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Subject: Re: [GM-L] Obits style changes (was Siblings in Chicopee)
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 18:34:17 -0400
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I can't answer your question, but thought I'd mention that I am looking
for the origin of John Jordan who died at Dorchester between 1723 & 1728.
There was a Jordan on the list of Scottish servants brought to the Saugus
Iron Works. Some of them went to Maine. I am trying to find ancestry of both
this John Jordan and John Taylor who married his daughter Naomi Jordan at
Milton, Mass. she b. 1675. There were also two Taylor's on the list. My
y-dna seems to be of Scottish origin.
Don Taylor
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Subject: Re: [GM-L] Obits style changes (was Siblings in Chicopee)

> One of the most interesting things about obituaries is the changes in
> I have many for my ancestors and their siblings. In the late 1800s, is
> appears to have been more important to extol the descendant's faith, moral
> character and such. Later it seemed that the pallbearers were the
> important item. By the 1920, there would be lists of those who came from
> out of town.
> Some obits contain a list of all relatives and the person's parents.
> list jobs the person had.
> The same problem occurs in the old wills I have transcribed. Looking at
> yesterday on the MAEssex CD, Stephan Jordon's will mentions his 2
> husbands by name and both his grand children. He only mentions "my wife."
> Her name is listed as executrix as Susana. Her probate gives me the
> evidence that she was married 1st to Nathaniel Merrill as all of her
> went to her youngest son, Abel Merrill. One can conclude then that
> was Stephen's second wife and not the mother of his two daughters. There
> another mystery for me.
> Does anyone know about the Essex co MA Jordon families? There are only a
> few and I understand they came from ME.
> Kathy Parkinson
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