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Subject: Some of the Early Churches of the Halifax, VA and Anderson County, SC Halls and Related Families - Part I.
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 23:15:36 -0500

Records of the Saluda Baptist Association and other sources show that
descendants of the families of brothers Fenton Hall, John Hall, Reverend
Nathaniel Hall, and their sister, Sarah Hall DeJarnette (later Pickens)
were members of several post Colonial Baptist Churches located in what is
now Anderson County and Abbeville County South Carolina.

This is by no means an all inclusive list of the churches where our
ancestors and their descendants were members, but a review of the names
associated with the early history of these churches, membership lists, and
cemeteries, clearly shows that many were the descendants of the Halifax,
Virginia Hall family. As
Wynell Simpson stated in one of her earlier posts, "The Halls were very
very good Baptists". And in fact, the record would indicate that they were
Baptists even before the Revolutionary War. One of the the known brothers,
Nathaniel Hall, was a Baptist Minister as early as 1774. A recent post on the
Hall Genealogy Forum by Mindy Thompson shows that a Rev. Nathaniel Hall
married Juriah Layne 8 Aug. 1783. A recent archive to the Hall-SC-List by
Simpson shows that Isham Hall and Juriah (Zuriah) Layne of Campbell County,
Va. were married at the home of Nathaniel Hall, a Baptist Minister, in Halifax
County, Virginia. This is likely the same Nathaniel Hall who moved to SC ca.

This Baptist tradition seems to have continued both during and well after
the Revolution. Hopefully someone reseaching this family will discover
some of the older church records of our ancestors and provide the missing
pieces of this intriguing ancestral puzzle.

This document relates to the three known brothers and their sister who are
believed to be children of William Hall of Virginia and their descendants.
But there may be other children also, some of whom may also have relocated in
Northwestern South Carolina after the Revolution. Some speculate that Robert
Hall, possibly a brother, may also have come to South Carolina.

The families of the three brothers and of their sister migrated from Halifax
County, Va. to the Lee Shoals Area of Rocky River which was then a part of
the Pendleton District of South Carolina ca. 1785. ( Mitchell, p. 7)


Two of the churches were collected on Rocky River, known as Rocky River ( or
Upper Rocky River ) and Lower Rocky River Lower Rocky River is believed
to have been organized in 1786. Although the date of the organization of
Upper Rocky River is unrecorded, it is believed that this date is about the
same as the other Church. Reverend Nathaniel Hall was pastor of both
churches, but seemed to have been more involved with the Upper Rocky River
Church. These churches were members of the Georgia Association in 1788.
(Georgia Association Minutes, 1788, Asplund Reg. 3rd ed. )

Whether the membership records of either of these churches exist is unknown
to this writer; however, it would seem likely that Nathaniel's family and
possibly the families of his brothers and sister also attended these churches.


The earliest known church trail of this family, however, begins in Virginia.
Nathaniel Hall is first mentioned by Weir in The Colonial Clergy of VA,
NC, SC as "Nathaniel Hall, settler Upper Banister (Pittsylvania) Va.
(Weir, p. 23) Before moving to South Carolina, Records of the Roanoke
Association, indicate that elder Nathaniel Hall became pastor of the
Catawba Baptist Church in 1777, and continued "faithfully to discharge the
duties of his office until 1785". Nathaniel Hall also provided ministerial
services for Buffaloe Church along with Obadiah Echols. This church was
located near Pannell's Bridge, near the line between Halifax and
Pittsylvania Counties. Catawba Church was located in the northern part of
Halifax County, near the line of the Lynchburg and Durham railroad.
(Historical Sketches of the Churches in Roanoke Association, pp. 320 - 321)


"Rocky River Baptist Church is located in Abbeville County some twelve
miles south from Anderson. It was originally known as Wilson Creek, and
was an outgrowth of the Little River Baptist Church. The first account of
Baptist preaching in the area was about 1790, when Nathan Hall began
preaching. He was followed by George Tilman and James Crowther. In 1794
they were constituted a branch of Little River Church with Elder Nathan
Hall becoming their pastor or supply. This group labored for ten years,
under the leadership of Hall, Tillman and Phagans. In the Spring of 1803
they were constitued an independent church with about twenty members.
Elder James Crowther was elected pastor."( History of Rocky River Baptist
Church Brochure). In 1803, Rocky River became a member of the Saluda
Baptist Association.


Reverend Nathaniel Hall died 1796/97 in the Pendleton District of South
Carolina. His wife, Elizabeth (possibly Falconer) died in 1799.
Nathaniel's 1793 Will specifically cites only one son by name, Nathaniel,
Jr. Lists vary, but most include the following names: Nathaniel Hall,
Jr., Lent Hall, Joseph Sanford Hall, John "Stone Fence" Hall, Caleb Hall,
Martin Hall, Antney(Anthony), and daughter ( possibly Elizabeth). William
Bulger Hall is also cited by some researchers as a son. Census information
supports claim that maximum size of family was probably seven sons and one
daughter. Records of ASJ Hall indicate that Martin Hall was probably a son
of Fenton rather than Nathaniel. The relationship of Benjamin Hall who was
present when Nathaniel Hall's 1793 will was recorded as well as his proving
his Will in Open Court 24 Jan. 1797 is unknown. His Will is on file at the
Anderson County Public Library, Anderson, SC, and also at the South
Carolina Department of Archives
and History, Columbia, SC.


