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From: Paul Mattoon <>
Subject: RE: [HAM] Looking for a book
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:53:02 -0600

Myrta, et.al,

I apologize to the others, but to you especially, since you (and others)
took my comments to heart. Being a Hamilton who's very proud of his name,
and the fact that the majority of researchers are Hamiltons, I felt like I
was around family and could clowning around.

Obviously, had I thought that my comments were to be taken seriously, I
wouldn't have sent it, let alone written it.

I forgot that even though we are related by blood, we are strangers. I also
forgot that this medium of the email fails to avail one discernment (esp. on
a short note) over whether one is kidding or serious.

So, please forgive me Myrta (and y'all) from one who's copied much
copywritten material, not for personal gain, but for the dissemination of
information and knowledge (properly cited).


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OOps, didn't realize I ignored copywrite laws. I never professed to writing

the book myself and actually I never used the copied pages for anything
than (to view) information for myself. Until now, of course, I was willing
to share the pages. Sorry if I stepped on toes. I'll burn the pages and
forget I ever copied them.

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