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Subject: Re: [GM-L] Our ancestors had itchy feet !
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 16:48:43 -0800
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Hello Jan ,, One answer is ; Think Religion INTOLERANCE , If you had a
beef with the church thinking Tough " luck ' Move to the next town !! , I
believe back in the 1600 1700 The Church ran the town !! , If you did not go
to church you were a HEATHEN , headed for HELL
Phil ,
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Subject: [GM-L] Our ancestors had itchy feet !

> As I've read through all the brief biographical paragraphs in
> "Pioneers of Massachusetts," I've been constantly amazed at how often our
> ancestors would settle in one place and then "remove" to another town,
> repeating this over and over again.
> I can understand that, in some instances, if a man were a
> or in some other building trade, he might move on to another town where
> work was to be had. Also, I could understand that a minister might move
> preach in another town's church. A few families might even follow him.
> For most of the others, I couldn't guess the reasons. There also
> seemed to be quite a bit of buying & selling of land. It seemed to me
that in
> this brand new place with all the fresh, new lands that they'd get a
parcel of
> land and want to settle there and "plant roots."
> I have to feel sorry for the poor wives. They'd just gotten
> acquainted with the neighbors and fellow church members and probably got a
> going and then they'd have to start all over again. There weren't many
schools &
> attendance wasn't mandatory, anyway, so school transfer for the kids
> have been an issue. Also, when they moved, were there also houses
> to move into, or did they have to keep building new ones?
> I suppose this moving about might be compared to modern day
> families often experience. At least, there, the husband's transfer is an
> understandable explanation for the need to relocate.
> I'd be interested in seeing other thoughts on this subject posted
> the list. Does anyone have any documented factual sources of information
> might shed some light on this puzzle?
> Jan Weber
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