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Subject: [HARRELL] Harrell name
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 19:12:35 EST

This is not original, it is in a book somewhere which I would cite if I
could remember it: the English names Harrold, Harroll, Harald, Harrald,
Harral, Harralt, Harrel, Harrell, Herald, Herrald, Herold, Herrold, and
Herauld are variations of the name Harrod which is English for the Old
English personal name Herewald, its Old Norse cognate ( i.e. a word with a
similar root and sound in a different language) being Haraldr with its
Continental form Herold having been introduced to Britain by the Normans.
These all go back to the Germanic personal name composed of the elements hari
meaning army + wald meaning rule. A second source of the name is that it is
the occupational name for a herald, i.e. from the Middle English herau(l)d
(or Old French, herau(l)t, from a Germanic compound of the same elements as
above, used as a common noun). Cognates include the German names Harold,
Herold, Herholdt, Herl, Herle, Hohrold, Horeth, Heirold, Hireth, and Heireth.

Incidentally, the same source indicates that if the name is Harel i.e. it
includes only one "r and l" and it has a French or Jewish derivative, the
source and meaning are entirely different than that given in the preceding
paragraph. The French derivative is a nickname for a "boisterous or
quarrelsome individual", from the Old French harel meaning tumult, hue and
cry (of Germanic origin, apparently an imitative formation). The Jewish
(Israeli) source is the Hebrew harel, which is of disputed origin; it is
either a compound of har meaning mountain + el meaning God or a variation of
ariel, which is a compound of ari meaning lion + el meaning God. Harel is an
epithet for the altar in the ancient Jewish temple in Jerusalem and, in
modern Hebrew, for Mount Sinai. Ariel is an epithet for Jerusulem and for
the altar in the ancient Jewish temple. Variations of the Jewish version
include Harell, Har-El, Hareli, and Harely (with Hebrew suffix -I}.

I've also seen some Harrells whose background was German (mostly in Pa). The
original was something like Hearld.

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