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Subject: Re: Roll call for direct lines
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 16:13:47 -0500

This is to try to comply with Jill Ching's call for posting our direct
lines. As I expect my grandson to become more famous than me, I decided to
begin with him.
This involves 11 generations.
Some of the narrative on the early American Hamricks ‹ Patrick and
Benjamin (SR.) and Benjamin, the early settler in Webster County, WV, and
ancestor of thousands of West Virginia Hamricks, has been left in place. I
found it interesting and thought you might too. The numbers are ahnentafel
numbers. (For a father, multiply the son's number by two and for the mother
add one. To find a mother, multiply by two and add one.)
You are invited to send any corrections or additional information to:

Dan Hamrick
500 North Cline Road #B
Coffeyville KS 67337-1155
Voice and Fax: 316-251-5958

First Generation
1Christopher Daniel Hamrick. Born 30 Jan 1992 in Holy Cross Hos., 1500
Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, MD.
Reference17 EMail Reports From Jeanne Hamrick. Religion Baptized, 22 Mar
1992 Holy Trinity Church, Niagara Falls, NY.

Second Generation
2Mark Alan Hamrick. Born 3 Oct. 1960 in McMillan Hospital, Charleston, WV.
; . Occupation National Broadcaster; Anchor and business editor
Associated. Reference17 ‹ EMail Report From Jeanne Hamrick. Religion
He married Jeanne Marie Golanka, 18 Jun 1988 in St. Paul's Roman Catholic
Church, Kenmore, NY.
3Jeanne Marie Golanka. Born 29 Jan 1960 in St. Marys Hos., 515 6th St.,
Niagara Falls, NY 14301.
. Occupation Public Relations Director; The Landon School,
Bethesda, MD. I. Reference17 ‹ EMail Report From Jeanne Hamrick.

Third Generation
4Daniel Alfred Hamrick (Me). Born 18 Jan 1937 in Pierce, Tucker County,
Occupation Writer, Editor, Manager And Owner Of Publications. Reference32
Knowledge Of Dan Hamrick.
He married Judith Ann Hill, 23 Aug 1959 in Wallace (WV) Methodist Church.
They were divorced in 1984.
5Judith Ann Hill. Born 11 Jun 1940 in Wallace, Harrison County, WV.
Occupation Bookkeeper; Secretary; Newspaper Reporter. Reference32 Knowledge
Of Dan Hamrick.

Fourth Generation
8Ernest Martin Hamrick. Born 3 Mar 1908 in Stony Bottom, Pocahontas
County, WV. Died 7 Nov 1946 in Davis Memorial Hospital, Elkins, WV. Buried
in Thomas, WV. Occupation Coal miner and blacksmith.
9Virginia Lee Lambert. Born 6 Mar 1911 in Thornwood (Pocahontas County)
WV. Died 27 May 1983 in At Her home at Valley Head, WV. Buried in Arbovale
(WV) Cemetery. Occupation School Teacher. Reference Glenville State and
Davis & Elkins Colleges; West Virginia University.

Fifth Generation
16Daniel Stoffer Hamrick. Born 29 Jul 1880 in Samp, WV. Died 23 Sep 1975
in Detroit, MI. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Thomas, WV.
Occupation Blacksmith. Reference 61 Aunt Ruth Graves, Pontiac, MI, B
He married Rosa Ann Riggleman, 10 Jan 1903 in Randolph County, WV.
17Rosa Ann Riggleman. Born 1879. At Blue Springs, WV. Occupation
Housewife. Reference 61 Aunt Ruth Graves,.
Sixth Generation
32Peter Hamrick. Born 30 Aug 1823 in Upper Elk Community, WV. Died 16
Jun 1906 in ***. Buried below Whittaker Falls, along Elk River,
WV. Occupation Farmer. Reference1 Hamrick...Families P83; reference 60 Don
Peter Hamrick and his first wife, Nancy Agness Gregory, had nine children.
Following her death, he married Margaret Daff Hevener, who had one child by
her first marriage to William Amos Hevener. The marriage of Margaret Daff
Hevener and Peter Hamrick produced nine more children. So, in all, there
were 19 in the family.
1 Mayme Hamrick listed his birth date as 1821.
60 Don Norman listed the date of death as 15 Apr 1903. (I believe we
had obtained the date from Peter Hamrick's gravestone).
1 ‹ The Hamrick and other Families, Indian Lore, by Mayme Hamrick,
McClain Printing Co., Parsons, WV. ISBN: 87012-470-6 says on Page 83-84:
He married Margaret Jane (Daff) Hevener, 4 Feb 1867.
33Margaret Jane (Daff) Hevener. Born 6 May 1844 in Highland County, VA.
Note in Upper Elk Community, WV;. Died 28 Mar 1927. Buried
in Mingo, Randolph County, WV. Occupation Housewife. Reference 2.