John Hall, who served in the Revolutionary War in the Halifax County
Virginia Militia, married Ursula Grigg in 1779, daughter of M. Grigg and
Alice Carter of Lancaster, Va. He was awarded a large tract of bounty land
on Twenty-Six Mile Creek in 1784. ( "The Settlement of the Pendleton
District") This is one of several creeks which bear singular names - one
mile, six mile, twelve mile, eighteen mile, twenty-six mile on down to the
town of Ninety-Six, S.C. in present day Greenwood, County, S.C. (
Vandiver, page 2) John Hall died in 1808 and his wife, Ursula in 1814.
These dates are documented by the Estate Sales of John Hall which are on
record in the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Boddie's
Historical Southern Families lists the names
of six children of John Hall and Ursula Grigg. They are Ezekiel Hall,
Winston Hall, John Grigg Hall, Ursula Hall, Sally Hall, and David Hall. (
Boddie, p. 259). Two additional children, Sally Hall and Absalom Hall, are
known to be
children and are listed in the data bases of both Wynell Simpson and Chris
K. Hall, who are among those researching this family.


Fenton Hall was born ca. 1746 in Virginia and married Hannah Brown. His Will
is on record at the Anderson County Library, Anderson, S.C. and also at the
South Carolina Department of History and Archives, Columbia, S.C. Specific
bequests are made to each of his children: Polly (Mary Polly) Hall, William
Hall, Jonathan Hall, Fenton Hall, Rhoda Hall, James Hall, Johnson Hall,
Lemuel Hall, Peggy Hall, Fleming Hall, and Hannah Hall. The Will of Fenton
Hall is dated 20 Nov. 1809 and probated 25 March 1817. His two oldest sons,
Fenton and Johnson, served as administrators. Both Fenton Hall and John
Hall were named as executors for the estate of their brother, Rev.
Nathaniel Hall. Part of the record on file at the S.C. Department of
History and Archives shows The Bill of Sale of Mrs. Hannah Hall dated
February 13, 1829. Fenton would seem to be
the KEY word in this ancestral search. There are many Williams, Johns, and
Nathaniels, but few Fenton Halls, and most of these seem confined largely
to this Hall family. Fenton Hall, Sr. named one of his sons Fenton. Some
speculate that Lent Hall's name is Fenton/Lent. The record shows that
Lent named one of his sons, Fenton, and the other son, Lent. There were
other Fenton Halls related to this family also in the early 1800's . Fenton
was indeed a popular family name and an important clue in this ancestral line.


Sarah Hall married first Elias DeJarnette, Jr. of Halifax County, Va. He was
a son of Elias DeJarnette, Sr. and Elizabeth Byrd. Elias DeJarnette, Jr. died
in Virginia in 1783. Their children according to the Banister, DeJarnette,
Tucker et. al. Genealogy were: Frances DeJarnette, Hannah Dejarnette, Sarah
DeJarnette, Nancy DeJarnette, Elizabeth DeJarnette and Reuben DeJarnette.
Her second marriage was to Israel Pickens, son of John and Eleanor Pickens.
(Notes of Wynell Simpson) Israel Pickens died in Anderson County, S.C. in
1829. Two of their daughters are believed to Dilly Pickens and Rebecca
Pickens. The Will of Sarah's first husband, Elias DeJarnette,Jr. of
Halifax County, Va. is dated April 23, 1783, which made bequests to
daughters Frances, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah and Nancy Dejernat, son Reuben
Dejernat; wife Sarah Dejernat; ... Nathaniel Hall, John Hall, and Ursley
Hall were witnesses (Halifax County Records).( Genealogies of Virginia
Families, From the William and Mary Quarterly Historical Magazine, Volume
II, p. 148. ). The spelling of the DeJarnette name, "Dejernat", is noted
by Chris Hall in his post on the Hall Family Genealogy Forum on First Creek
Baptist Church.


The Saluda Baptist Association Minutes described the church as located in
Abbeville County, near the Anderson line, about sixteen miles south from
Anderson and five miles east from Cook's Station on the Savannah Valley
Railroad. It was originally known as Wilson's Creek, and was situated near
the present residence of Bartlett D. Hall, about one and one-half miles
northwest from the present site." ( Garrett, Saluda Baptist Association, p.
131). In 1810, the location was moved to the homestead of Charles Stark, a
member of the church at that time. In August of that same year, the name
was changed from Wilson Creek to Rocky River. Through the years, the Halls
and members of related families have been actively involved in the Church.
In 1882, J.C. Hall and W.N. Hall were appointed a building committe to
erect a new Church building. William Tucker and DeJarnette Tucker are
among the deacons who have served the Church. J.C. Hall and B.D. Hall also
served on the Board of Deacons. Sarah Hall DeJarnette Pickens, sister of
John, Fenton, and Nathaniel Hall is buried at Rocky River Baptist Church
Cemetery. The burial sites of the three brothers and of their wives is
unknown. Note: The Bartlett D. Tucker cited here is probably Captain
Bartlet Tucker who married Hannah DeJarnette of Halifax County, Va.
(Boddie, pp. 280-281). He was the owner of a merchant mill in the Lee
Shoals area of Anderson County. (Notes of John Dobbins)

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