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Subject: Re: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] REQUEST Benoit/Chappell
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 14:13:45 -0400
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What you did was wonderful!!!  Could you possibly help me too?

I have Luther Calvin Estling born in Upton, MA, May 30, 1781 to Richard Estling (looks like Eseling in the books they say) and Rhoda Gallaway (sometimes Galloway) Estling both born in the 1750s.  Richard died shortly thereafter and I can't find a thing about it.

Oh, just ANYTHING you can give me will be greatly, greatly appreciated!!!


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Subject: Re: [GENMASSACHUSETTS] REQUEST Benoit/Chappell

Benoit Alice Northampton 1896 458 37 Birth image:
Births registered in the City of Northampton 1896
number 386, Dec 4, recorded Jan 17, 1897, Alice Benoit, female, born
orthampton, David and Elizabeth Bouche, residing Northampton, laborer,
ather born Plattsburg, NY, mother born Clayburg, NY
Chappel William James Springfield 1896 457 775 Birth image:
Births registered in Springfield, 1896
umber 1035, Nov 24, recorded Dec 7, 1896, William James Chappel, male, born
pringfield, Joseph and Mary (Harvey), residing Springfield, teamster, both
arents born Highgate, VT
Chappel Gladys Ruth Springfield 1906 559 168 Birth
ister to William, born Feb 11, 1906, parents residing 11 Queen Street.
ther information tha same as William's birth record.
Chappell (Male) Springfield 1900 4 733 Birth image not available [possibly
rother to William and Gladys
Chapell Elds. Victorine Springfield 1907 92 442 Death
lda Victorine Chapell, registered number 256, place of death and residence
5 Talcott Ave, Springfield, MA, date of death Feb. 24, 1907 age 1 yr 29 ds
ron Springfield, parents Joseph Chapell and Mary Harvey, both born Highgate
T. cause of death "tubercular meningitis, duration 21 days
1910 census shows Joseph Chappel 38 and second wife Nellie 32 (married 3
ears) with 4 children: Lawrence 15 born VT, William 13, born MA, Edith 7,
orn Canada, and Charles A 1y 6m born MA.
1930 William and Alice are in Northampton with 5 children and Alice's
rother. Children ages 1 to 9. Bill and Alice both 21 at first marriage,
ge 33 in Apr 1930 William served in WWI
Happy hunting,
athy Parkinson
>> Again I ask for HELP. both my grandparents were born in Mass..not sure
> of
> exact dates but need roll # to get copies of birth and marriage
> certificates.I
> have no access to these Mass records.
> William James Chappell..born Springfield 1897..father Joseph Chappell
> Alice Marie Benoit..born Northhhampton 1897..parents Elizabeth and David
> Benoit
> William and Alice were married sometime between 1915 and 1919 I think
> Thanking you for any and all help
> Marie

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