Seventh Generation
64David Hamrick. Born Jan 1796 in Greenbrier Co. VA Died 25 Oct 1875.
Reference1 ‹ Hamrick Families P82; reference 60 Don Norman.
1 ‹ Hamrick and Other Families P82:
"David Hamrick, son of Benjamin and Nancy McMillan Hamrick, was born
in Greenbrier County, VA, now West Virginia. He married Elizabeth Miller
and moved to the Upper Elk section of what is now Webster county, and built
his home about the year 1820.
"He was a pioneer in that locality and the large house he built
overlooking the Elk River was made of logs from the surrounding forest, the
place being a dense wilderness. The log house had a large stone chimney at
one end, the smoke conductor for a large open fireplace."
"David Hamrick was the father of 16 children, nine sons and seven
Research: 1
He married Elizabeth Miller.
65Elizabeth Miller. Born Jan 1797 in Bath Co., VA. Genealogists have been
divided over whether Elizabeth was the daughter of John Miller, first
settler in Webster County, WV, or his brother Francis. But Ron Hardaway,
Webster County historian, has produced compelling evidence that Francis was
her father.

Eighth Generation
128Benjamin Hamrick. Born 1755 in Fauquier County, VA.
resided in Nicholas and what is now Webster County, WV; orig. Died 1842
in near Bergoo, WV. Buried in cemetery on family homestead near Bergoo,
WV. Occupation Farmer; soldier;. Reference1 Hamrick ...Families P. Benjamin
Hamrick served in the Revolutionary War but the length of his service is now
a subject of dispute.
³Benjamin Hamrick married Nancy McMillian, daughter of John and Martha
McMillian, while on furlough from the Continental Army in 1779. The date of
the marriage is given in an affidavit of Joseph McMillian filed on behalf of
Benjamin Hamrick when the latter made application for a pension under the
Act of Congress of 1832. In the affidavit, the affiant says, ³he (Benjamin
Hamrick came home on furlough and visited his father who lived just three
miles from my father. He married my sister and built a house and lived with
my father.
Pioneer in Greenbrier County
³That Benjamin Hamrick was one of the early settlers of Greenbrier County,
VA, now WV, is disclosed by the early tax lists and census records, now in
the Virginia State Archives, Richmond, VA. The oldest available lists,
disclose the heads of families living in Greenbrier County, between 1783 and
1786. The name of Benjamin Hamrick is on that and each successive list
until 1796.
One writer has stated that he first came to Cherry Tree Bottom where the
town of Richwood, Nicholas County, is now located.
His residence was near that place at the time of the alarm of an intended
Indian Raid in 1793. At that time, he hastily gathered his family and
abandoned his residence and fled to Donnally¹s Fort, in Greenbrier County,
near the present village of Frankfort. The distance traveled on that
journey was more than 100 miles. When all danger of further interference
had passed, he was believed to have settled on Birch River.

1 Pension records of the Revolution, Washington, D.C..
2³Moccasin Tracks and Other Imprints,² by W.C. Dodrill.
3Virginia State Archives, Richmond, VA
4 House of Delegates Journal, Virginia General Assembly, 1826-1827.
5 ³Early Virginians,² by H.H. Hardesty..
He married Nancy McMillian, 1779 in Fauquier County, VA.

