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From: Don & Karen <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 17:01:08 -0900

Hi all,

My husbands Hamilton line comes from Strabane. There were 3 brothers John,
Samuel, and James that landed in Philadelphia 9 Oct 1771. About 5/6 years
later the brothers settled in VA. They scattered from there, some in TN, IL,
etc. My husbands line came down thru:

Gilbreath Hamilton b.29 Sep 1782; d.1857 married a Mrs. Law Cloyd
James M. Hamilton b.15 Aug 1808; d.May 1895 married Rachel Thompson
(10 children)
Margaret Virginia
Elizabeth S.
Alexander L.
James M.
Henry Clayton
Phoebe I.
Nancy C.
John T.

His line continues thru:
John T b.1 Feb 1852, TN; d.bef 1910; m. Emma N. Zaricor 24 Oct 1877 in
,Gibson, TN
James William b.25 Dec 1878, TN
Thelbert Roper b.17 Aug 1880, TN m. Bessie Madelon Hood
John Guy b.28 Aug 1889, TN

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has info on these lines in
particular. Also am willing to share any info I have with others. I have
the Hamiltons back thru Ireland to Scotland and the connection to the old
Beaumont family of Normandy.

I live in rural Alaska and have very limited web access due to our
sloooooooow baud of 9600, but would enjoy trading info via email or gedcom

Thanks, Karen Hamilton

BARRA wrote:

> I have some generic data on the Strabane Hamiltons; mostly about their
> activities circa 1640s through mid 1650s. They were in the Irish
> Confederation who fought against the various English and Calvinist Scot
> armies that invaded Ireland at that time. Interesting Hamiltons. I
> will see if I can find the material when I get a moment.
> I am interesting in when they came to the Colonies, to what part, etc.
> BR
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