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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: Re: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] John Murphy
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 06:58:13 -0500
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Hi Jo Ann,

I just checked the 1820 census for MA and there were only 16 households with
the MURPHY name that year. Most of them were in Boston, and there was a

In 1810 there were only 11 MURPHY homes. In 1800 there were 7. In
1790 there were 8.

If you could offer specific details about the MURPHY you are looking for,
like which census year, and what age he would have been in MA, I could look
further. And, if you could offer the approximate years for the
marriages, that would help. And, do you need VT census information?

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

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Subject: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] John Murphy

Hi List;
I am not sure if any of you can help me with my John Murphy or not. I
had thought he was an immigrant from Ireland with his family when he was
about 14 years old and that they originally settled in Beekmanton, NY. He
is thought to be the John Murphy who works for Mathew Desmond a few years
before he married "Betsey" Elizabeth Edgerton. They then moved to
Stockholm, NY. to raise their large family of 4 boys 3 girls. However, when
my Great Great grandfather passed away at his daughter's farm in Vermont
his obituary claims that this John Murphy Sr. was born in Mass. Does
anyone have any idea of how I may find this out?
My John Murphy was born about 1815. One item suggested (County Cork
Ireland) but I have no proof of this. No parents are mentioned---
There is a write up about this family in the book---"Northern New York
Genealogical and Family History" --published by Lewis Publishing Co. 1910
Vol. 3 pp1116-1118. John did marry Elizabeth Edgerton and they had the
following children;: Lucyann, William, James, Thomas Newton, Elizabeth,
Margaret, John Jr., and possibly an Etta. All of the boys were involved
in the Wars---the first 3--Civil War and John in the Spanish American War in
the Navy battle that sunk "The Maine" in Santiago harbor.
Thomas is my GGgrandfather.
I need help in finding John Sr's parents. Were they from Mass???
Thank you for your consideration.
Jo Ann Hatstat

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