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Subject: Re: [HAM] Hamilton
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 14:29:18 EST

Thanks for the suggestion.. :) But I already did that. :) I even went to
the main lib. in Lansing. .and there is like nothing on either of them. All
it says iut for 1870 census index is Charles A. Cressey ( Cressy).. not even
Joseph who is Charle's father is in there and he died in 1876, and yes he
could read and write... becausein the books in Hillsdale, Mi. it said
"Labourer" for the type of worker he was. And in the 1900, it is still
Charles.. Mary is still alive but Joseph is dead at this point in time. And
in Hillsdale, Mi.. it says that she was born in Ireland.. and he in England.
I just have no idea where.. so, I thought that someone would have had a "Mary
Hamilton" immigurated to USA with family members.. and some went to MI or
went to other countries.. even in Ireland.. someone in this mailing list has
to be related to her. It would make sense.. ya know?


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