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Subject: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] Luther Calvin Estling
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 15:54:54 -0500
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NEHGS has the BMD vitals from 1840-1910, which is where the Chappel information was found. The pre 1850 Vitals don't have the images, so what you see is what you get.

That being said:

Upton, Worcester County, MA births Vol 1, page 21
Luther Calvin, s. Richard and Rhoda, May 30, 1781

Upton marriages Vol 1 page 92
Rhoda and Stephen Temple, int. July 3, 1784
This must be Richard's widow.

Upton Births Vol. 1 page 56
Collin, s. Stephen and Rhoda, March 9, 1792.
Dolston, s. Stephen and Rhoda, May 9, 1785.
Lune, d. Stephen and Rhoda, Feb. 16, 1787.
William Tauzor, s. Stephen and Rhoda, July 24, 1788.

I can find no Estling in the surname index or a variation of that name, so don't know if they were present in other towns. A query to the Worcester County list might be helpful.

NEGHS is not working very well right now, so I will have to try later. I tried a seach on soundex for Estling but the search froze.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Re: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] REQUEST Benoit/Chappell

> Kathy,
> What you did was wonderful!!! Could you possibly help me too?
> I have Luther Calvin Estling born in Upton, MA, May 30, 1781 to Richard Estling (looks like Eseling in the books they say) and Rhoda Gallaway (sometimes Galloway) Estling both born in the 1750s. Richard died shortly thereafter and I can't find a thing about it.
> Oh, just ANYTHING you can give me will be greatly, greatly appreciated!!!
> Karen/Chicago

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