129Nancy McMillian (spelled alternatively McMillan).
Research: The Mayme Hamrick book mentions without further reference on
Page 57 a Jack McMillian as having carried William Hamrick on his back to
Fort Donnally. Nancy McMillian¹s father was named Jack McMillian.
Ninth Generation
256Benjamin Hamrick Sr. (Sr., as far as I know, is a title given by me
only to distinguish these Benjamins and their successors.) Born 1725 in
King George County. Occupation "The Overseer"; Supervisor Of Anglican Church
Properties. Reference66 Nealy; 65 Allen Hamrick; reference 1 ‹ Hamrick; 60
The records of Fauquier County, of which Warrenton, is the seat of
government, disclose that one, Benjamin Hamrick, was married and living in
that county prior to 1773. That is the date of the execution of the last
will and testament of John Sias.
John Sias obtained a land grant of 639 acres of land from Thomas Lord
Fairfax in Prince William County, Virginia, in 1740 , the same year Patrick
Hamrick obtained title to his land in Prince William County.
In 1779, the Last Will and Testament of John Sias was admitted to record
in Fauquier County. That Will gave to ³my daughter, Mary Hamrick, five
pounds current money.² At November Term of Court, 1779, an order was
entered summoning ³Mary Hamrick, wife of Benjamin Hamrick, to appear to
contest the proof of the will of John Sias.²
As is clearly disclosed by these records, one, Benjamin Hamrick, married
Mary Sias, daughter of John Sias, and was living in Fauquier County, prior
to 1773. While there is no authentic proof, circumstances and records
indicate, that Benjamin Hamrick, above mentioned, was the son of Patrick
Hamrick, and that Benjamin Hamrick of the Revolution was the son of Benjamin
and Mary Sias Hamrick.
Research: 1 Page 28
He married Mary Sias, About 1750/1752 in Prince William Co., VA.
257Mary Sias.

Tenth Generation
512Patrick Hamrick. Born About 1689. Note in (See Notes). Believed to
be buried in the vicinity of Clover Hill Farm, Manassas, VA. Reference 25
‹Research Of Andy Cottrell, Arlington, VA.
60 -Don Norman (See Bibliography under research)
"Patrick Hamrick was born in 1689 and died in King George County, VA,
in 1764. He married Margaret English (or Ingles) in Richmond County, VA in
1710 after he had served a four-year indenture in service of Lem Cox.
"Margaret, a daughter of Robert and Sarah English, was born in 1691.
"Patrick witnessed a Deed of Gift in King George County, VA February 4,
1725. (Deed Book 1, p330). He was indentured in King George County, VA
January 6, 1726 (Deed Book 1 p411-413. He and his wife Margaret were
indentured for the farm where they lived in King George County (Deed book
1-A pp 304-305).
"He obtained a 118-acre land grand from Thomas Lord Fairfax in Prince
William County December 10, 1740. He had applied for this grant January 10,
1739 as heir of Roger Day. In a September 3, 1739 entry in King George
County Deed book 2, p300, Patrick and Roger Day are identified as shipmates
and cousins.
"It is not clear where Patrick and Roger Day were shipmates. They have
traveled together from Europe or they may have been part of the crew on any
of several ships sailing out of Virginia at that time.
"Patrick is entlisted in the 1741 Poll of Burgesses (survey by colonial
legislators) of Prince William County, indicating that he was a land owner
and more than 21 years of age.
"In a 1747 poll of residents of Western Dettingham Parish in Prince
William County, VA, Patrick Sr., Benjamin, Patrick Jr., Robert and James
Hamrick are living side by side.
"Two other wives have been listed by various sources: Margaret (Coxe)
Hamrick, who died in King George County, VA, in 1734. And Elizabeth Day."

