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Subject: Re: [HAM] Hamiltons in the Hamilton Rent Rolls, Co. Down, 1681-8
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Dear Larry:
Thanks for the Hamilton info, I think I need it!
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Subject: [HAM] Hamiltons in the Hamilton Rent Rolls, Co. Down, 1681-8

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> Re-discovered some old notes(lacking the source, unfortunately)which
> might be of interest to some.
> About 1605-6,. James Hamilton and Hugh Montgomery of Ayrshire were given
> grants of land in Co. Down, Ireland. James Hamilton was given the lands
> in Upper Clannaboye and Great Ards(western portion of N. Co. Down). He
> was of the Hamiltons of Dunlop and was accompanied to Ireland by four of
> his five brothers and from them are descended numerous families in
> Ulster. Hamilton also founded the towns of Bangor and Killyleagh in Co.
> Down, and planted his lands with Scottish tenants(relatives?)most of
> whom came from Ayr, Renfrew, Wigtown, Dumfries, and Kirkcudbright.
> The Hamilton rent rolls for 1681-8 include the following
> Hamiltons(relationships not known):
> Alexander Hamilton, Archibald Hamilton, Arthur Hamilton, Capt. Gawen
> Hamilton, Lt. Gawin Hamilton, Hugh Hamilton, James Hamilton, John
> Hamilton, Patrick Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Robert Hamilton(tailor),
> Robert Hamilton(merchant), Widow Hamilton, William Hamilton, and William
> Hamilton, Esq.
> ***********
> >From THE HAMILTON PAPERS, I also have some notes regarding the five
> brothers of James Hamilton, Viscount Claneboy(1559-1643), and sons of
> the Rev. Hans Hamilton of Dunlop by his wife, Janet, dau. of James
> Denham of Westshield, Scotland--
> 1st
> Archibald Hamilton, Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh, married Rachel
> Carmichael and had 22 children, of whom 6 boys came of age(John, James
> d.s.p., Archibald d.s.p., Gawin, William, and Robert d.s.p.).
> 2d
> Gawin Hamilton, Merchant of Glasgow. Owned land near Hollywood near
> Belfast. Married Helen Dunlop and had: Archibald d.s.p., Rev. James
> Hamilton of Ballywalter(liv. 1625; he also married Eliz. Watson and had
> a son, Archibald).
> 3rd
> John Hamilton owned an estate at Monellan, now Hamilton's Bawn, in Co.
> Armagh, and partly owned another at Coronary(sic?)in Co. Cavan. He
> married Sarah Brabson and had the following children: Hans d.s.p.,
> James(who married Jane Bailey and had a sons Hans and Henry), Francis(a
> soldier, c. 1680-1703?).
> 4th
> William Hamilton owned several estates in co. Down. Married
> ______Melville, dau. of Sir John Melville of Isle-a-Kail and had the
> following sons: James, John d.s.p., Hans(who married Mary Kennedy)and
> William.
> 5th
> Patrick Hamilton, minister at Enderwick in East Lothian, Scotland. He
> died there, leaving sons: James, Alexander, and Archibald. This
> Archibald Hamilton migrated to Co. Down, marrying Jane Hamilton, dau. of
> James, second son of Gawen Hamilton. The second son, Alexander, seems
> to have married a Mary Reeding(?)and left a son, Patrick.
> Again, I don't have the source for the rent roll, but the source for the
> Rev. Hans Hamilton of Dunlop is THE HAMILTON PAPERS. I didn't know if
> any of this information was "old news" to the list, but just decided to
> forward it just as it was. I don't have any other information on any of
> these lines.
> --
> Larry D. Hamilton Coats
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