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From: Larry Coats <>
Subject: [HAM] Hamiltons in the Hamilton Rent Rolls, Co. Down, 1681-8
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 15:24:39 -0800

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Re-discovered some old notes(lacking the source, unfortunately)which
might be of interest to some.

About 1605-6,. James Hamilton and Hugh Montgomery of Ayrshire were given
grants of land in Co. Down, Ireland. James Hamilton was given the lands
in Upper Clannaboye and Great Ards(western portion of N. Co. Down). He
was of the Hamiltons of Dunlop and was accompanied to Ireland by four of
his five brothers and from them are descended numerous families in
Ulster. Hamilton also founded the towns of Bangor and Killyleagh in Co.
Down, and planted his lands with Scottish tenants(relatives?)most of
whom came from Ayr, Renfrew, Wigtown, Dumfries, and Kirkcudbright.

The Hamilton rent rolls for 1681-8 include the following
Hamiltons(relationships not known):
Alexander Hamilton, Archibald Hamilton, Arthur Hamilton, Capt. Gawen
Hamilton, Lt. Gawin Hamilton, Hugh Hamilton, James Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Patrick Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Robert Hamilton(tailor),
Robert Hamilton(merchant), Widow Hamilton, William Hamilton, and William
Hamilton, Esq.


>From THE HAMILTON PAPERS, I also have some notes regarding the five
brothers of James Hamilton, Viscount Claneboy(1559-1643), and sons of
the Rev. Hans Hamilton of Dunlop by his wife, Janet, dau. of James
Denham of Westshield, Scotland--
Archibald Hamilton, Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh, married Rachel
Carmichael and had 22 children, of whom 6 boys came of age(John, James
d.s.p., Archibald d.s.p., Gawin, William, and Robert d.s.p.).

Gawin Hamilton, Merchant of Glasgow. Owned land near Hollywood near
Belfast. Married Helen Dunlop and had: Archibald d.s.p., Rev. James
Hamilton of Ballywalter(liv. 1625; he also married Eliz. Watson and had
a son, Archibald).

John Hamilton owned an estate at Monellan, now Hamilton's Bawn, in Co.
Armagh, and partly owned another at Coronary(sic?)in Co. Cavan. He
married Sarah Brabson and had the following children: Hans d.s.p.,
James(who married Jane Bailey and had a sons Hans and Henry), Francis(a
soldier, c. 1680-1703?).

William Hamilton owned several estates in co. Down. Married
______Melville, dau. of Sir John Melville of Isle-a-Kail and had the
following sons: James, John d.s.p., Hans(who married Mary Kennedy)and

Patrick Hamilton, minister at Enderwick in East Lothian, Scotland. He
died there, leaving sons: James, Alexander, and Archibald. This
Archibald Hamilton migrated to Co. Down, marrying Jane Hamilton, dau. of
James, second son of Gawen Hamilton. The second son, Alexander, seems
to have married a Mary Reeding(?)and left a son, Patrick.

Again, I don't have the source for the rent roll, but the source for the
Rev. Hans Hamilton of Dunlop is THE HAMILTON PAPERS. I didn't know if
any of this information was "old news" to the list, but just decided to
forward it just as it was. I don't have any other information on any of
these lines.

Larry D. Hamilton Coats
P.O. Box 823
Aspermont, TX 79502

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