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From: Ms Betty Fredericks <>
Subject: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] When You Can't Find a Marriage Record
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 03:06:43 -0700 (PDT)


Just an FYI. My paternal grandparents reportedly married ~1915 but my sister and I could not find out where they had married in MA. Silas was a teen in Stoneham and Clarissa was a teen in Winchester. We don't know how they met. It took my research to find out that they "eloped" on Silas' 18th birthday, and Clarissa was 17. They must have gotten on a train in Boston and headed to Vermont. They got married in 1916 in Bellows Falls, VT. :o)

Added to this is that they did not have a good marriage. We don't know when they separated but the official divorce was in 1935. Each were remarrying within months. Or so we thought. I think my sister has the marriage information for Clarissa to Herbert in early 1936. But neither of us can find the marriage of Silas to Hazel. We are now guessing that they never did get married. Silas was already living with Hazel and her 4 school-age children in 1935. A year or so later they moved to the Springfield area, and then spent some time in CT where Hazel died. Silas returned to the Springfield area and did marry for the 3rd (?) time to Yvonne in 1952. (Problem? Yvonne thought he was a widower and didn't know he was also a divorced man.)

Getting back to Clarissa, she was probably pregnant at 17, and then had 2 stillborns in a row. (Had 3 children eventually.) When she remarried in 1936, she was already pregnant with her 2nd husband.

Now Clarissa's grandmother was born and raised on the HUTCHINSON Farm in Winchester; Adelaide was almost a life-long resident of Winchester (spending her last 20 yrs. nearby in Arlington). But we couldn't find her marriage record to Charles (from Maine). Turned out they went to Boston to get married. The only thing I can think of is that they had a family-friend who was a minister in Boston.

Clarissa's mother? Turns out Louise was probably visiting her father's RICE relatives in Lubec, ME, when she met "Sanford." Where did Louise marry? In Sanford's home in Princeton, Maine. They came down to Winchester to live.

There are many reasons for people to marry in another town, another state, or even another country.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

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