At any rate sometime
between the birth of son Riley in 1868 in Lee County, Virginia and the birth of
Sarah in 1872, John James Harrell moved from Lee County, Virginia to Collin
County, Texas, a considerable distance in those days. John James lived in Collin
County, Texas until at least 1880, but was located near Grapevine in Tarrant
County, Texas when his brother Reuben Jerome passed through the area in 1884.
An excellent description of John’s horse ranch is contained in the booklet of
Dr. James Frederick Harrell.

By the 1890s, John James Harrell was living near Stoneburg in Montague
County, Texas. By this time his brother, George Washington Harrell was also
located in Montague County. John James Harrell died 7 Sep 1897 in Stoneburg,
Montague County, Texas and buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, in Stoneburg, Montague
County, Texas. Melissa Ellen Boles died 22 Mar 1923 in Bowie, Montague County,
Texas and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery with her husband. Most of his
descendants remained in Texas

George Washington Herrell

George Washington Herrell was born 24 Jul 1833 in Wythe County, Virginia,
the tenth child of William and Elizabeth Harrell. He married Nancy Ann Baker 10
Sep 1858 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Nancy Ann Baker was born 15 Mar
1843 near Colmar, Knox County, Kentucky in the Yellow Creek region, just across
the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. Nancy Ann Baker was the daughter of
Andrew Jackson Baker and Nancy Noble. Andrew Jackson Baker was a school teacher
and a farmer. His sister Johanna Baker was married to Squire Hurst a cousin to
the Elizabeth Hurst who married William Harrell. The Hurst, Baker, and
Harrell families of this region were all associated and several of them moved to
Missouri in the late 1850s. Descendants of George and Montgomery Herrell both
spell the name Herrell as opposed to Harrell. Each family has it’s own
explanation for this, but I don’t think any one really knows. Every census record I
have seen on William Harrell 1794 had his name spelled Herrell also. I have
given up on this issue.

George Herrell and Nancy Baker did not remain in Missouri for very long, but
moved on to Arkansas with other members of the Baker family. They lived in
White River and Osage, Benton Conty, Arkansas from about 1860 to 1872. They
had 10 children born between 1860 and 1884. They may have had one daughter,
Amanda born in Missouri in 1868, but I doubt this as they were in Benton County,
Arkansas in both the 1860 and 1870 census records.

At some time between 1872 and 1876, they moved to Collin County, Texas.
They probably settled there with John James Harrell who was already settled there
by 1872, George Herrell’s seventh child, William Leander "Lee" Herrell was
born there 13 Jul 1876. Herrell family records indicate that George had a
daughter born in Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas 8 Aug 1884. This makes perfect
sense to me since his brother John James Harrell was located there. George
Herrell is not mentioned in the booklet of Dr. James Fred Harrell , but James
was only four years old at the time and appears to have been so fascinated with
John’s horse herd that he may have forgotten about his uncle George.

By the 1890s I believe that both John James Harrell and George Washington
Herrell were living in Montague County, Texas near the Oklahoma border. George
and Nancy’s daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Harrell (my great grandmother)
married Thomas Henry Whitaker of Jasper County, Missouri 19 Jan 1879 in Denton
County, Texas. Two of their children, Delia Camelia Whitaker (paternal
grandmother) was born 27 Jun 1893 in Saint Jo, Montague County, Texas. Her brother
Jefferson was born in Saint Jo in Mar 1897. Saint Jo is located right on the
border of Cooke and Montague Counties. I believe that George Washington Herrell
and the Whitakers, St. Johns (Whitaker step father), and members of the Cox
family (Whitaker mother) all moved to Oklahoma between 1897 , birth of Jeff and 16
Mar 1900, birth of Jesse Whitaker in the Chickasha Nation, Indian Territory.
Family traditions that while crossing the Red River on a ferry, the ferry
broke loose and George lost his wagon and all his belongings. George Washington
Herrell died 10 Aug 1902 near Roff, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. He is buried
in Lightning Ridge Cemetery in Roff. Nancy Ann Baker died about 1827 in Kaw
City, Kay County, Oklahoma. No one knows where she is buried.

George Washington Herrell had numerous descendants that are today scattered
all over the United States with most of them remaining in Oklahoma and Texas.
Many of his descendants maintain contact with each other even today and hold
an annual meeting in Wilson Oklahoma.

Other Texas Harrells

Jacob Mangrin. Harrell and his family are the first known Harrell's to come
to Texas. In 1833, they migrated from Nashville, Tennessee, to the Hornsby Bend
area of Travis County. In about 1838 they moved to Waterloo (later Austin,
the capitol of the Republic of Texas). His brother, James G. Harrell, and Joab
Harrell (relationship unknown), and their families joined Jacob by about 183?.
Jacob served as the mayor of Austin from 1847-1849. [Texas Harrell Database
Posted 2/7/03.]

