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Subject: Re: [HAM] HAMILTON, Ruby
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 10:05:56 -0600


There are a bunch of Loyalist sites on the internet. You might want to
start there. One I know of off-hand is called Olive Tree Genealogy

I would also check out the Ontario Gen web if you haven't already done so.
I'm not sure if Prince Edward and Hastings are only one site there...if not
I would check both just so you don't miss potential records sources.

The Ontario Archives may have the parish register you seek...they do have a
few...just can't remember which ones!
http://www.gov.on.ca/MCZCR/archives/english/index.html You have to go the
the genealogical section regarding birth, marriages, deaths...there is a
listing of churches but they do not have all of them that were in Ontario.

The other place to search for Loyalist info...land fiats, lists, etc...is
National Archives http://www.archives.ca The Archivianet has searchable
databases. I'm not sure if the Loyalist info is a seperate database or
whether it is included in the one "Records of departments and agencies of
the federal government". When you enter names on these database searches
always put first name then surname. If you put the surname, first
name...the search hangs up...doesn't like those commas!!

For other parish registers, there is a publication by the Friends of the
Archives that lists the registers they have in the collection...cost $6.95.
I just checked it out this morning because I need to get it!!!

I checked my Canadian genealogy CD again...there was an Isaac and an Israel
Hamilton mentioned. The source was the "Illustrated Historical Atlas of
Hasting & Prince Edward County", 1878, Mika Publishing Co, Belleville,
1977...must be a reprint. You might want to try this site to see if there
is a digital image of it there http://www.canadiana.org/english/default.htm
CIHM also produces microfiche of many of the old publications...very
reasonable prices...a two volume book by L.R. Mason about the fur-trade cost
me $24 for microfilm....I've seen the cost on the real books...$200 at
least!! http://www.nlc-bnc,ca/cihm/cihmfm.htm many of their publications are
not found on the early canadiana site. Be warned though, sometimes they
have server problems and it shows up as no record found. Try another time.

There is a David Bowerman in Prince Edward Co. that shows up on the CD. The
source is Extracts from the Prince Edward Co. 1851 Census - microfilm reel
MC 11750 from National Archives. You can usually get these through
interlibrary loan for free in Canada. $10.00 fee (or thereabouts) outside
of Canada...to cover shipping, etc. costs.

The other place you can try would church archives...but I'm not sure about
Quakers!! Church of England (Anglican) and the United Church (Presbyterian
& Methodists) have archives in Toronto...they do have websites.

Good luck...
Diane Sheppard

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