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Subject: [HAM] Another James/Thomas/James/Thomas Line
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 16:55:27 EST

Does anyone have information on the following line? For years I have been
perplexed about why the Hamiltons always loved to repeat the James/Thomas
naming pattern in our family. The recent postings on this list confirms that
my line was not the only one to do this.

Terry Coats

1 John Hamilton

Birth: 1680, Falkirk, Sterling. Scotland Or No. Ireland
Death: 1721, West Nantmeal, Chester Co. PA.

Will on file in Chester Co PA. John mentioned has wife Janet and children
James, and his children and son John and daughters Janet and Margaret.

Spouse: Janet Hamilton
Birth: abt 1682, Barnhill, Sterling, Scotland Or No. Ireland
Marr: 1 Nov 1702, Stonehouse, Lanark, Scotland

Children: Hance (~1704-1772)
Elizabeth (~1707-1784)
James (~1708-)
Margaret (~1712-)
John (1713-)
William (<1716-)
Janet (<1718-)
Hester (<1720-)

1.1 Capt. Hance Hamilton

Birth: abt 1704, Londonderry, Ulster Prov, Ireland
Death: 31 Jan 1772, Washington, York Co. PA.

Comes from Ulster Co. Ireland in 1729 to Butler Co. PA leading 140 people to
Butler, York, And Adams Co.'s PA.

He was a miller then is elected (1749) first Sheriff of York Co. (re-elected
Sheriff in 1751.) After this term he becomes a judge in the court of common
pleas in York Co. He is an indian fighter and (1756) as a Captain leads at
Battle of Kitaniny (French and Indian War.) It was here that Scotch-Irish
were victorious over the indians.

He dies in Jan 31,1772 leaving a will in York Co. PA. which he wrote on
1/27/1772. His estate sells 6 negroes, two aquainted with farming, one
likely wench, two fine promising boys, and one child.

He is reported in Sir Wm Keith's tract called Newberry and in 1746 becomes
one of the most influential members of the Scotch-Irish settlements on Marsh
Creek near Gettysburg PA.

Spouse: Ann (Hamilton)
Death: bef 1764

Children: Hance (1721-1777)
Thomas (1725-1829)
George (~1720-<1798)
William (1738-)
James (1738-)

1.1.1 Capt. Thomas Hamilton

Birth: 1725, Ireland
Death: 1829, Sumner Co., TN.
Burial: Near Hamilton Station, Sumner, Co. TN.

Served one month in the NC. line during Rev. War.

In 1788 Thomas (age 63 years old ) was living at Mansker Fort in
Goodlettsville Tennessee. He decided he wanted to live on his own. He left
his family behind and walked about 7 miles overland to a place today known as
Tyree Springs Road. (This location between present day Hendersonville and
Whitehouse TN.and is about 2.1 miles from the latter) There he lived in an
Indian cave from which flows the start of today's Drakes Branch Creek. He
built a fort on a plateau about 150 yards above the cave's opening. This
place came to be known as Hamilton Station.
Spouse: Jane McCracken
Birth: abt 1729, Ireland
Death: aft 1803, Sumner Co. TN. Near Hamilton Station
Marr: Ireland Or1752 In SC.?

Children: Elizabeth (1755-1856)
James A. (1757-1831)
Thomas (1762-1841)
Child James A. Hamilton

Birth: 1 May 1757, Salisbury District, Guilford Co. NC.
Death: 27 Apr 1831, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.
Burial: Apr 1831, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN., Shiloh Pres.Ch.

James had Rev. War service under Col. Moore O'Neal and Paisley. He was
wounded at the battle of Lynch's Creek. He served in Capt Edward Gwin's Comp.
with his brother in law John Gwin.

Spouse: Jane Gwin
Birth: 18 Feb 1762, Orange Co., NC.
Death: 8 Sep 1843, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.
Father: Mordecai Gwin (ca1736-1785)
Mother: Elizabeth (Gwin)
Marr: 7 Feb 1782, Gilford Co., NC.

Children: Anna (1783-1848)
Jane (1784-1855)
Elizabeth "Betsy" (1786-1819)
Thomas (1789-1879)
Mary "Polly" (1792-<1854)
James A. (1794-)
Robert Shaw (1796-1876)
Alexander (1798-)
John G. (1803-1841)
Sarah "Sallie" (1806-1883) Thomas Hamilton*

Birth: 10 Apr 1789, Hamilton Station, White House, Sumner Co., TN.
Death: 18 Jun 1879, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.
Burial: McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN., Shiloh Cumb.Pres

In Feb. 1820 he settled in Henderson Co. near Pleasant Exchange.
Will dated 20 Apr 1872
Military Record: Enlisted Humphries Co. TN. on 15 November 1814 in Capt James
Price's Co. Col. Cox's Reg. Tenn Militia. (with Rev. James Forrest,
Elizabeth's brother) He was discharged 15th Apr 1815.
Spouse: Elizabeth T. Forrest
Birth: 26 Feb 1792, NC.
Death: 16 Apr 1858, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.
Father: William Forrest (~1770-~1820)
Mother: Margaret Guthrie
Marr: 2 Jan 1812, Sumner Or, Henderson Co., TN.

Children: Washington Ewing (1812-1852)
Sarah C. (1815-1845)
Margaret Barnett (1817-1891)
Jane L. (1818-1878)
William F. (1821-1842)
Elizabeth Ann Beard (1823-1893)
Mary Susan (1826-1891)
Martha Harriet (1828-1902)
James Robert J.R.B. (1831-1904)
Lucy F. (1834-1907)

Other spouses: Hannah (Henning) James Robert J.R.B. Hamilton

Birth: 17 May 1831, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.?
Death: 24 Sep 1904, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.
Burial: 25 Sep 1904, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN., Shiloh Pres.Ch.
Spouse: Martha Louisa Smith Carroll
Birth: 7 Sep 1831, Bedford Co., TN.
Death: 24 Dec 1906, Carroll Co., TN.
Father: Sterling S. Carroll (1806-1881)
Mother: Winnie P. Tillman (1811-1894)
Marr: 1 Feb 1854, McKenzie, Carroll Co., TN.

Children: Thomas S. (1854-1880)
William W. (1855-1935)
Mary S. "Mollie" (1856-1946)
Martha Alera (Mattie) (1860-1898)
Leonora Elizabeth (1858-1932)
Robert Sterling (1865-1942)
Winnie Ethel (1872-1940)

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