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Subject: Re: [HAM] Hamilton
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 09:47:38 -0500
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I could not have said it better about the naming of children !!!!!!
I to am a Hamilton decendent starting in Scotland where the only odd name is
Archibald !!!! I have so many John's !!! In my 4th generation these parent's
actually named ( of there 9 kid's) two boys John, two boy's william, and
two girl's Janet !!! Thank god for there actual birth dates or I might think
it is the same person !!!! When my children were born ( age's 10,6,4) I went
for something that in my lines no one had ever used, Ashlee, Tyler, Joey
joey was my husband's pick ) !!! I have a younger brother and sister, James
Matthew Hamilton ( another James !!!) and Susan Denise Hamilton, my dad is
named for his dad who was KIA WWII May 12,1945, only difference is the jr.
You have to love thoese Hamilton's !!!!!!

Trisha Hamilton-Leo
Buffalo, NY

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