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From: "James Rapp" <>
Subject: Re: [GUS-REEB] Reeb List
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 13:25:31 -0400
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I also think that it would be wonderful to see pictures of my Reeb cousins
and their families. What a great way to get better acquainted with one
another. To this end I have collected some pictures to share and put them on
my personal web page sponsored by Shutterfly. If anyone is interested, you
can access this web page and browse through the picture albums found there.

The web page is at : http:\\

On entry to this site, you will need to enter a password which is: ginka2

Once in the home page, you will find icons for a number of albums. The
first three albums might be of interest to you as they contain pictures of
my family (wife, Diane; brother, Allen; sister, Sylvia Kully; son, Brian and
his wife Becky and their two children, Ethan, age 7 and Joanna, age 5;
daughter, Tracy Dobie and her husband Bob and their two children Lauren, age
2yr.,10mo. and Kyle, age 2 mo.).

Clicking on any album icon will bring up thumbnail pictures contained
therein, and clicking on a thumbnail will open a larger picture. You should
not have much trouble navigating from that point on.

Please let me know if this works for you; if not I will have to make some
other arrangement.

Love to you all,

Jim Rapp

P.S. I have been so very pleased to get to "know" the Ferris family from the
pictures that Gail and Stan have posted. I feel very connected to them
through these pictures.

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Diann Dillow <>wrote:

> Linda,
> What you wrote, I have written, simular messages. I agree that we are
> family and that is why I stayed on as adminstrator. Why would your opinion
> not count as are a very good person....and I listen to what
> everyone says. This list is all of ours, everyone that is listed may write
> anything they want to. This list has Freedom of Speech.
> I do not think I have curtailed anyone from saying anything. We have to
> stick together as a family. I can not do to much to uplift the list for I
> am having health problems. I can't spend the amount of time I used to on
> genealogy, for I also have other things going on in my life. I have tried
> to be fair with all of you. I think as time goes by, we will begin to feel
> free to express ourselves again, and I incourage that. New news is always
> good.
> I hope you all continue on the list and feel free to write. I really do
> wish we could send pictures for it would be nice to know what we all look
> like.
> I have opened a site on My Family, for All My Family. It is the same type
> of site that Shannon has. (RFA) I just opened it and now I need to work on
> it. I am new at this, so I do not know what I am doing. I have many names
> in my family, as does everyone. My main names are Dillow, Holtzhause, Reph,
> Steinmetz, Slightom, Baker, Sitter, Fischbach, Roecklein. Most of my
> Father's side started in 1737 Skipack, PA, 1800 Rowan County, N.C. to 1818
> Union County, Southern IL, St. Louis MO, Peoria, IL, DeKalb County, IL,
> Kane County IL. I have many cousins in IL. I never new much about my
> Mother's Father, for he died when she was five years old. That is why my
> interest in the Rape Family started. For he was a Reph, Rape, Raph, from
> Northampton County, PA. I hope to be able to get started, but it is hard to
> find the time.
> You may have stories to tell or loved ones on the list you need to
> the list will remain good ole'
> guss-reeb. I do not have expectations of any member. You, are the list,
> so write when you can, I certainly have not been writing, for I have allot
> going on. The way the world and our lives are, the best thing we can do is
> stay connected and pray for one another.
> Thanks for writing Linda and Ulrich and never think what you say, does not
> count with me.....for it counts more than you know. I know Gail has been
> going through allot and I am glad Linda mentioned that. For those that may
> not know already, her husband Stan had heart surgery, her sister has cancer
> and of course we all know little Jacob. Everyone is holding their own, but
> I just wanted to make sure you all knew.
> Wiith much Love to All,
> Diann
> dicer
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> > Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 07:58:12 -0400
> > Subject: Re: [GUS-REEB] Reeb List
> >
> > I agree, thanks for you comments Linda
> >
> > Rollin Ulrich
> > Indiana
> >
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> > Hi Diann,
> >
> > Just a quick note to let you know my opinion on this list---not that it
> > counts for anything. As you say, we are family. What happens now is
> > of concern to us all---it's not just what happened in the past. Gail,
> > and her whole family, has had quite a time of it. She has a strong
> > faith that helps her stay strong. We all need to know that we can
> > count on each other in these times as well as exchanging information
> > about ancestors. Family research is about the present family as well
> > as the past.
> >
> > I like your idea of leaving the list open for exchanges as they occur.
> > The old way of needing to keep writing and writing is not possible
> > sometimes---we are living what will become history one day. I'm hoping
> > that as a family we can write when we have time and energy to explore
> > our pasts or ask for support when we need it.
> >
> > Thanks Diann for hanging in there with us. We may not be a large
> > number of researchers right now, but that's okay. Hope this note makes
> > sense. I'm not very good at expressing what I'm trying to get across.
> > I want you to know that I'm here, and I support you in keeping the list
> > as it is. I also hope it's not taking too much of your time.
> >
> > Linda Hammer
> >
> >
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