Milvern Harrell was the grandson of Zadock Woods, and they were both active
participants in early Texas history -- Milvern survived the Dawson Massacre,
Zadock died in it. Although it was Milvern's father, William, who brought his
family to Texas in January of 1838 when Milvern was 13 years old, it is Milvern
that is recognized as the head of this Texas Harrell line. [Texas Harrell
Database Posted 2/7/03.]

Arnett White Harrell is recorded in San Jacinto County before 1842. He was
born 12 Oct 1801 in Jones County, North Carolina, the son of John Harrell 1763
and Ann Whitty of Glasgow County, North Carolina. It is said that he left his
wife and six of his children in Alabama while he and several other his
children made the initial trek to Texas. Arnett White Harrell went to the Texas
territory from Washington, County, Alabama, along with Miles G. Stevens to confirm
availability of land.. They requested and received a league of land in 1828,
returned to Alabama, purchased 28 families of slaves and returned in a covered
wagon train. Arnett and wife, Hannah Louise Strong, had eleven children In
1845, Arnett had purchased a piece of land and started a large plantation. The
plantation house that he built is now abandoned and in danger of being
destroyed. There is a current interest in trying to find Harrell descendents who
might have the desire and ability to purchase the property and restore the
plantation house. [Texas Harrell Database Posted 2/7/03.]

Harmon Harrell. The first member of the Harmon Harrell, Sr. family to come
to Texas was his son, Leonard Hayes Harrell, who came sometime after his
marriage in 1842. The town of Harmon, Texas, was named after either Harmon Harrell
Sr. or Harmon Harrell Jr. The information in this file is supplemented from The
Handbook of Texas Online. [Texas Harrell Database Posted 2/7/03.]

Ephraim H. Harrell and his new wife, Anna, came to Jasper County, Texas in
about 1847. Their first son, Thomas Heninton Harrell was born in Texas in about
1848. Ephraim was in Jasper County for the 1850 and 1860 census', (unknown
location for 1870 census), but the family was in Robertson County for the 1880
census. [Texas Harrell Database Posted 2/13/03.]

Martha Jane Harrell Rabb. According to her obituary, Martha came to Texas
with her parents in 1849. She married Thomas Rabb in Fayette County in 1850, and
they settled in Karnes County. Martha Harrell is the only known Harrell in
this line -- so far. According to her obituary, she came to Fayette County,
Texas, with her parents in 1849, but no record of her family has yet been found.
[Texas Harrell Database Posted 2/7/03.]

Asa Harrell. "Perhaps encouraged by Asa's brother, James A. Harrell, or his
son James Jackson, both of whom, it is believed had already come to Texas, in
1853 or 1854, the Harrell family came to this state in a wagon train with
their relatives and in-laws, the Killens, Kennedys, Truesdals, Harrisons, and
others, settling first near Bastrop, later near Warda on Rabb's Creek" (from The
History of Lee County, Texas) There is no additional information for the
migration of James A. and James J. at this time. [Texas Harrell Database Posted

Francis Harrell Ratliff. "Francis Harrell was married to Joseph Ratliff in
1858, in Williamson County, Texas where she and Joseph lived until her death in
the late 1880's. I am sure that Francis Harrell Ratliff and Jacob M. Harrell
are connected somehow, but haven't been able to document it yet. There are
business transactions between them, but so far no concrete relationship. Read the
notes on Francis." [Texas Harrell Database Posted 2/7/03.]

Joshua Harrell was first located in Lamar County, Texas in 1860. He was born
6 January 1820 in Pulaski Arkansas and died 12 December 1883 in Jack County,
Texas. He married Sarah Wagnon 2 Oct 1842. {Texas Harrell Database 2/6/03)

Sarah Anne Harrell. "William Charles Hendley Jr. and Sarah Anne Harrell were
married about 1833 in Pulaski Co., GA. William was born 12-7-1809 according
to his tombstone--the census records indicate the year to be 1805--in Bulloch
County (now Emanuel), GA. They were the parents of 18 children, all born in GA.
Sometime about the first of November 1866 William Hendley embarked on a long
journey by wagon from his native Georgia to Texas. All of his children, both
married and single were in the wagon train which consisted of 10 or 12 wagons
as other families joined the Hendley's at Macon, GA for the trip. Several died
in the swamps of Louisiana and Mississippi during the trip, including two
grandsons--sons of John Francis and Sarah Frances Oliver Hendley. The trip took
about 52 days and was a very organized affair. They brought their livestock with
them. The Hendley's were a very religious family and stopped on Friday
afternoons to make camp for the week end. The women did their washing and cooking so
that no cooking was done on Sunday. They had church services on Sunday and
broke camp early on Monday morning for the week's travel." [Texas Harrell
Database Posted 3/3/03.]

