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Subject: Re: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] Civil War photo
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 12:51:44 EDT

Hi Paul
Have you looked through the Army Military History Museum web site? I agree
that there are few group photos.
I have been searching for one of my grandfather who was in a band for the
course of his military career...11th MASS. Inf. Co. "K", which had the
distinction of being the only company formed from men that all lived within the same
neighborhood in Dorchester! Grandfather went through all 4 years of the war
with "Hooker's Brigade" and the Army of The Potomac. After the war he lived
in Watertown and Waltham...and belonged to one of the GAR posts there. Have
tried for years to see if there was a photo from that.
If you have not seen it, this website might be of interest.
_Welcome to CMH Online! Military Museum_ (

Susan in MA.
In a message dated 6/26/2007 10:53:14 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Kathleen: I cannot, offhand, recall seeing large group CW photos.
Individual CDV's were popular at the time and they are common. I have a
standing request on Ebay to be notified if anything pertaining to the 16th
Mass. comes up for auction. I have obtained some photos and documents
through this source. My Great Uncle was a member of the 16th out of "H"
company formed mostly by men from around Waltham. The library there housed a
lot of GAR material that was gathered post war. Perhaps the company your
relative was in may have a similar cache of data/photos that was
preserved in a local historical assn. or library. Do you need any info re:
his regiment/company? If so, I'd be glad to provide it.There are some great
accounts of the 15th on line to include their fight at Gettysburg. The 16th
was along side them and shadowed them throughout the war. If you give me the
name of your veteran relative, I'd be glad to put together whatever I could
and attempt a search for his photo.
Paul McNamee

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