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this is some of what I have gleaned from many sources, not all proven, of course, I want to find out where Robert came from....and more about wife Jane, and all family...

Generation No. 1


        1.  Robert1 Hamilton was born Abt. 1732 in Possibly
Ireland, and died April 10, 1777 in Loudoun County VA.  He married Jane. 


Notes for Robert

Virginia Soldiers of
1776 Affidavits.

Loudoun Co., Aug. 19,
1786. It being proved by the oath of Mrs. Jane Hamilton that James Hamilton is
heir at law to Robert Hamilton, decd, and the same is ordered to be certified.
Teste, Charles Binns, Clerk.

Burgess, Louis
Alexander. Virginia Soldiers of 1776. Richmond, VA: Richmond Press, 1927.


 Robert Hamilton (1732-77) served as sergeant
in Capt. William Johnston's company, 11th Virginia regiment, commanded by Col.
Daniel Morgan. He was born in Virginia; his will was probated in Loudoun
County, Va. (The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Volume 87, page 93)


From "Index to
Loudoun Co Wills 1757-1850" by


 Robert Hamilton    Book B, page 181, date of will 14  Mar 1777 / recorded in court 11 Aug 1777

    (of Shelburne Parish)

    Hamilton, James, son

    Hamilton, Robert, son

    Hamilton, Jane, dau

    Hamilton, Ann, dau

    Nepper, Margaret

    Cooper, Alesander, executor

    McIntyr, Alexander, executor

    Murrey, Samuel, witness

    Hammatt, George, witness

    Harris, Henry, witness


>From  "Loudoun Co Will Book Abstracts, Books
A-Z, Dec 1757 - Jun 1841":


     Appraisal/inventory in Leesburg 20 Aug

farm and household
items, totaling £209.12.1.  Appraisers:
Henry McCABE, Wm. BAKER, Alex’r.

McINTYRE.  Returned to Court 13 Oct 1777.  [Book B, page 189]     Settlement of 10 Sep 1793 with Admr Jane HAMILTON:  beginning Aug 1777; payments, receipts,
totaling £87.1.5. 

Subscribers: John
LITTLEJOHN Pat’k. CAVAN.  Returned to
Court 11 Sep 1793.  [Book

D, page 338]


Name: Robert HAMILTON

Given Name: Robert


Sex: M

Occupation: Member of
House of Burgesses

Birth: ABT 1732

Event: Military
service 1777

Note: Private-Captain
William Johnston's Militia Co.-11th Va. Regiment of Foot-Commanded by Colonel
Daniel Morgan.

Death: 10 APR 1777

Event: Residence
Shelburn Parish,,Loudoun,Virginia,U.S.A.,




Notes for Jane:

Hamilton, Jane
(widow)  OBG-135  Application of Jane Hamilton to "keep
an ordinary at her house for one year". The court acknowledged her request
and deferred the tax "her being a Soldier's widow." Recorded December
14, 1778. 


Children of Robert
Hamilton and Jane are:

        2                 i.               Ann2 Hamilton, born in
Leesburg,,Loudoun,Virginia,USA; died Bef. 1820.  She married John J Mathias.


No marriage listed in
"Loudoun Co Marriages 1757-1853" by Wertz. Many marriage were
performed by circuit rider ministers who did not give their returns to the court
before leaving the area.


From "Index to
Loudoun Co Land Deed Books A-Z, 1757-1800" by Pat Duncan:


Bk:Pg: U:236 Date: 10
Dec 1792 Received in court: 10 Dec 1792

George CARTER (s/o
Robert Wormley CARTER) of Richmond Co. Va to John MATHIAS (wife Nancey MATHIAS,
dau Susanna MATHIAS) of Loudoun. Lease for life of 114ac Lot #5 nr Leesburg.