Ransom Day Harrell. Ransom Day Harrell was born 1831 in Claiborne County,
Tennessee, the son of Ezekial Perry Harrell 1797 and Elizabeth Day of Bertie
Conty, North Carolina. Although Ransom Day Harrell didn't come to Texas himself,
many of his children did and he is the common HARRELL link. Those who came
were James F. Summers (son-in-law), Benjamin & Margaret (H.) Burch (between
1882/1885), James R. & Annie W. Harrell (between 1890/1893), Greenberry & Helen B.
Harrell (before 1892), George W. & Tennessee D. Harrell (before 1893), and
Ollie R. & Leona M. Harrell (between 1904/1906). [Texas Harrells Database Posted

Eli L. Harrell and Elbert Claude Harrell came from Arkansas around 1896. Eli
L.'s children settled mainly in Rockwall, Kaufman and Hunt counties in Texas.
Eli L. Harrell's father was John G. Harrell (1827-1868?) and was born in NC.
In the 1850 Poinsett Co., Arkansas Census John G. Harrell and his parents,
Eli (1778-Before 1860) and Cherry [Charity] Harrell are listed in the same
household. Eli's other sons: David, Eli Jr. and Jethro lived nearby. This
Eli is the same Eley mentioned in Roger H. Harrell's book. On the way to
Arkansas, Eli and his oldest son, David, are listed in the 1840 Mcnairy Co.,
TN Census (information recently discovered and not in Roger Harrell's book)
(Norman Harrell 25 Aug 2006)

Edward Dow Harrell and his brother, Charles Harrell, came to Texas together
in July of 1890. Edward was a prominent cattle rancher, building one of the
largest cattle ranches in the panhandle. [Texas Harrells Database Posted 2/7/03.]

Robert Harrell, Jr and his brother Richard came to Fannin County Texas around
1845 - soon followed by their parents Robert Sr (b abt 1789) and Eliza Webb
Harrell (b abt 1806) and at least one of their sisters Mary. Originally they
are rumored to be from around Gates and/or Perquimans Counties NC, but moved to
Tennessee around 1825. By 1835 they had settled in Washington County, Arkansas
and from there to Fannin then Hunt Counties.
The elder Robert and his wife Eliza had 9 children that I am aware of, all
supposedly born in NC:
John (b 1806) ended up in Oklahoma and was a Methodist missionary
William (b 1807),
Sarah (b 1811)
Richard (b1813 d 1894) was in Hunt County along with all of his descendents
Charles (b1815)
Nancy (b 1817)
Ann (b 1819)
Robert Jr (b 1821 d 1865) was in Hunt County also
Mary A (b 1822 d 1864) was also in Hunt County she married William Kelly in
What became of the William, Sarah, Charles, Nancy and Ann I do not know at
this time.
Richard married twice and had apx 12 children who for the most part stayed
around Hunt County.

Robert, Jr married twice and had 5 children (this is my line) William O,
Eliza and John E by his first wife Mildred Terry. and John David and Robert L by
his second wife Mary Click. None of his children remained in Hunt County for
long after attaining adulthood.
William moved west looking for land and eventually settled in Roswell, NM;
Eliza with her husband settled finally in Crosby, Tx.
John E went south became a rancher and passed away in Brown Co, Tx
John David was a farmer and cotton buyer and passed away finally in Bowie
County, Tx
Robert L - the youngest became a doctor and died in Walbarger Co, Tx. (Becky
25 Aug 2006)

Richard Bartley Harrell was born 18 Nov 1883 in Lawarence County, Arkansas,
the son of John L. Harrell 1861 and Mary Ellen Galley of Lawrence County,
Arkansas. Richard moved with his parents and seven brothers and sisters to Rock
Creek, Stephens County, Oklahoma. On 14 Dec 1904, he married Bertie Morzie
Franklin in Wise County, Texas. Richard and Bertie had 3 children born Texas
between 1905 and 1908.. By 1910 he had moved back to Oklahoma where he had 6 more
children. His descendants have shuttled back and forth between Texas and
Oklahoma with at least 3 of them dying in Crosby County, Texas. One of his sons
married my aunt, Tressie Leona Lively, a direct descendant of William Harrell
of Wythe County, Virginia. No connection between these Harrell lines has been
established. (Garland Lively 25 Aug 2006)

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