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From: "Didier MERTZ" <>
Subject: Re: [GUS-REEB] question for Didier
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 14:32:07 +0100
References: <>

Hello Ron

Yes my Mertz family had come from Switzerland (probably from the German
part) .But I dont know exactelly from which city . I just know they are
But all persons who have Alsatiens family have only one or more Swiss

Ron about researchs in the churchs books before 1650 . It's always hard ,
I'll try to explain .

You're righ about all you say in your last message ,but it's more complex.
In 1539 the french king ( FRANCOIS the first) make a law ,l'edit de
Villers Cotteret.
In this law there was an obligation for the church to have births books .In
fact It 's set up entirely on the 100 years that have followed. And a this
Catholics and protestants have the sames churchs books , (not all times
but sometimes) also the sames church divided to catholic and protestant and
if you are lucky the priest can be read and write . We have to not forgotten
that many things including religion were by the oral way .

Have a great Saturday


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