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Subject: Correction to Gulledge origin.
Date: 14 Mar 2002 15:02:23 -0700

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The truth of Gulledge Manor- It is NOT our origin by all evidence. Spend time looking for the true heritage by finding John Golledge's family in 1600!

I recieved the following from Mr. Jeremy Clarke in the UK who is associated with the Gulledge Manor of which I think all Gulledge/Golledge/Gullage historians will find interesting and informative:

The Gulledge that I refer to is the name of a property not a family, we get frequent questions as to whether this is the ancestral home of the Gulledge family and was responding along those lines.

I represent a local history group in Felbridge who research local houses and families holding a local archive for research purposes. The information is therefore mainly Sussex/Surrey based although I have some National sources available to hand.

The different spellings that I referred to at the start of my last e-mail refer to the progression of the spelling for the name of what is now the house called Gulledge. This house was owned by the Alfreys from 1361 - 1662, we then have a list of owners/occupiers from that time on. The fact that it has been called Le Gullage since 1361 and has been consistent after this time provides a key date to research the source of the name from. For this to be named after the 'Gullage' family there would have to have been a link with a family of that name pre 1361. We know that the lands within which the property stands have been owned by the Alfrey family since at least 1296.

The lack of any documents mentioning a family with a phonetic name of
'Gullage' pre 1622 in the local area (I have searched up to 60miles away), I believe proves that the house was not named after a family of that name.

I have looked at a few National sources and find that the vast majority of the Gullage/Gollage/Gulledge surnames come from the Counties of Somerset & Wiltshire, or even further West into the County of Devon. See attached map for locations of Somerset & Wiltshire Counties. I have also marked the location of Trowbridge, Wiltshire as well as the source locations given by Phil Golledge of Pontypridd, South Wales.

Geographically these may only be a little over 100 miles away, but this is a very long way in Southern England, where it is un-common for persons to leave their parish of birth to go to the next parish which may be less than 1 mile away because our mediaeval feudal system meant that the workers within a village were owned by the lord of the manor, and as such had to receive specific permission to leave the parish, those that left were often refused entry by the receiving parish as that Lord did not want to pay for their upkeep when they were ill or old as they had not been born in his manor. I know this is a very short description of a complex set of social laws, but I hope that it helps you understand the effects on population migration prior to the mid 1700's when the systems were relaxed.

I have searched and been unable to find any places specifically called
'Golledge' (vs Gulledge in Felbridge). As such, I still believe that the name Golledge (Colledge) is related to the trade of shoemaking or similar rather than to a place or parish.

You refered me to for the source of the 'Golledge' Manor being the family at the waters edge, this is my own web site and I have always used the spelling Gulledge, and the possible meaning for the name is golle, gulle from Middle English, possibly gul meaning 'yellow or pale', and age 'indicating residence or
place', or ege from 'ridge or edge' i.e. yellow place/ridge or pale

I have searched the Genforum pages and found the following entry:
Posted by: Vickie Miller Lenz Date: February 27, 2000 at 17:37:09
In Reply to: Re: Nationality of the Surname GULLEDEGE by Mary Anika of 277 The Gulledge Manor, a fortified stone home, is located in the Borough east Grinstead, Sussex, England. Built in 10th or 11th century. East Grinstead is the home town of the GULLEDGE family. Grinstead means "green fields". The name is derived from 2 words: Gull-edge, the family who lived at the "edge of the water course."

This entry is flawed, East Grinstead is derived from Grensteda c1145 Old English, meaning Green Place (the East was added c1271 to distinguish us from West Gresteda. Gulledge stood in the Borough of Wardleigh originally outside the hundred of East Grinstead, but by 1296 was in the hundred of Ristonden being the manor of Horsted Keynes Broadhurst. It is currently in the parish of Felbridge having left the parish of East Grinstead in 1865 (by a boundary change).

The current house was built in 1550 and faced in 1609 (not fortified as per another letter on the forum). Ristonden Hundred and Gulledge have been in the ownership of the Alfrey family since 1296.

I repeat that I can find NO evidence that 'East Grinstead is the home town of the GULLEDGE family' as stated in many of the letters on the forum. There are so many earlier references to the surname from the South West of England, eg: Somerset, that the source cannot be in Sussex. The Dictionary of English Surnames states that the name Golledge is sourced in Worcester in 1221. This does not mean that all persons with the name Golledge can be traced back to Worcester but that this is the earliest form identified and accepted. Further entries are then found in Suffolk, Lincolnshire before 1660.

I am willing to consider any evidence that can be put forward or suggested to support Golledges or Gulledges from East Grinstead (or surrounding parishes). I have also searched Phil Golledge website as you suggested to find the info on Thomas Golledge that he is from Felbridge, his court case was held in London (there is a county court held in East Grinstead during this period, later transferred to Lewes). There is no other info posted to support him being born or living in the County of Sussex, I will e-mail Phil to see if he has any other information that has since been removed from his site.

I am sorry for such a long reply (and such a negative one). Having followed your links to the Genforum has proved very enlightening as to why we and the owners of Gulledge receive so many callers, convinced that Gulledge House is their ancestral home. I would be very happy if you want to share any of this information on the Forum. If you want me to send this information and start (and be a part of) a debate on the Forum, I would be glad to, just send me a reply letting me know.

In terms of helping you find out more about your direct line to Trowbridge in Wiltshire, I would recommend that you search for records on Familysearch for the Counties of Wiltshire and Somerset, and specifically the parish of Trowbridge and surrounding ones: Bradford on Avon, Westwood, Winkfield, North Bradley, Bratton, Steeple Ashton, Hilperton, Staverton & Whaddon. You should also contact the County Record office for Wiltshire who hold copies of all of the surviving parish records, they are actually located in Trowbridge, address is: Wiltshire Record Office, County Hall, Trowbridge. BA14 8JG. They may also be able to advise of any local history groups for Trowbridge who could carry out a quick search of their area as we do for Felbridge & East Grinstead.

I hope this helps, If you have any further questions, please let me know as I would really like to sort out if there is any real evidence of the property being linked with a family called Gulledge or Golledge.

Thanks and best wishes,

Jeremy Clarke

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