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From: rhamilton <>
Subject: RE: [HAM] Need Help and advice
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 21:01:37 -0700

Hi Tiffany, I have Hamilton's in Ivanhoe. Will check my files and get
back with you. Carl does not sound familiar, but who knows?...Give me
a day or two. Ralph ()

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>Hello I ordered my grandfather, Carl W. Hamilton's birth certificate hoping
>that it would give me some leads as to where his father was born. What it did
>tell me is that Carl was born 2-9-1906 in Ivanhoe, Fannin, Texas. His father
>John Thomas Hamilton was 33 years old at his birth and his mother Grace
>Marion Hull was 23. Now for her it lists her birth place totally, but of
>course for John Thomas all it says is that he was born in Alabama. What I
>need to know is what do I do with this info? Is there a way to figure out
>where he was born. Thanks in advance for any help!!! This line of my family
>tree is a major problem I dont think my great grandfather wanted his family
>known cuz it sure seems that he didnt talk about it much! Thanks again!!!
>Tiffany Hamilton
>Las Vegas, NV
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