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Subject: Re: [GM-L] James Fisk, b. Haverhill, 1649
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:34:25 EDT

They were married by Gershom Hobart (see below)
p. 401
Marriage, Births & Deaths
History of Groton, Mass by Caleb Butler, 1848

James Fiske and wife, Tabitha
Mary Fiske b. Sept 11, 1690
James Fiske b. Feb 11, 1694/5
Samuel Fiske b. July 10, 1696
John Fiske b. Dec 10, 1699
Ann Fiske b. April 16, 1702
Jonathan Fiske b. Sept 10, 1704

Subject: James Fiske
Source: Bond's Watertown

In December, 1662, "meet men were found amongst the
inhabitants of Groton when Deacon James Parker, John
Lawrence, William Martin, Richard Blood and James Fiske
were chosen Selectman [see Butler p.17] - verified in Butler's
1848 book. jn

Subject: James Fiske
Source: Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel A. Green
Vol. III

The Clerk of Writs who was "nominated by each town and allowed by each Shire
Court, to grant summons and attachments in all civil actions, at the liberty
of the
plaintiff, and summons for witnesses" and "to grant
replevins, and to take bond with sufficient security
of the party to prosecute the suite." For twelve years
before the town of Groton was destroyed by the Indians
in the spring of 1676, James Fiske was Clerk of the Writs and, as such made
returns of the Births, Deaths
and Marriages to the County Court at Cambridge.

Subject: James Fisk/Fiske
Source: Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel A. Green
Vol. I, Chapter XIII

At a very early period in the history of the Colony of
Massachusetts Bay, the registration of births, deaths
and marriages was required by law.

In accordance with this requirement the births, deaths
and marriages occuring at Groton were duly recorded in
the Middlesex County Records; and, as many of them do not appear in the town
records they are now printed for
the convenience of geanealogical students. It will be
noticed that the earlier ones were sent to the recorder
by James Fiske, "clerk" which stands for clerk of writs
as he was not the town clerk during all of the period
when he so signs himself though he was for the year 1665.

p. 3
Register of Births, Deaths and Marriage in Groton

Entries recorded by Thomas Danforth, Aug 8, 1664

Entries recorded by James Fiske & Entered by Thomas
Danforth Sept. 9, 1666.

Entries recorded by James Fiske & Entered by Thomas
Danfort July, 1667

Entries recorded by James Fiske & Entered by Thomas
Danforth, November 16, 1668.

p. 8
Entries by James Fiske, Clerk for April 1668.

Entries thru Oct 11, 1674 made by "James FFisk, Clerk
of ye Writts & Entd by T. D. R.

James Fisk & Tabitha Butterick both of Groton were
joyned in Marriage February 2d, 1684.
By Gersham Hubert, Minister of Groton [Gershom Hobart].

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Internet Source below:

SGT. JAMES FFISKE - Born in England about 1620, married firstly Anna ?,
secondly Hannah Pike at Haverhill, MA in about 1648. He emigrated in 1637,
joined Salem Church in 1641 and was made a freeman the following year.
Shortly afterwards he moved to Haverhill, MA, by way of Newbury, MA and
Wenham (mentioned there in 1644). At Haverhill he had several grants of land,
the first in 1646. In Nov 1659 he sold, for £100, a dwelling-house and house
lot of nine acres in Haverhill to Rev. John Ward. It was bounded by land of
Richard Littlehale on the west, by Mr Ward's to the east and south, by
Michael Emerson on the north. Also included were five acres of planting land
in the Playne, bounded on the south by the Merrimack River and north by the
common; two acres of east meadow, bounded on the east by a river, and two
acres of west meadow, with commonages.

He did not feature in the general grants of land in Haverhill in 1661, so had
probably already moved to Groton. In 1669 he was one of a committee appointed
"to lay the land northerly of Groton".

From the Groton records is the entry: Due to James ffiske & Joh. Nuttin
twenty shillings for laying out the hie-way to Chelmsford when they have
perfeted the work wh. they promise to doe as soone as they can. His will was
dated June 14, 1689 and was proved at Cambridge, MA. He died on July 14, 1689.

His offspring were:

JAMES FFISKE, born Aug 8, 1649, married Tabitha Butterick.

JOHN FFISKE, born Dec 10, 1651, there is a tradition that he was killed in
the Indian wars.

ANN FFISKE, born May 31, 1654, died as an infant.

THOMAS FFISKE, born Jan 23, 1655, probably killed in the Indian wars.

ANN FFISKE, born Feb 11, 1656, not mentioned in her father's will.

SAMUEL FFISKE, born Nov 1, 1658, married Susanna ?

HANNAH FFISKE, given her father's new house in his will in 1689 (may have
been daughter Ann, mis-spelled)

James junr. and Samuel were both shown in Groton records as heads of family,
in 1690 and 1704 respectively.

Descendants of Samuel included Hon. Levi Fiske of Jaffrey, a State Senator
1835-6, and Hon. Thomas Fiske of Dublin, New Hampshire, State Senator 1859-60.

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