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From: Gordon Hamilton <>
Subject: Re: [HAM] Hamilton DNA Project
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 05:23:32 -0400
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The mtDNA test that females can get follows all female lines; you
have the same or similar mtDNA as your mother, grandmother, etc.,
along an all female line. In our culture this means that the surnames
along this line change virtually every generation. Thus, mtDNA
studies are essentially useless if one is trying to follow a
particular surname as we are in our Hamilton DNA project. Do not get
me wrong; mtDNA investigations can be useful for some purposes but
not for following a specific surname and its derivation.

Gordon Hamilton
Hamilton DNA Project Coordinator

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>From: "Jane Remly" <>
>Subject: Re: [HAM] Hamilton DNA Project
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>Dear Gordon;
>Some of us do not have a KNOWN male in our line.....please tell us
>you have added the female dna to your dna Hamilton list.....
>I would be the first person in line as I come from a mostly female
>line, and if there are any living male Hamiltons, I am not aware of
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>From: Gordon Hamilton
>Sent: Thursday, September 4, 2008 2:31 AM
>Subject: Re: [HAM] Hamilton DNA Project
>Regarding the recent post about a discount for DNA tests, the
>deadline for receiving the discount has been extended to September
>30. I would also encourage all those with Hamilton lines to have a
>male from their line tested. The procedures for joining the Hamilton
>DNA project are described at
>However, during the month of September the cost for the tests is up
>to 35% lower than the prices given there. For further information
>contact me off list.
>Gordon Hamilton
>Hamilton DNA Project Coordinator

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