Bk:Pg: V:505 Date: 20
Nov 1794 Received in court: 9 Feb 1795

John MATHIAS of Loudoun
to George CARTER son of Robert Wormley CARTER. Surrender of lease. Wit: Matthew


A John Mathias appears
as a witness on numerous deeds of other individuals.


From "Loudoun Co
Will Book Abstracts, Books A-Z, Dec 1757 - Jun 1841" by Pat Duncan:



Appraisal of 21 Mar
1823: household and farm items totaling $175.37. Aprs: J. H. McCABE, Thos.
MORALLEE, Thomas SANDERS. Returned to court14 Apr 1823. [O:233]


        3                ii.               Margaret Hamilton, born Abt.
1761.  She married Alexander Cooper.

+      4               iii.               James Hamilton, born 1762 in
Loudoun County, VA; died September 26, 1847 in Loudoun County, VA.

+      5               iv.               Jane Hamilton, born May 13, 1765
in Leesburg, Loudoun County, VA; died January 17, 1854 in Leesburg, Loudoun
County, VA.

        6                v.               Robert Hamilton, born Abt.
1768.  He married Ruth Harris July 21,
1793 in Leesburg,Loudoun County, VA; born Abt. 1772.



Generation No. 2


        4.  James2 Hamilton (Robert1) was born
1762 in Loudoun County, VA, and died September 26, 1847 in Loudoun County,
VA.  He married Cassandra Gill,
daughter of Erasmus Gill and Cassandra Chunn. 
She was born Aft. 1752, and died May 10, 1848.


Notes for James

From "Index to
Loudoun Co Wills 1757-1850" by Hutchison:

  James Hamilton    Book 2D, page 15    date
of will 1 Jun 1842 /recorded in court 12 Jul 1847

    Hamilton, Cassandra, wife

    Hamilton, James L., son

    Smith, D. G., witness

    Hamilton, Erasmus T., witness

    Rogers, Thomas, witness


 List A, Loudoun Co., VA 1788, Tax Lists, show
James Hamilton as Head of Household, with Erasmus Gill living in the household.


In 1786, James was
awarded, for the services of his father Robert in the war, 400 acres in KY.


Bk:Pg: 2C:195

Date: __ 1802

Received in court: 11
Jan 1803

wife Cassandra, Alexander COOPER & wife Margaret, John MATTHIAS & wife
Anne, James McCABE and Robert HAMMILTON, all of Leesburg to Obadiah CLIFFORD of
Lsbg. Bargain and sale of Lot #3 on Loudoun St in Lsbg, adj George ROWEN, Daniel
DOWLING. Wit: B. HOUGH, George HAMMET, Samuel HOUGH, Thomas SIM, John


Event: Property sale
BEF 11 JAN 1803 Leesburg,,Loudoun,Virginia,USA,Bk:Pg 2C:195 1

Note: James Hamilton
& wife Cassandra, Alexander Cooper & wife Margaret, John Matthias &
wife Anne, Jane McCabe and Robert Hamilton, all of Leesburg to Obadiah Cliffod
of Lsbg. Bargain and sale of Lot#3 on Loudoun St in Lsbg adj George Rowen,
Daniel Dowling.

Death: 26 SEP 1847 in

Leesburg,,Loudoun,Virginia,USA,Old Methodist Church Cem





More About James

Burial: Leesburg,
Loudoun, Virginia,Old Methodist Church Cem


More About Cassandra

Burial: Leesburg,
Loudoun County, Old Methodist Church VA


Children of James
Hamilton and Cassandra Gill are:

+      7                 i.               Samuel Gill3 Hamilton,
born March 17, 1791 in Loudoun County, VA; died March 14, 1840 in Licking
County, OH.

+      8                ii.               Jane Gill Hamilton, born 1797;
died 1830.

+              9                iii.                James Louis Hamilton, born in VA; died 1880 in
Baltimore, MD.


"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."
~Thomas Jefferson      
 April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826

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Was James the one who was a Lt. inf Rev. and died in Georgia?

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