Research: While the existence of Patrick Hamrick has been publicly
known at
least since Mayme Hamrick's "The Hamrick and Other Families," completed in
1938, that information which exists about his wives has been revealed only
recently (in 1996) and has not been authenticated.
Andy Cottrell, in his work in Virginia, had listed a Margaret English as
the wife of Patrick Hamrick.
The information by Norman, as well as information on his sons and on
their families, showed up on the Internet on a home page maintained by Don
Norman of Elyria, Ohio. Although it has not been authenticated, it has been
entered to serve at least as a pointer for research either to confirm or to
refute it.

I wrote to Norman about his information, saying that if it is accurate
it fills important gaps in the family history. \

An answer from Don Norman was dated Feb. 16, 1996. Pertinent parts read:
"I received your letter re the Hamrick files yesterday. I must say that
I have proof of almost nothing in the file. Several years ago, I had to
make a decision whether to try to maintain files of supporting documents or
to write more genealogy files. The genealogy files won. I felt that if I
were going to maintain and catalog a large paper file system, the computer
was redundant.
"My objective in writing these files is to assemble the various bits
and pieces of genealogical data that come my way into to coherent files that
are clear and easy to use. "The Hamrick file was developed by Pauline
Karabogias and myself over a period of four or five years. I would print the
file and send it to Pauline and would get it back after three to six months
with marginal corrections and voluminous handwritten notes. I would make
the corrections and additions and then send it back. If I had filed the
notes and corrected prints, I would not have at least a file cabinet drawer
filled with them.
". . .I started working on my own family tree abut 1975 and the hobby
just grew. It is a hobby.
". . .You might contact:
"Pauline Karabogias
6300 Orchard Hill Blvd
Lorain, OH 44053

He married Margaret Ingles, About 1726 in Prince William County.
513Margaret Ingles. Born 1691. Reference25 Andy Cottrell; reference 60
Norman-Karabogias;65 Allen Hamrick.
Research: Margaret's name often is listed as English. But an official
record of her father's name carried the name "Ingles." They come up with
the same number, on the Soundex code.
11th Generation
1026Robert Ingles. Reference 65 Allen Hamrick; reference 60 Don Norman. He
1027Sarah. Reference 60 Don Norman-Pauline Karabogias.
Following are references mentioned previously:
Reference Note 1
®01 ‹ The Hamrick and other Families, Indian Lore, by Mayme H. Hamrick,
McClain Printing Co., Parsons, WV.
Copyright by:
Mayme H. Hamrick

Second printing 1984
McClain Printing Co.
Parsons, WV
ISBN: 87012-470-6.
Printed by the
Mennonite Publishing House
Scottsdale, PA.

Reference Note 2
®02 ‹ Anna Dodrill
HC86 Box 34
Monterville, WV 26282

Reference Note 4
®04 -- Annals of Webster County History by Sampson Newton Miller.
479 Pages
Copyright 1969
By West Virginia Wesleyan College
Buckhannon, West Virginia

Published by:
Sampson Miller
Webster Springs, WV
Jan. 10, 1969
Printed by:
Golden Rule Press
Orlando, FL

Reference Note 12
®12 Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. I, Strassburger, Ernest Pratt Central
Library, Philadelphia, Library of Congress, Washington.

Reference Note 17
®17 ‹ EMail report from Jeanne Hamrick, Gaithersburg, MD

Reference Note 22
®22 ‹ Entry provided by Andy Cottrell of Arlington, VA., related to Dan
Hamrick both through the Hamricks and through the Gums.

Reference Note 23
®23 Pocahontas County History

Reference Note 25
®25 ‹Research of Andy Cottrell, Arlington, VA

Reference Note 32
®32 Knowledge of Dan Hamrick.

Reference Note 60
®60 Don Norman-Pauline Karabogias

Don Norman

Elyria, OH
Pauline Karabogias

Reference Note 61
®61 Questionnaire from Aunt Ruth.

Reference Note 65
®65 Allen Hamrick

Allen Hamrick
204 Long Street
Fuquay-Varina, NC 2752

Reference Note 66
®66 Tressie Nealy
509 Southeast 70th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73149

Reference Note 76
®76 Ron Hardaway, Webster County historian
Upper Glade, WV

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